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Lockdowns Are Coming. Again. Are You Ready?

You can feel it coming. The mask mandates are starting to show up in isolated places already. There is talk of a new “vaccine” to combat the latest “variant”. The DoomPorn is rolling from the mainstream media. Considering it is the waning weeks of summer, you can expect this to get worse as people start to get colds and the flu that are immediately labelled as “Covid-19”. Since everyone has already had some flavor of the Chinese coronavirus, it seems likely that any illness you get will be categorized as being “positive for Covid”.

In March of 2020, we didn’t know what the hell was happening. I look at my posts from the beginning of Covid and what I read is a lot of uncertainty. I wrote about Trump seeming very tentative and uncertain. I was writing a lot about Covid because it was all that the news was talking about, like this: America Holds Her Breath

I am not sure if many people understand that we are in the very beginning of this disaster, not the middle or near the end. The number of cases is still fairly low but if I understand the charts and they are accurate, we are looking at a significant uptick this week and even more so the following. Instead of a few people dying in a state like Indiana, it will be dozens or even hundreds.

The ripple effects of the shutdown will start being felt soon as orders are cancelled, more workers are sent home to wait it out and industries start to mothball machinery for an indeterminate amount of time. From restaurants to construction to entertainment, people are going to be out of work and being very stingy with their money which will snowball into other industries.

The disaster is still going on 2 1/2 years later but now we mostly understand that the threat from the virus was nothing compared to the threat of the response from unscrupulous politicians and globohomo executives.

Still, we are about to enter the winter and this winter is also the real start of the 2024 Presidential election cycle so it is near certain that They are going to ramp up the Covid hysteria once again.

In 2020 many people were caught off guard and thanks to residual trust for our institutions many people masked up and got the vaccine, thinking there was no way They would lie about something that serious. Not many of us, if we are being honest, were really prepared for Sam’s Club and Costco to run out of toilet paper. I took this picture in our local Sam’s in March of 2020:

That is where the toilet paper should be and it was empty, as the racks wrapped around the back of the store the bottled water was also gone as were the staple foods like beans and rice and the meat coolers were likewise empty.

It is not an excuse but it is understandable that many people were caught a bit off-guard in 2020, it was unlike anything we had experienced before. That was 2020 but now in 2023 we don’t have the “didn’t see it coming” excuse. We can see it coming down the road like a circus mixed with a parade, horns blaring and banners waving. Last time I was in a great position on most items but I still found myself getting caught up in the panic. This time around, and there will be a this time around, it is critical to get out ahead of this thing as I suspect it will be worse the next time around.

The 2020 stuff, with a one-two punch of Covid and race riots, seems like a planned trial run to gauge how we would react. The answer was certainly quite encouraging for Them. Tens of millions tripped over themselves to comply with social distancing, lock-downs, masking and “vaccines”. Even many “conservative” Christian churches decided that they didn’t really mean all that stuff about the after-life and the importance of church and closed their doors. Those events caused a rift in our society that will likely never heal since people still have “I got my Covid-19 Vaccine” frames on their profile pictures on Faceberg.

Now consider this. Politically the Left is heading into 2024 with a doddering old man as the “President”. Even diehard Democrats are starting to realize that Joe lost his marbles a long time ago. He isn’t the only one of course as Mitch “The Glitch” McConnell had his software freeze up again the other day: McConnell Malfunctions: Senate Minority Leader Glitches Hard In Shocking Second Incident. This chart from that story was pretty horrifying.

A quarter of the people making our laws (as instructed by Them of course) are over 70, well past the age when you can start collecting Social Security. These people should be retired but instead we have Biden, Mitch the Glitch and Diane “Crypt Keeper” Feinstein still voting for bills that impact our lives.

Biden looks to be in some trouble, assuming he is the nominee. With inflation and gas prices as they are, and Biden being unable to walk up stairs, Trump might actually be in a position to win a fair election. With not much to run on, the Democrats are going to have a hard time retaking the House and the math favors the Republicans in the Senate. I just checked the Senators up for re-election next year and pretty much all of the vulnerable seats are currently held by Democrats. The idea, however implausible, of Trump winning in 2024 and (hopefully) having learned some lessons from his last term, with a Republican majority in the House and Senate is the apocalypse to the Left. To stop that from having even the faintest possibility of happening?

Nothing is off the table.

What happened in 2020 with the “Russian collusion” stuff and the George Floyd riots and of course Covid-19 was peanuts compared to what They will be willing to do to prevent Trump from winning again. You know and I know that politics is fake and gay but to these lunatics? Politics is their entire existence. Tucker even used the “A” word the other day, suggesting that if you graph out what They have been doing to get Trump out of the way, it ends with assassination (around the 33 minute mark).

I am not so sure about that but I admit nothing is too ludicrous to not at least consider at this point, given the years of absolute insanity we have witnesses.

My point is that you should be using these lazy late summer days to think about what happened the last time and figuring out what if anything you need to be doing now. Is your ammo stacked deep and high? Do you have toilet paper? How are your food stores? I read something else I wrote back in 2020, What Do You Do When Everyone Else Is Panicking?, and it closed with this:

Keep calm. Be strategic. Worry about what you can control and not so much about things you can’t. As the Zman said todayThe first duty of the prepared is to keep their wits about them.

Take care of you and yours, and then your neighbors. Expect the worst from everyone else. You won’t go wrong with that strategy.

If you are expecting the worst, you won’t be caught too off guard and hopefully you won’t panic. Panic can get you killed. On the list of things I am anticipating are on the table for 2024 are things like: jailing or outright assassinating the Republican candidate. A mass casualty event that would put Las Vegas to shame. A new “pandemic” but a real one this time. A false flag op that provides a pretext for martial law and suspending elections. A war with China and/or Russia. Let’s be blunt about how They think:

A million dead Americans is a small price to pay to keep Trump out of the White House.

Be as ready as you can, physically and perhaps even more importantly mentally. It is coming.


  1. realwesterner

    Everything is in play. Whatever water storage you have, double it. If America is invaded, expect parts of the armed forces to give Americans “The Maui Treatment”. Our government is the fifth column.

  2. Greg

    An additional warning, and it’s not off topic. If pharmaceutical shortages are put into play, be aware that someone near you is on SSRI meds, and acute withdrawal from those is ugly in the extreme. It matters not how deep in flyover country you are; too many people are dependent on those supply chains.
    While it was annoying, I was never directly affected by shortages; we’ve always been well stocked ahead on anything with a long shelf life. I did finally get the name of the “Karen” who caused our local pharmacy to get shut down by complaining to OSHA about them not enforcing mask mandates. The next nearest pharmacy is fifty miles away in a neighboring state. Our local sheriff posted an open letter to our governor that he would not enforce unconstitutional mandates, but he could do little about state and fed enforcement.
    I’ve also developed good contacts with the local “little old church ladies grapevine network”. They like me, and as a source of information, they should not be underestimated.


      Good one, Greg. No one brings up the SSRI question. There is a rather dated but very thought-provoking You Tube video titled: WHY AMERICAN RIOTS WILL BE THE WORST IN THE WORLD. It runs for about 9:38, and you can click on the icon of an art-deco painting of Ayn Rand to access the full video. It paints a very vivid picture of what the lack of SSRI dope will do to those who need it. It is worth watching also in view of the current: “Amish Flash Mobs” looting the malls and stores in SoCal. Bleib ubrig.

      • Berglander

        Hey Dweezil, I don’t remember if we ever connected outside of here or not. A good friend of mine just relocated to your area. You guys should meet. Also, Mosby’s rifle class the 16th and 17th of September is going to have quite a few folks I know at it. If you can, you should attend.

    • saoirse

      Good point about the SSRI’S. Toss in the rest of the psychotropic, narcotic and lifesaving formularies and we have a medical apocalypse.
      Even when immediate access (a.k a. gratification) to the most benign bread-and-circus diversions ceases there will be hell to pay for both deadbeats and the “sane” people living around them.

      • Big Ruckus D

        This is an aspect of collapse of civil society that is not given nearly enough consideration. The sudden unavailability of maintenance and psych drugs for those who are utterly dependent on them will be an almost unimaginable disaster for the rest of us.

        And getting to safe range from the consequences of that will be very tough to do. There are scores of people distributed nearly everywhere, who will be time bombs upon the withdrawal of the only thing that makes them nominally functional.

        • saoirse

          I forgot to mention the booze. Agree, nowhere is absolutely safe. It’s 99% white here in my village and at least 90% within a 150 mile radius, which helps strategically, still many around here are obviously taking those meds. However, the bane (elixir, if you ask them) of these folks is the booze. I predict that most of them too will short circuit when the bars and liquor stores shut down due to lack of supply. One geezer already told me (without being prodded) that he’ll be moonshining if WROL comes knocking.
          I have, as an altruistic sort of deterrent, stocked up on the locally preffered brands of hooch to help those who are ‘dancing with the DT’s’. Hope this type of collapse doctoring helps! Neither my wife nor myself drink, nor do our immediate family members. Dependence on anything is slavery.

          • Anonymous

            It was notable that throughout the covid hoax, when there was a new, contrived “shortage” every week, the supply chain issues never affected beer, wine and liquor in my AO. Never even gave it a glancing blow. The shelves were always well stocked, which was truly amazing when everything from toilet paper to chicken wings were rationed or flat-out unavailable at some point during the panic.

            As my wife and I moved halfway through the scare, my AO consisted of both northeastern suburb of hyoooge blue hive city, and then deep southwestern outpost of sanity and decency. No shortage of alcohol in either locale.

            • TexBob

              My son worked for a liquor/beer/wine distributor during the WuFlu lockdowns. He was considered “Essential” and even got a “combat pay” bonus to brave the evil WuFlu so folks could get their booze. LOL. What a freaking joke the whole experience was. Needless to say, he as is the whole family pure blooded.

          • Steve

            We took the opportunity last lockdown to learn to brew quite respectable wines, meads, melomels, etc. from locally-sourced materials. If history is any guide, sporty societies learn early on to help protect their vintners. And I suspect especially vintners who are also engineers who know their way around a machine shop.

  3. LGC

    Remember the last days of the Soviet Union? A bunch of doddering old guys holding onto power slavishly and occasionally dying? while the nation fell apart outside their little reality? Nothing similar about that scene and the current “congress” right?

  4. saoirse

    On the positive side – at least for the moment: I visited the largest hospital in my area, an hour’s drive away, in a city teeming with cucks and shitlibs. They had, as expected, the requisite mask station at every entrance with the “masks optional” sign. I decided to take a tour deep into the monstrosity and couldn’t believe that not one person, staff nor patient, was wearing one. I then went over to see a gal that I knew that worked there. She told me that no one wants to go back to that crap but expects the admin will try and play hard ball once the gubment gives them ‘the order’. She said there’s even a lot of push back regarding having to ask patients for the twenty gender bullshit.
    Not to give liberals any credit, I went over to the nearest large health food co-op….. same thing, not even a mask-up sign, just the “No Firearms Allowed” one that’s been there since day one (which I always ignore, piss on them).
    Still won’t give those slimeballs – or anyone else – any credit in the long run. A lot more people may resist this time but the shitlords will surely overcome that by throwing in some new wrinkles that they’re dying to employ.

    Regardless of how bad the Democraps and their endless crimes are, Trump is still a piece of shit and does not deserve one teaspoon of respect, sympathy or credibility! Jail the orange turd so he can explain himself to the January 6 boys in person.
    Stop already with the Republicunt vs. Democrap strategizing – as if it mattered. Hang all of them and send their cadavers to Israhell for a proper jew burial!!

  5. Bean Dip Tray

    More are waking up to the sabotage masked as incompetence from Long March fellow traveler useful idiot Beijing Brandon so they have to double down.
    You have to burn it all down in order to build the CCCP back better, sadly the pee wee brain trust of the faculty lounge is incapable of building or creating anything.
    The Weather Underground government is actually ran by Barry, Bernardine and Billy along with RatFink of Black Rock so it only gets worse.
    Kneepads Harris is married to Emhoff, also of Black Rock.
    Regarding the SSRI, everyone is on something in the sick sodomite sewer pipe abomination known as the FUSA and the food riots will be historic as all stores empty in a couple of hours, leaving only aisles and parking lots full of spent shell casings.
    Forward! Yes we can!

  6. pyrrhus

    The risk of Covid was essentially zero, as compared with the normal flu…Feeble, sick elderly people were at risk, as with the flu…But, as shown by recent studies, the fatalities in younger, healthier people were caused by the treatment, the very dangerous ventilators, and the organ destroying remdesvir…But the “vaccine” has killed, or will kill, millions, maybe tens of millions in the long run, and has caused all manner of havoc with babies and pregnant women….Murder most foul, as Shakespeare wrote…
    But I see no sign that normal (i.e.not liberal crazies) are going to buy into masks or lockdowns again…Act 2 will be a flop…..

  7. Big Ruckus D

    Just as our esteemed host has written, I can already see the nascent early stages of setting up another hell on earth scenario with masks, lockdowns, heavy handed enforcement actions and public panic starting to coalesce. It is still in the tentative stages, but the desire and the will to do so (on the part of tyrants and assorted Karens) is definitely present. Do not underestimate the strength of the threat this poses. This time around, worsening side effects and death tolls from the previously taken shit shots may be the cudgel that scares up an extreme response.

    It was herd behavior that made it so successful (for them, not us) last time around. They have now beta tested the various means of tapping into the public pulse and driving the collective mindset to achieve their twisted goals, and have learned much in the process. For our part, we have also learned a lot about what – and how – they direct the attention and energy of the herd.

    But are there enough of us now to present adequate pushback, that an attempted repeat performance will be stillborn? I remain unconvinced, as there are still far too many who haven’t figured out jack and shit regarding the last 3 years. And if globohomo senses the covid scam will not bear adequate fruit again, then they will undoubtedly have another disaster they can use to churn up the FUD they need to implement ruinous policy in the heat of a crisis.

  8. WDS

    Apparently the MSM is keeping the lid on the upcoming lockdown. Was in Sam’s Club the other day and Mr. & Mrs. Normie were busy buying up the standard foods for the upcoming holiday weekend and not TP, water etc.

  9. Bobsuruncle

    I could give a shit less to strategize anything related to this latest round of fear-porn non-sense. I did not comply, I will not comply, and wherever that leads so be it. I refuse to cover ground already covered, it smacks of weakness and lack of courage.

  10. Stealth Spaniel

    I work at the BigBox and we are very busy this weekend of 4 days. Lots of money being spent; to the tune of $500-$1200 per person per order. Some toilet paper and paper towels, some water, mostly in 8-16 ounce bottles but the Doritos, the Cheetos, the cakes, pies, and booze is overwhelming. It is like I can name thinking Americans on one hand-in a country of 350 million? Some families are total cult worshippers now; grandparents, babies, adults all wearing a face hijab. The Karens would like to at the forefront again, but I frankly have zero tolerance and move on. When you see large holes in your BigBox or limits of 1 or 3 items per person, thank the businesses. I have literally had restaurants try to buy pallets of 60 count egg boxes, every single 24 pound bag of ice we have, or (my personal favorite) booze by the case with no membership needed. Most of it goes for resale up in the mountains or resorts. What they forget is (in California) the booze requires a liquor log that you sign saying it is not for resale. Some day, some communist is gonna make his bones on your signature. There is no goodness coming out of the approaching election, so folks please stock up. Get your OTC meds, paper products, canned food, and yes, a little bourbon can be a spirit lifter. I will tell you, the Mormons are the happiest damned people on earth. They arrive with their (minimum) 4 kids and everybody is clean and smiling. Mama stocks up on sensible foods and plenty of water. Everyone helps load the flatbed. They will inherit the Earth because they are already AHEAD OF THE GAME!! Catholics used to be that way but then they became communists. So start stacking-every.single.thing.

  11. Dirk

    Well to be fair I am seeing a few dozen masked up here in southern OREGON. Yup, they ALL have a bright red pink or purple hair, are in a beater vehicle by themselves with masks on. My guess their batt shit crazy!.

    AND I did see an old ninety something Blue Head in church masked this morning. To be fair she a good friends mom, she’s been thru the ringer medically. And she lost her husband two months ago. Maybe four feet something tall, a wonderful lady trying to run the clock.

    Think it’s clear that your geo location has much to do with the crazy’s and masks. We’re we are positioned is isolated rugged turf, heck even the older gal I mentioned tougher then a wood peckers beak, rancher farmer their entire lives.

    Want to mention another observation. We have fifty something cases of regular #10 can foods 13 years old now. I hate the idea of throwing it out, but it’s the right thing to do. Replacement will take until Christmas.

    Is anybody here allowing their canned foods to go farther out. I thought ten was my limit, but at ten the food still tasted fine. Did make my wife fart more!

    The one exception is Spam lots and lots of Spam, will stay in stock. I don’t think anything can kill spam.

  12. Zorost

    A sort-of cause for hope is that I don’t think those who are really in charge cared if Trump won, as they’d shown he could be stymied. What really happened is the ‘useful idiots’ went apeshit and took matters into their own hands. Will those really in charge allow the mask to slip to such a great degree again simply to keep a buffoon from saying mean words? I’m not so sure. But I’m also not so sure that the ‘useful idiots’ can take a hint not to go apeshit. By the very nature of being ‘useful idiots’ they don’t realize its all a joke, they have to take it seriously.

    One thing to always remember about “Them” is that they aren’t monolithic, they have their cutthroat factionalism (more literal than most) just like every group. For awhile I’ve been fairly certain that there is a faction w/i the Cabal that wants to roll back globalism, to reignite nationalism and industry, at least in America. The reason is to crush China/ Russia so as to bring them into the fold of the neoliberal global market. After that is accomplished, it would be back to full-on globalism.

    Similar to how Stalin forbid nationalism, up until the German invasion caused him to realize that calling upon people to sacrifice their lives for a weird ideology didn’t work as well as allowing them to think it was being done for the Motherland. Of course after they won, he went back to crushing nationalist sentiment.

    Jim’s Blog has the theory that this faction is now represented by Trump and/or Ramajamaswarthy. So it might be that They (or at least a faction amongst them) will actually be pushing for Trump.

    The age of congress is a symptom, not the problem itself. Its because they don’t have to do anything except vote as they are ordered. You don’t need high energy levels or even high levels of cognition to do that, as shown by the Feinstein video.

    I remember during the PA election between Strokey and the Turk that some MSM blowhard said the quiet part out loud, that mental status of a senator doesn’t really matter because all they have to do is pull a lever as instructed.

  13. Pingback:Here We Go. Again.

  14. Gryphon

    I remain skeptical that a Play for full-on Covid Panic will be successful a second Time around. Did anyone notice how rapidly it came to an end the first Time? Yes, the Ukraine sort-of took its place, but I do believe that the communists were seeing that the ‘pushback’ against the Mask bullshit and (small) Business Closures was Increasing to the point where it soon would have become Violent if they kept pushing it.

    Now, there is a core group of People who are going to resist from the start in a more Hostile Manner than before, and for the ‘government’ to try to ‘enforce’ more extensive ‘mandates without Law’, there will be more Resistors from the beginning, and it will build from there. The increasing awareness that the Masks and so-called ‘vaccine’ are more Dangerous than the Disease is going to have an effect that the (((propagandists))) are going to have trouble ‘shouting down’, and greater attempts at Internet Censorship will likely backfire as well.

  15. Mahtomedi

    Well…. they’re cornered rats now. Thus very dangerous. I wouldn’t put anything past them, including releasing a much worse virus. Maybe even a virus that is resistance to chloroquine and ivermectin.

    It’s definitely cheap insurance at top-off the ‘preps’. I live rural and I’m considering pouring a couple of concrete slabs with utility hookups for RV campers. It would greatly simplify the problem of relatives showing up. I would have thought such an idea ‘crazy’ just 5 years ago.

  16. Jeffrey Zoar

    Whatever the next Thing is, it’s going to come out of the clear blue sky like the Plandemic did, like the Russia Hoax did, like 9/11 did. We are probably not going to see it coming any better than we did those.

    But I still think it’s going to be Project Bluebeam

  17. DeplorableGranny

    Arthur, I read you daily, post rarely. I reside in a very blue state. Our Governor is ranked about 49th or 50th. The local news just did an online vote asking if people would comply with mask mandate? Of the 8,517 votes 73% said no!!!!

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