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Lie Down With Dogs, Get Up With Fleas

One of the oldest adages in human history is common advice given by parents: don’t hang around with bad characters. The Bible makes this warning in 1 Corinthians 15:33 and most of us growing up were warned about hanging around with the wrong sort of kids. Parents knew that generally good kids that run around with bad kids tend to get into trouble. My best friend growing up was a bit of a wild child and we ended up doing stuff I would never have done on my own.

I am frequently reminded of this when I see stories like this one, from my old hometown* of Toledo, Ohio:

The 18 year old woman killed was named Jaelynn Poturalski. Here she is with her boyfriend Nathan Mays, the 16 year old that shot her….

What is even worse, it wasn’t like he got mad at her and demonstrated that famous impulse control. Instead she was shot trying to stop Nathan from shooting someone else and his shooting of her was an accident. Still, he is being charged with homicide for now.

From what I can gather, there was a neighborhood dispute that….started with 5 and 6 year old kids squabbling. Seriously.

The shooting happened on the 200 block of Langdon. The parents of a 16-year-old boy accused of murder say there was an ongoing neighborhood dispute over five and six-year-olds not getting along.

They say Jaelynn was trying to hold back her boyfriend from getting into it with other people in the neighborhood.

“It was like a little neighborhood dispute and older kids. The cops are called one time. They didn’t do nothing and then the older kids down the street got into it and it turned into this,” the suspect’s mother said.

The suspect’s family says their son did not mean to shoot his girlfriend and the bullet wasn’t meant for her.

“He said I was just trying to scare them. I didn’t mean to shoot her,” the mother said.

Children that are kindergarten and 1st grade ages were “not getting along” and the conflict then escalated until a 16 year old pulls a gun.

This genius was pulling his piece to wave around to “scare” the others and having no training in the use of a firearm apparently somehow shot and killed his girlfriend. My wife’s comment was something that we have been taught and have tried to instill in our kids: never pull your gun unless you are ready to use it. Guns aren’t for waving around to scare other kids in a neighborhood dispute and if you shoot someone in real life they don’t respawn like a video game.

The local news interviewed his parents but only showed them from the waist down….

Look at the nails on that dude. You might also notice that the woman next to him appears to be White….

Something that doesn’t get much attention is that a very large percentage of the shootings by blacks are over trivial matters. They aren’t one crime family whacking the capo of another mafia outfit in a turf war. They are usually some sort of minor squabble that ends in someone getting shot, often with many bystanders also being hit, because of a wounded ego or in the heat of the moment. Many of the hundreds of mass shootings each year happen just like this: a dispute breaks out between blacks and one or more blacks pull out guns and start blazing away, frequently hitting everyone but their intended target.

Whites and Asians are somehow able to put things into perspective. I get mad at people all the time but what I don’t do is pull a gun and start shooting because I understand that firearms are the last resort and only for when my life or the life of others is in jeopardy. A gun is not a way to settle a minor dispute. For blacks, all too often there isn’t much of a journey to go from jawing at each other to pulling a gun.

The lesson about dogs and fleas is generally lost on White girls. For whatever reason they think it is cool and glamorous to hang around black guys and while most of them just end up as a single mom with some mixed race kids or maybe sporting a black eye, all too many of them end up dead at the hands of the black guy they were dating to be ghetto or perhaps to get back at daddy for not buying them a pony. It is far less common than you might think from TV commercials and entertainment, but it is still far too common and growing more so by the year. Perhaps the danger inherent in being intimate with a dangerous timebomb is part of it, the thrill factor of putting yourself in danger is a turn-on?

Going out with a dumbass is bad enough but when you date a dumbass with a biological tendency to low impulse control and inability to control anger? Something terrible is likely to follow.

(*my wife and I are from the suburbs of Toledo, not Toledo itself)


  1. Moe Gibbs

    Look just above the talons on the black man in the photo. Is that really a Pink Floyd t-shirt? Fat White wife and Dark Side of the Moon* t-shirt. Man, is that homeboy confused.

    *It appears to be pyramids dispersing the light into a spectrum rather than a prism on that t-shirt. Are blacks now appropriating Floyd’s music, too, as their own, adding to the flying pyramids myth from their kangz era?

  2. mike fink

    “..she was shot trying to stop Nathan from shooting someone else and his shooting of her was an accident. Still, he is being charged with homicide for now.”

    Drawing a lethal weapon without adequate provocation demonstrates lethal intent. As it was criminally possessed and carried in the first place, the shooting took place during the commission of multiple felonies. The death caused by the “accident” should carry the same weight as it would if he actually shot and killed the intended target instead. SInce he is a dindu, he will likely get 3 years probation.

  3. Zorost

    “The cops are called one time. They didn’t do nothing and then the older kids down the street got into it”

    Imagine what this sheboon squad and journos would be saying if the cops had hauled little 6yo Shitavious off to jail.

    • Arthur Sido

      Yeah I noticed that. If cops show up, dey be hasslin’ us all the time. If cops don’t show up, why didn’t the poleece stop the shooting? They can’t win but at least by being passive they probably won’t get arrested for a hate crime.

    • Mike_C

      That thing about “dem cops dindu nuffin” jumped out at me too.

      And as several people have said, my GAF is broken. I’m just glad dead girl didn’t pump out any spawn first. I purely HATE that I’ve become the sort of person that would (could) say that. But that’s the modern West (add parentheses to taste) for you.

  4. Vicious Sid

    Until the Black community develops some standards, requires civilized behavior from their kids and takes responsibility for themselves this will only get worse. The cycle continues. A friend’s daughter was raped by a Black boy she was “friends” with. Sorry, but the truth is you just can’t trust them if you’re White. Most are looking to “get over” on others as well as the system.

  5. Xzebek

    Fortunately the white trash mud sharks tend to self identify by having a few mullatos in tow, dressing ghetto and frequently porking out. All signs that tell normal white males to stay away.
    I have no sympathy for whites that want to copulate with and act like feral animals.


    A Toledo treeboon called Nathan,
    With coalburner Polack named Jaelynn,
    Some little chimps fought,
    The mudshark got shot,
    Another biracial, bad rerun.

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