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Our Greatest Strength

On Monday a White chick named Pava LaPere was founded beaten to death, partly clothed and presumably sexually assaulted before being murdered at her apartment in Baltimore.

Ms. Lapere was a frequent Tweeter (Xer?) and made statements like these, screenshots by yours truly.

The top one is getting lots of play but I found a few others while scrolling her feed, I am sure I missed plenty more. Pretty standard woke White girl nonsense.

A suspect was announced pretty quickly and was arrested early this morning, 32 year old Jason Billingsley….

Drumroll please….here’s Jason!

According to his listing on the Maryland sex offender registry he was “non-compliant” and is listed as 6’4″ and 305 pounds.

I guess diversity really is our greatest strength.

It is hard to not feel a little schadenfreude at a woke White chick being murdered by the very diversity she celebrated but it also makes me a little ill to see yet another White woman dead at the hands of a violent black criminal that should have been in jail. You see, ol’ Jason here was convicted of a first degree sex offense in 2015….

In 2015, Billingsley was sentenced to 30 years in prison for a first-degree sex offense, with all but 14 years suspended.

Baltimore Police said Wednesday that they are reviewing cases since October 2022 to look for other connections to Billingsley.

He was released last October, in 2022, so he was sentenced to 30 years, all but 14 were suspended and he was out in just 7 years for a violent sexual assault on a woman. I suspect he was involved in nothing but violent crimes since getting out, including a recent sexual assault, attempted murder and arson from less than a week earlier.

Beating someone to death takes a special sort of depravity. It sounded pretty awful…..

LaPere was found dead on Monday morning at her Baltimore apartment with blunt force injuries that one veteran officer described to as ‘absolutely brutal – some of the worst I’ve seen.’

If a veteran Baltimore cop said it was brutal, how bad must it have been? Same article from the Daily Mail…

Billingsley has a long criminal history, dating back to 2009 when he was arrested for robbery and assault in the second degree.

He was arrested in 2011, and again in 2013, for multiple charges to include sex offense, 2nd degree assault charges and robbery.

What was this animal doing out of prison? It was clearly only a matter of time before he ended up killing someone, after a series of other violent crimes. The DA in Baltimore when he was given a light suspended sentence was a black chick named Marilyn Mosby, perhaps most famous for the Freddie Gray case that was responsible for a spike in black on black murders in Baltimore. She was later arrested for perjury and mortgage fraud, claims to be indigent and is awaiting trial.

American cities are full of Jason Billingsley types, black violent criminals who commit crimes over and over, getting a slap on the wrist, until they are killed or kill someone else. The chaos is intentional but naive people like Pava LaPere don’t figure it out until it is too late.


  1. Nobody you know

    I’m never sad when diversity lovers are killed by their pets. RIPMF. You’re right, Billingsley is an animal who should have never been on the street – and there are thousands upon thousands just like him out there right now. Ropes and trees.

  2. saoirse

    Good riddance! All shitlibs deserve the same fate. It is they who so selfishly enable all that is transpiring right before our eyes. Can’t think of a better way to cull the herd at this point in time.

    • Jim Laffrey

      LUKE2236, far below, beat me to it, as he said LaPere is a jew. I was going to say she looks jewy to me, and the “Tech CEO” label adds another clue. So, now I seize the rare opportunity to say: Well done, nigga!

      For those who might be interested, my latest show is about PLOYS the jews use against us, including a new one they’re floating. My webite should be linked to my name above.


    The culling of the clueless will continue in the Blue Hives. Couple this latest with the Chimp-out at the Footlocker and other stores in Philly, the shopping mall Chimp-outs in SoCal, and you have more and more straws in the wind. This verifys what Mr. Chittum wrote about over thirty years ago. I am still waiting for the FEMA buses to unload their cargo here in North Idaho. I am sure the local public high schools would gladly surrender their gymnasiums to house them, and the Useful Idiot faculties could celebrate diversity and inclusion firsthand; until the white boys got punched in the face and the white girls were raped. Amerika ist verloren. Bleib ubrig.


        Word, mein freund. I just wonder how the Hagadone Cabal will spin things when the first buses show up at CDA H.S., Lake City H.S., and PFHS. I have been contending with these “educators” ever since 2016. It would be a laugh a minute if this came to fruition. And given the fact Idaho is a Red State, I am surprised TPTB have not already flooded the place with the human garbage floating across the Southern Border. Stay tuned.

        • realwesterner

          Idaho-esp CDA-has been under invasion by forces from Portland, Kali and other various, crumbling leftist strongholds for several years-Winco in CDA was being over run by the purple hair, gauge wearing fatasses by the time we bailed out. The Winco in Moscow was heavily shopped by the hispanics (we lived about halfway between the two, and shopped in either town as we felt like it). It wouldn’t surprise me a bit to see the Colombo-Mexi Express dropping off their clients up there. They’ll find familiar digs in The Pus-Hole (AKA-Spokane), and I hear that Sandpoint city council has already been taken over by rabid leftists. Most of the folks around us up in north Idaho seemed to prefer the view from about a foot under the sand. Some folks were awake-the ones that were awake were wide awake-but precious few. The thing with many conservatives is they understand innately their way of life is good and right, and they cannot fathom people that are inherently evil and diametrically opposed to their views. Of course Moscow is already lost, and Boise fell a long time ago. One of the few places left a man can draw a free breath. Regular folks there better wake up.

  4. Chris Mallory

    The British had it right in the late 1700’s and early 1800’s. In a 60 year span, they executed 7000 criminals. In 1800, 220 crimes could carry the death penalty. Murders and sex criminals, should be given a fair trial,then within a month a public hanging. Considering this day and age, I would also add looters to that.

  5. realwesterner

    Not to be macabre, but I’m pretty sure she saw enough diversity by the time she lost consciousness that she was willing to consider the shortcomings of the concept. There’s no law against stupidity, but it did not prove to be an effective survival tool in this particular case.

  6. Gryphon

    Darwin Award with Oak Leaf Cluster…
    Whites don’t need these Race Traitors, they are objectively more Dangerous that the mud race creatures, because they are the ones that Prevent the rest of us from taking the necessary Action.

  7. Mike_C

    LaPere was 26, a graduate of Johns Hopkins and a “Tech CEO”. Such a person doesn’t get the “naïve” pass. If she didn’t know, she had both the mental horsepower and the means (access to information) to find out.

    While I’m sorry to hear about any woman being raped and beaten to death, I’m out of fucks to give for her type. Believe me, if one of us got beaten to death by some over-melaninated savage she’d have been the first to defend the murderer. And probably gotten in a few slurs at the victim as well.

    Maybe her parents and her schools (and of course “Western” culture, ie the propaganda and mind-poison of you know who) led her down the path of high-IQ idiocy. Maybe her parents did all the right things and “culture” and Hopkins did it to her. I have no idea, but I don’t care any more. And I hate that I’ve become this way.

  8. Greg

    For a Darwin award, we hope that she had not yet reproduced before removing herself from the gene pool. And yes, her choices, actions, and environs suggest that she was as responsible as anyone for the outcome. Info doesn’t say, and I’ve little interest in looking further, but at 26 and a “CEO”, it’s likely that she hadn’t yet clued into another unpleasant fact of life: Ovaries have an expiration date.
    I concur with the above comments. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve met who are “all brains and no sense at all.”

  9. Snuffy

    The only thing we can hope for is that for every black on White murder, at least one White person, hopefully more, has an epiphany about the danger of interaction with ferals.

  10. AZFloyd

    I echo what Gryphon said above. Fuck her.

    This stupid cunt deserved her beating for being a race traitor. Gotta say, if I was on this niggers jury I would consider acquitting because I don’t have a problem sending a message to white women that burning coal is worthy of a death sentence.


    A shitlib woketard named Pava,
    Was burning some coal and some lava,
    Her naive perversity,
    And racial diversity,
    She mocked natural order and Yaveh.

  12. Chas

    If I had an opportunity to put a bullet in Billingsley head, I would, but I think I would wait for him to do to the mudcat what he did.. Two for the price of one bullet.. I hope that does not mean I am insensitive…

    • AZFloyd

      Totally fine. If us whites want to survive, we had better get off the virtue signaling train and get a little more than insensitive. Hating people who want you dead is not a sin. It is necessary.
      FWIW, I see progress. Like George Carlin said, “language always gives you away.” I notice the Overton Window being blown wide open regarding the language of whites who have waken up to the pavement apes and their (((masters))).
      I always said that when whites take the word nigger back, that will be a sign we are headed in the right direction.

  13. JL

    Scratch another shitlib. Once again, the universe takes out it’s own trash.

    Might seem callous, but it isn’t like these people weren’t warned ad nauseam that this would happen. Even stupidity has an inherent cost.

  14. Bobsuruncle

    Reap what you sow, I have zero fucks to give. We should be thanking him, early release works for me. He obviously has a penchant for coal burners, so let him select and delete a few more, overeducated, highly-ignorant, race hating, liberal cunt bags. How is hating your own race while elevating another still not racism? Rhetorical of course.

  15. Big Ruckus D

    While I can still sort of understand how our esteemed host has some difficulty writing off victims like this, I’m long past the point of having any such hang-ups. One of the blackest pills any of us has – or will have to – swallow is the fact that some people are just unreachable. This woman undoubtedly spent almost the entirety of her life being incubated in the endless hive mind, shitlib poopytalk that inculcates this way of thinking. Once the programming has been accomplished, it appears well nigh impossible to break it.

    And do understand, I’m not excusing the niggotry that was committed. Fry his black ass to beyond extra crispy. I just can’t find any sympathy for morons who are so obviously incapable of understanding the risks of elevating the interests of “the other” above their own well being. As has been said a lot lately, stupid should hurt.

    Consider two things: first, she is likely to have blithely dismissed the assault and murder of any of us here by this gorilla, because we are “racist troglodytes” (and thereby somehow deserved it). We owe her no more compassion or consideration than she’d have offered, in return.

    Second, since she was almost certainly a true believer who would never have dispensed with her stupid (and deadly, as it now happens) ideology, she’d have never been of any real use to a good man, or to a properly ordered society at large. Clearly she was very much the strong, independent woman™️. Would any man reading here consider wifing up such a dangerously brain damaged woman, much less have kids with her, when she is an active saboteur of everything we believe in? Certainly not me, bruh.

    Therefore, she’d have gone right on working against us and our interests. Bottom line, better to have her victimized in this manner than one of the good guys (or girls) who are actually capable of understanding reality and operating in a mindset that affords them some protection against this thoroughly diseased society. She was the low hanging fruit, and got picked. Nothing of value was lost, and no fucks are given. Is it a fullsome state of affairs that I have to think this way? Yes, yes it is. But I can no longer concern myself with those who are lost to the terminal disease of libshittery. And each of them that gets wiped out is one less working against me and my interests.

    This is now a straight up battle for resources, and for the future of humanity. Those not fit to be part of it should – and will – perish. The alternative is that they win, and then we all lose, permanently.

    • Ghost Who Walks

      >Once programming has been accepted…
      Right! I think it was called Demoralization, by that Soviet defector who was explaining the Jewish-Bokshevik subversion program to US long ago. Once someone’s noggin has been set up along those lines, nothing will reverse it. You can bet that had she survived, this feckless woman would be vehemently defending her attacker at this very moment!

  16. Tony

    Attempting to care….attempting to at least act like I care…..attempting to make a sad face….nope I got nuthin’.
    Wait. It seems I do have something. Schadenfreude. Lots and lots of that.
    Both these folks were my enemy.

  17. 3g4me

    Linked article is normie-tier at best, but it’s a good summary of all the Whites excusing the savages who defiled/killed White loved-ones. No excuses and ZFTG on my part just like everyone else here, but interesting to read of the Dept. of Justice’s “Community relations Service,” which apparently ensures no White ever blames the savages for their anti-White envy and hatred. Good to know the feds are on the job. Wonder when any White will have the stones to say f**k it to the injustice feds and blame diversity and savagery without waffling or apology. Needless to say, I won’t hold my breath.

  18. Dont Care

    Curious to see what the Tech CEO did. EcoMap. Thinking it was something really exciting, going to map the environment of endangered species, but – nope – it’s a team of 29 people who make “ChatBots”.

    Chatbots For Entrepreneurial Ecosystems
    Platforms For Small Business Communities
    Platforms For Tech & Innovation Ecosystems
    Platforms For Industry Associations
    Platforms For University Entrepreneurial Ecosystems
    Chatbots For Main Street Communities

    Wow, Just WOW, Stunning, innovative & brave. Strangely, a younger Mr Billingsley (he has hair in his photo) looks like he represents EcoMap in Canada near the bottom of their home page.

  19. Moe Gibbs

    The only real tragedy I see here is that the important details of this case will be suppressed by the MSM, and only available to those of us who already know the score, vis-a-vis blackety-blackness and its civilization-destroying impact. Those who need to have the scales dropped from their eyes will never learn of this case, or the details will be so vague as to let them assume that it was White supremacy once again that claimed another innocent life.

    I want to take members of my own extended family and pin their eyelids open, like the vicious droog in A Clockwork Orange, and force them to see what I, and all race realists see. I hate feeling this way, but if it takes a mugging to make realists out of the leftists in my universe, then I say, mug them. Sometimes the most expedient learning tool is a 2×4 upside the head.

  20. Harbinger

    kindly re-evaluate yourself

    Arrogant asshole.

    It would seem that all the fucks I had to give were lost in a tragic boating accident, along with my collection of rifles and ammo, which were all tied up in a neat bundle with a pretty pink bow on that ill-fated fishing trip, damn the luck. They now sleep with the fishes, not unlike the opinionated and pretentious (former) feminist Ms. LaPere.


  21. Simmerjet

    Iv been trying to muster up a smidgen of sympathy for Lapere, But I finally had to just cut it short and wipe it deep.

    Handing out a map to the homes of progressive shitstains in the Country upon release should be standard practice.. I have no problem with scum like this carrying our water… I say turn him loose with a list…Then the bought and paid for prosecutors, lawyers and Judges can all scratch their heads in disbelief of the backfire…

  22. Stealth Spaniel

    Linkedin has a pretentious bio on her (considering you write you own bio on LinkedIn, not surprising.) where she boasts of: Forbes 30 Under 30 | CEO @ EcoMap, using tech to build equitable & accessible ecosystems.
    The ad-nausem goes on; it seems every GD job she every had she was Founder or Co-Founder, or Executive Director, or President. I mean, did the woman never start as a lowly clerk? She had a BA in….wait for it……sociology. I think she actually believed her own inflated opinion. All I could think of is last year, at the BigBox, we had a cashier who was murdered. Made all of the papers. Just turned 18, a drop dead gorgeous Mexican girl, she looked like a young Sophia Loren. And….involved with this crazy black guy. All I can think of every time I drive by the cemetery where she is buried-the SOB is living it up in prison before his trial and she is 6 feet under. It always ends up the same way! Race IS important and being with YOUR RACE is super important. Especially for white women.

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  24. Ghost Who Walks

    This case is so similar to the very foolish woman who kept a “tame” chimpanzee as her house pet and one day it ripped her face off and ate her liver. It’s true, folks: you can take the chimp out of the jungle, but…

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