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Living Like Kangz On That Sweet SNAP Benefit

The Lügenpresse is desperately trying to turn the Ta’Kiya Young story into a major issue. I posted about it a week or so ago and thought that would be the end of it: You Have Questions? I Have Answers!. But no. Some of the usual suspects have latched onto her story and have it twisted like a pretzel. This is an especially egregious one, courtesy of one Michael Rubinkam and Samantha Hendrickson.

Notice no mention of some pertinent facts, such as Ta’Kiya Young being pregnant but also stealing liquor from the Kroger store, nor her refusal to exit the car when ordered and of course not her driving into the cop. It goes downhill from there, starting with he opening paragraphs.

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Ta’Kiya Young treated her two little boys like kings, dressing them sharply, letting them have too many sweets, cooking them big gourmet meals of T-bone steak with broccoli, cheese and rice.

The royal life also awaited her unborn daughter.

When Young found out she was pregnant with her third child — a girl — she was thrilled. The 21-year-old Ohio mom and aspiring social worker bought a stack of adorable onesies in anticipation of the baby’s arrival. She scheduled a photo shoot to show off her baby bump. She applied for public housing and looked forward to the day when she and her growing brood would have a place to call their own.

Instead, Young’s grieving family held her funeral on Thursday, exactly two weeks after a police officer in the Columbus suburbs fatally shot her in her car in a supermarket parking lot.

The “royal life”….as the child of a woman who apparently didn’t have a permanent home, didn’t have a baby daddy around for any of her children, didn’t have a job (aspiring social worker isn’t a job, sort of like aspiring rapper). Talk about living the royal life, that unborn baby girl was a Kween in the waiting. I also found it interesting that she is referred to as an unborn daughter instead of simply a fetus. Funny how the Left changes their language as the situation dictates.

Somehow despite not having a job or a home, she was driving a Lexus, although one without plates which I assume were removed before going to the Kroger to make identifying her more difficult while she was stealing. She also feeds her 6 and 3 year old sons T-bone steaks, has money for a photo shoot to show off her belly and dresses her young boys in the most fashionable clothing, all despite not having a place of her own and apparently not having a job other than stealing booze from Kroger, a job that is more hazardous than one might think. My father is a doctor and we lived quite well but even still I don’t recall having T-bone steaks when I was 3. My own sons wore hand-me-down clothing for the most part when they were those ages because while I had a job, unlike Ms. Young, we didn’t have extra money for designer clothing they would grow out of in a few months, nor for T-bone steaks, currently selling at $13.99/pound at my local grocer. Unemployed, the mother of two but feeding her babies T-bone steaks courtesy of the magical EBT card and her SNAP/food stamp benefits.

The editorializing in what is categorized as “AP U.S. News” is atrocious. The royal life, adorable onesies, the baby bump photo shoot. The entire thing is long on emotional language to tug at the heart strings and short on the facts, namely that she was being apprehended during the commission of a crime and drove into a cop who was standing in front of her car, with no regard whatsoever for the lives of the officers much less that of her unborn daughter. It even included the obligatory and oft-memed “she wuz turning her life around”

Despite Ta’Kiya’s struggles, a bright future seemed on the horizon for her. She intended to go back to school after the birth of the baby this fall. She had her sights set on a house.

“The struggle was going to be over once she got into the house,” Nadine Young said. “Her and the kids having this nice place, knowing it was theirs, and not having to stay with other people. That was the biggest thing in the world for her. She would’ve been set.”

I don’t think an unemployed 21 year old mother of 3 was going to be “set” once she moved into public housing. What is the “bright future” on her horizon? This wasn’t a random event, you can see by her removing the license plate that her intent was to steal and she is seen in new footage with two other water buffaloes with bags full of booze (she is the pregnant one in the middle, but all three have large bags they used to shoplift) in a coordinated theft…

Then after exiting the store, she walks to her car which is parked right next to a cop car…

A Kroger employee was right behind her and notified the cops. Indeed, Ms. Young had quite the bright future ahead of her with mad life skillz like those. From the Columbus Dispatch….

The video showed Young’s vehicle moving forward and hitting the officer, who fired a single shot into the windshield. That shot hit Young, who died a short time later at Mount Carmel St. Ann’s hospital. Young’s unborn daughter, who her family says was due in November, also did not survive the shooting.

External video from the Kroger store shows Young’s vehicle moving forward in a manner that is consistent with hitting the accelerator in the vehicle, physically moving the officer in front of the vehicle several feet backwards.

In bodycam footage, you can see that the officer in front has his feet lifted off the ground. She hit him with her car and could have injured him, making his shooting justifiable. That is not how Michael Rubinkam and Samantha Hendrickson described it:

In the video, an officer at the driver’s side window tells Ta’Kiya she’s been accused of shoplifting and orders her out of the car, while a second officer stands in front of the car. Young protests, both officers curse at her and yell at her to get out, and Young can be heard asking them, “Are you going to shoot me?”

Seconds later, she turns the steering wheel to the right, the car rolls slowly toward the officer standing in front of it, and the officer fires his gun through the windshield.

Nadine Young said she believes her granddaughter feared for her safety.

“I believe he was a bully,” she told a news conference on Wednesday, referring to the officer who shot Ta’Kiya. “He came at her like a bully, and that scared her with that baby in her stomach. She’s like scared, just a man walking up to her, cussing at her, and she not really knowing why.”

She knew damn well why the cops were after her, she had just stolen from the store and saying the car “rolled slowly” ignores that the officer was hit by the car and his feet were off the ground. As usual, the black person can do no wrong and dey po-leece wuz hasslin’ her cuz dey wuz bullies and she wuz black. I wonder if Nadine Young considered why her granddaughter wasn’t sufficiently concerned about the baby in her stomach when she decided to visit this Kroger in order to steal liquor with two accomplices?

The entire story is full of rosy predictions for the future of Ta’Kiya Young and glossing over her actions that led to her death. Plenty of members of the Lügenpresse maintain that she has no culpability for the incident despite her criminal actions leading up to her driving into the cop that were the entire reason for her being shot. At any point in the chain of events leading up to her being rightfully shot, she could have avoided her fate: by not taking the tags off her car in preparation for shop-lifting, not organizing her two friends to steal with her, not putting the booze in her bags, not walking past the check-out lane, by not getting into her car with stolen goods and finally if she had stepped out of the car instead of driving her car into a cop.

The blame for this incident rests mostly on Ta’Kiya Young but also of course on her mother, now deceased, and her grandma Nadine Young who believes she has won the ghetto lottery and is about to cash in. If somewhere along the line someone who cared about Ta’Kiya Young had taught her right from wrong, not to steal, not to get knocked up at 14, and then again a few years later, and then again a few years after that, by men who clearly didn’t stick around and have no part in her life, perhaps she would have turned out differently and not ended up dead in her car in a Kroger parking lot with bags of stolen booze to show for it.

Now the cycle promises to repeat as her young sons, 6 year old Ja’Kobie and 3 year old Ja’Kenlie, will be raised by the same people that failed their mother. Unless someone else intervenes in their lives, I would expect to read about Ja’Kobie and Ja’Kenlie Young in trouble with the law in the not too distant future.

What happens next is fairly predictable. Grannie Nadine will sue and probably get some out of court settlement from Columbus to shut her up. The “family attorney” Sean Walton is an ambulance chasing “personal injury” lawyer in a practice that specializes in frivolous lawsuits. He will get his cut of the settlement and move on to the next person that slips on an icy sidewalk or the family of a different black that is shot by cops during the commission of a crime. The two sons of Ta’Kiya Young will likely enter the same cycle of criminality and violence that so many black men spends their lives in, until they end up in prison or dead.

Hopefully the cop that shot Ta’Kiya Young will not be disciplined or worse yet prosecuted in an attempt to keep riots at bay, but he will still have to live with the knowledge that he took two lives that day because of the reckless actions of an expectant mother with two other children, a woman that cared more about stealing booze than she cared about her own children.

If all you knew about the story was the ridiculous piece put out by Michael Rubinkam and Samantha Hendrickson, you would think Ta’Kiya Young really dindu nuffin wrong and wuz on the verge of turning her life around, when in fact she was almost certainly going to spend her remaining days being the kind of terrible person that steals liquor while pregnant and attempts to flee the scene by driving over a cop. It is bad enough that the Lügenpresse is lying but their lies make America a more dangerous place for everyone, including the very people they pretend to be championing.


  1. Billybob

    When I had a job, it was common for heroin addicts and the like to steal top quality cuts of meat to support their habit.
    Open sores, abscess, and unclean yet could sell steaks that had been down their pants. Yuck!

  2. Bobsuruncle

    I just appreciate a cop that knows the value and cost of ammo and doesnt waste it. One and done. Like this story below in Syracuse, three shots, two dead nuglies. “Nice shot man…” Thats a minus 12 with three rounds.

    Two teenagers are shot dead by cop in Syracuse after ‘trying to run him over’ in stolen car

    • Harbinger

      One of the cars involved in the burglaries was a Kia and the other a Hyundai.

      Aren’t those the very same car manufacturers that are being sued by [black] authorities in Chicago for deliberately designing their vehicles to be easily stolen by unsuspecting dindus so that po-leeze could shoot them?

      Open-and-shut case, therefore. The racist cop should have known that Kia and Hyundai are the real perps here, and shooting the angelic teenniggers who steal them is tantamount to hunting over bait. Throw the book at them.

      (All the same, mad props to the LEO for deadifying two worthless pickaninnies with a mere 3 rounds. That usually requires 60-70 cop boolits at a minimum.)

      • Arthur Sido

        Yes, it is now a crime to make it too tempting for blaques to steal from you. Coming soon, Chicago will sue jewelry stores for tempting blacks to smash and grab gold chains.


    There once was a sheboon, Ti’Kaya,
    From nignest Columbus, Ohi-uh,
    It lived from the ‘hood,
    And popo made good,
    It’s grandmammy big fuggin’ lie-uh.

  4. Xzebek

    Society is better off without her. Her children are (mist likely) better off without her, although their circumstances are likely not to improve if they stay in that shithole.

  5. Anonymous

    “Ta’Kiya Young treated her two little boys thugs like kings kangz, dressing them sharply like pimps, letting them have steal too many sweets, cooking them charging with EBT for big gourmet meals of T-bone steak with broccoli, cheese and rice Popeye’s chicken and grape soda“.

    Tell it like it be or don’t tell it at all, yo.

    Nothing sickens me more than White apologists. Hang them all. Better still, make them live among their precious pets.

  6. Olguy

    They are incapable of Comprehension, Critical Thinking, Critical Reasoning AND Listening …to anyone but themselves.

    Especially…duh beaches.

  7. Gryphon

    I go into a (relatively) upscale part of Prince William County (VA) to get stuff that isn’t at the Warrenton Farmer’s Market. The Store Manager sort-of knows me, we have had conversations about various ‘Shortages’ and he seems pretty Understanding of the dangers of the ‘just-in-time’ Retail Logistics. Recently, I saw them nab a Shoplifter (white-trash looking tweaker) who was at the self-checkout, putting every other item in bags without Scanning them. They let him get out the Door and were waiting on the Sidewalk. The screaming Hysteria he made trying to deny it was Epic, almost as good as any thieving ‘Groid.

    The next Time I was there, I asked him if they had a lot of ‘Shrinkage’, and he said they were below the Chain’s average, and then added it was usually a Darker Demographic getting caught. I asked if the Company had a ‘Policy’ to deal with ‘Flash Mob’ Theft, and/or EBT Failure… He said yes, the Policy from Corporate is to have all Employees leave out the Back, call the Cops, and clean up afterwards. The Risk/Cost of Violence is too High compared to the Cost (Insured) of the Store being Looted.

    I said, “O.K., so when the Zombie Apocalypse happens, I know where to Go.” He said, “I’ll be back at the Loading Dock with My Friends, meet me there…”

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