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Knock Me Down With A Feather

Over the weekend a young woman at the University of Wisconsin was sexually assaulted, strangled and beaten nearly to death by an assailant. Her injuries were severe and described as life-threatening….

A friend of the victim told Milwaukee’s WISN-TV that she was found with a broken jaw and had been strangled, beaten and sexually assaulted. An unnamed neighbor said the victim had been abducted off the sidewalk and dragged between two houses.

As soon as I heard the story, I began to have my suspicions about the culprit and as usual I was right. Today a suspect was arrested. Guess who!

Police in Wisconsin’s capital have arrested a 26-year-old man in connection with a brutal sidewalk sex assault that left a University of Wisconsin-Madison student with life-threatening injuries early Sunday morning.

Brandon A. Thompson, a city resident, was arrested on charges of first-degree sexual assault, first-degree reckless injury and strangulation Wednesday morning, Madison police spokeswoman Alyssa Cains told Fox News Digital.

A 26 year old resident of Madison, probably not a student, so he was just some asshat who decided to rape one of those delectable coeds. He has probably been watching college girls for years.

I would bet all the money in my wallet that the girl he assaulted and nearly killed is White or maybe Asian. From what I can tell, of the over 30,000 students at UW-Madison, only around 600 are black (about 2%) while at least 3/4 of students are White or Asian. If that is the case we probably will never find out about it, much less see hate crime charges. Nope, just another example of the brutish violence we have come to expect from the 13%. It wasn’t enough to smack her around and rape her, he broke her jaw.

String this mother fucker up and let the crows have him.


  1. Tactless Wookie

    Am I misremembering, or when I was a kid, I’m a little bit older than you Arthur, rapists got the death penalty?

    When I saw that story I thought the same as you. Had to be a dindu.

  2. Billybob

    Would have been easy to articulate kidnapping and stalking.
    I take offense at your suggestion, I have been and still do look at college girls, but I just smile and act civilized.

  3. Stilicho

    Hey Wookie, today I learned from a BCE meme that dyn du is Welsh for black man. Checks out on Google translate. Played around and learned that dyn du ni fin is Welsh for I am a black man.

  4. Jerome P. Tarpley

    “String this mother fucker up and let the crows have him.”

    How about something called “the zone” which would be a few acres of swampy, dense vegetation inhabited by crocodiles, alligators, venomous snakes etc. There would be water areas too — inhabited by nasty fish and eels. The aforementioned gets dropped in the center in his underwear. That’s it. If this person makes it to the razor wire fence, he’s congratulated and shot between the eyes.

    Now you’ve got to admit, having the water available makes it humane.

    • Steve

      I always thought rather than draining the swamp, just make the reflecting pool into the swamp. Throw deserving things to the alligators and water moccasins as a lesson for the rest.

      If I recall my high school history class correctly, the Kiowa had a charming tradition of staking malefactors down over anthills, and Comanche and Arapaho liked to turn prisoners over to their women for “special attention” which could last days. Maybe a return to the old ways would not be such a bad thing…

  5. JerseyJeffersonian


    Don’t know if you are tracking this or not:

    Private gun dealer abused by ATF at his home in front of family. They wanted him to surrender his license, and through enough coercion they got it. Also confiscated his business stock, and many of his own guns, supposedly “as evidence”. Remarks were made that ATF was coming for private dealers, and wanted to shut down gun shows. They are moving quickly, and with no evident regard for niceties. He had consented to a visit from a couple of agents, and after that came the knee breakers with overwhelming, and threatening force.

    • Zorost

      “no evident regard for niceties.”

      Why should they? That guy in the story was a bitch. Hand-cuffed for an hour and he’s babbling and giving them whatever they want. No wonder our enemy has such contempt for us. Doesn’t even try suing them for a jillion dollars, just complains to some other part of government about government abuse. Maybe he should start a twitter account to ineffectually complain to people there as well.

  6. Xzebek

    Too bad said coed wasn’t armed with a firearm. Could have saved her a lot of pain and society a lot of pain from having to keep this chimp in custody and then the pain when the feral animal is released and commits more crimes.

  7. rto-jerry

    Mosaic Law from the old book of Deuteronomy would call for the execution of this vile piece of shit. Yet this nations justice system is a bunch of gutless liberals thus criminal elements flourish.

  8. Bobsuruncle

    Where is the family, why isnt a Brother or Father taking care of business? Nope just a bunch of cuck males now. Make public phones great again.

  9. Tanfj

    May I suggest scaphism. Place the offender in a hollowed log, and feed him laxatives. You die after several weeks of blood poisoning due to terminal diaper rash. All the while the bugs and birds feast on you.

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