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No Criminal Charges. Of Course Not.

A little post-football youthful hijinks after a game between Bethesda-Chevy Chase and Walter Johnson High School in Maryland.

It isn’t a “fight” when a dozen people are attacking one person. A fight is two people or at least an equal number of people throwing hands. One person on the ground being stomped by a pack of chimps young scholars is aggravated assault and attempted murder. If you notice, it certainly appears the person being attacked is a White kid, as was the girl assaulted moments later.

After this happened, some parents called it criminal behavior:

Apparently at least a few of the ferals assaulting the person on the ground weren’t even at the game, they were just looking for trouble. On the bright side, those responsible for what could have been a fatal assault are being punished.

Just kidding!

There is a chance that criminal charges will be filed later but I wouldn’t count on it unless the father of the student getting stomped raises a huge stink about it. Instead there will be lots of talk about how disappointed the staff is with this behavior and there will be an increased police presence.

“Dr.” Monifa B. McKnight (I am not making that up) says that attempted murder and aggravated assault of a White student by a crowd of feral blacks is a “teachable moment”.

Dis be Monifa McKnight

This incident must serve as a teachable moment for our entire community. We must collectively reinforce the values of respect, tolerance, and resolving conflict through peaceful means. It is through an “All Together Now” understanding that we can ensure our students do not resort to violence as a means to resolve their differences. Collectively, we encourage parents and guardians to have conversations with their children about the inappropriate choice of violence and fighting, as well as the possible consequences. These conversations are vital in reinforcing the values we hold dear within our community.

Yes, I am sure that mama Laquisha will sit down and have a heart to heart talk with Hemorrhoidius about his choices not being in alignment with collective community values. Sure he almost killed someone but the real injustice here is that dearly held community values were not on display.

Those young scholars better straighten up, otherwise they will get another sternly worded reprimand and future games will be even more inconvenient for actual spectators to enjoy. The threat of “Tier 3” actions should be sufficiently daunting to avoid future problems.

One suspects that a crowd of White students stomping a long black kid would be met with more than clucks of disapproval. In fact I suspect it would be leading the nightly news for months and be the subject of Congressional hearings, the students involved would be arrested immediately and their parents forced to flee the state. Of course that almost never happens so it is just conjecture at this point.

Both of these schools are majority White but it only takes a handful of blacks to cause mayhem when they find a lone victim. Parents need to develop situational awareness to help their children avoid groups of blacks where violence is likely to occur. Regardless, the best advice is still the simplest: avoid crowds and avoid gatherings with more than zero blacks.


  1. Moe Gibbs

    “Questions continue after post-football game fight”

    Questions? Who has ‘questions’? It was plain as day that this was just another racially motivated chimp-out, and the black ‘community values’ most certainly were on display. It is also another maddening example of Whites not coming to the aid of their fellow Whites. Despite the “majority White” makeup of both schools.

    That was no “brawl”. It was a one-sided curb-stomping perpetrated by the usual suspects. And Dr. Monifa “Affirmative Action” McKnight (presumably the principal?) should be drawn and quartered for those tepid remarks. Now that would truly be a teachable moment.

    Are we reaching the tipping point yet? How many more criminal assaults are going to be tolerated (encouraged?) before we, as a people, say that enough is enough and fight back with overwhelming force? We can’t wait for the mestizos to do it for us.

  2. Vicious Sid

    Monifa, can you answer the question, just what are those values you hold dear within your community? It’s interesting to note that a large portion of crime statistics, especially violent crime, is made up of crimes committed by Blacks, usually against other Blacks. Again, what are those values? While discussing a particular incident in a LE meeting a Black peace officer made the statement publicly that he just couldn’t see a Black going against another Black although the incident involved a Black committing an offense clearly unacceptable / wrong / criminal. Right and wrong did not enter into his reasoning whatsoever; simply the fact that the offender’s race was Black. Of course not all Black officers hold this view but many do. Are these the type values you’re talking about? Ignoring or minimizing the seriousness of what happened here will only reinforce such behavior and bring about more of it. The time for talk is past due. It’s time Blacks expected acceptable social behavior, clean up their neighborhoods and severely punish those responsible for dangerous / criminal behavior. We have been far too tolerant for far too long of nonproductive behavior, not only in Black culture, but in America as a whole. We continue our decline.

    • Arthur Sido

      Her “values” are understanding, temperance and tolerance when blacks attack Whites. When it is the other way around, rare as those incidents are? I am guessing her values look more like the law of the jungle.

  3. Scot Irish

    I played football as a kid. Loved it!
    High school football not so much.
    I had other interests by then.

    Back then you might see a fight between players or some yahoos vandalizing the school. No one was stomped, no one was kicked in the head, no one went to the emergency room.

    Some fights were violent, but no firearms were nvolved.

    Whitetopia sounds OK. It’s not for everyone.

  4. Chris

    99% of them most likely can’t even read or comprehend what she wrote.

    And she expects a sit down wiff dear ol mom (cause dad sure as hell aint around) or The Principal to be the cure?

    Whom does she think she fooling with HER WORDS?
    Cause that’s all they are.
    These are Meaningless words to these Rabid Animals.

  5. Xzebek

    Pack of chimps is right. Sub human and should be dealt with as any other dangerous animal. Avoid them when possible and be ready to defend yourself against them.
    And if forced into that situation, I would not wait around to file a police report.

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