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I’m Back

Had a quick visit to the hill county of Ohio, back in the saddle now. I went through Mansfield, Ohio on the way out and saw the Ohio State Reformatory where a lot of the footage from The Shawshank Redemption was filmed, off to the left is the entrance that you see when Andy is being brought to the prison…

There is a functioning prison next door, all utilitarian buildings surrounded by razor wire. I drove in the wrong driveway so I am actually in the visitor lot for the real prison, I didn’t feel like driving around to the front so I took a picture from this side. The other facility is the Richland Correctional Institution¬†and it was opened in 1998, four years after Shawshank but you can see where it will be behind the movie prison on the scene where we first see the exterior of the prison….

The Ohio State Reformatory was closed in 1990, four years before the release of Shawshank, having been built from 1886 to 1910. Although a prison is a very utilitarian facility, you can see the magnificent architecture in the old Reformatory. Back then even prisons were made better.

Also ate at a Chipotle for the first time in my life, was thoroughly unimpressed. I am not sure why people love that place.

Hopefully some new posts tomorrow!


    • Suns Up

      Taco bell is way better than that hipster garbage fire that is way way over priced and nothing but rice. We stopped at one on a road trip. Would rather just eat a hot burger from Mavrick and be on my way

      • Big Ruckus D

        Amen to that. I’ve never had chipotle (or chipotlee-coli, as I like to call it) but have witnessed others eating it. All that damned rice, after what they charge for the food there is outrageous.

        Haven’t touched taco bell in years either, all the locations around me are hellholes, and just plain unappetizing due to nasty staff plus poor maintenance and cleanliness. There is also their corporate policy of publicly supporting faggotry (“pride” garbage). I kind of miss fast food sometimes, including classic taco bell of my childhood. Just can’t do it anymore though.

    • Jeffrey Zoar

      Chipotle is “mexican” food for yankees who don’t really know what mexican food is. Not that I’m trying to get all purist about mexican food and how blessed by it we are, I’m just saying

      re: the Taco Bell comparison, I’d say TB of 30-40 years ago was better than Chipotle of today, but it has gone downhill like some other fast food chains have

  1. Anonymous

    I loved the movie, but have since become very disillusioned because of Tim Robbins’ and, of course, Steven “I’m safely isolated by my obscene wealth from my savage pets” King’s politics.

    Do you know that the character of ‘Red’ in the novel was not written to be a black man? That was ‘literary license’ on the part of the filmmaker. For reasons that escape me, Morgan Freeman gets an obligatory “Get out of black man’s Jail Free” card in modern-day America. All it takes, it seems, is a soothing, manly voice to lull stupid, fat, White SJW Americans into thinking, “They’re just like us!”

    No, retard, they are NOT just like us! They are “just like” their savage forebears, utterly and completely incompatible with “us”.

    I am beginning to hate deluded, self-negating White apologists as much as I loathe the savage, low-IQ sub-humans who are replacing us.

    • Zorost

      Sadly, our worst enemies will always be other Whites. The only hope coloreds have if pro-White Whites ever get organized is that enough anti-White Whites decide to defend them. If there aren’t, it’s basically “Operation Wetback” X “Operation Eland” on a continent-wide scale.

  2. Dr. Hollowpoint

    The person who decided the “Red” character would be portrayed by a black man was very likely neither black nor white, and identifying those subversive people in our midst is the key to our salvation.

  3. Jeffrey Zoar

    I watched some documentary about the making of Shawshank, and multiple actors were going on about what an awful place the Ohio State Reformatory was and that was why it had to be shut down, how you could feel the echoes of the people who suffered there etc. etc.

    And I was sitting there thinking, “What does any of that have to do with the building/structure?” Is putting someone in a newer, more 21st century looking cell somehow more humane than putting them in a 19th century gothic one?

  4. realwesterner

    I grew up in Norte de Denver long before chain restaurants took over, so I’ve had a decent metzican meal or two. And then I lived in south Texas for a few years. So, Shipoltle…ee’s no guud, juno. Not mexican food at all, like someone said “its for green-goes that don’t know good messican food”. Taco Bell has proved to be a much better value on the gradient than Chipoltle’s. Much better. But I really miss that 39cent value meal. Took an extended tour through the deep south a few weeks ago, hoping to survive on ma’ n’ pa’s. Tough to do nowdays. Its all drive thru’s and franchises and chain restaurants. Pity.

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