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Everything You See About Ukraine Is Fake And Gay

Yet another example:

I went to the tweet and watched the video myself and sure enough, there is Zelenskyy sitting in the audience of his own speech.


This was Ukrainian media and clearly they were trying to make it seem to the home audience that the speech from their diminutive little “leader” was heavily attended when in fact it was apparently very sparsely attended. I guess listening to that asshat bitching because the world isn’t giving him enough armaments to sell off and pocket the proceeds isn’t as popular as it once was. The dude we are supposedly supporting is a complete fraud and clown.

While American neocons claim that the Ukrainian people are 100% behind the war continuing forever, me suspects that it is nowhere near as popular as They claim and I also suspect that most Ukrainians would rather give up on the territory “lost” and never coming back if it meant not sending more of their sons to get butchered by Russian drones and artillery.


  1. Olguy

    “sure enough, there is Zelenskyy sitting in the audience of his own speech.”

    Good Lord they are Pitiful.
    The ghost, this, the Winning😂😂😂

    Ukraine is Clown Central.
    Russia should just take the whole damn place.

  2. realwesterner

    That’s small potatoes, but it fits right in with the rest of the charade. The current theory at our house is that nuland/sorass/obammy/israel and Putin (Zelenskyy is just a bit player and does as he’s told) are all working together to bankrupt FUSA and the North American Treason Association members of their respective armaments as ONE SMALL PIECE of the Perestroika deception for to enable the eventual demise of FUSA. What? They wouldn’t allow the thousands of deaths (so far) in the conflict for such a deception? Like when-with the complicity of FDR, Churchill, Eisenhouer et al-the US and Britain shielded THE COMMUNISTS in Russia and China in WWII from German and Japanese imperialism in order to cement OUR PRESENT FOES in their roles as leaders on the world stage preparatory to the eventual destruction of FUSA? Over 400k AMERICAN soldiers alone died in that ruse.

  3. pyrrhus

    Ukraine is also child trafficking central, and big in the organ harvesting biz, often involuntary harvesting…Nuking them would be justified, but we’ll just have to watch them fall apart, and Zelenskyy fleeing to one of his mansions….


    A sawed-off zhyd named Zelensky,
    ZOG coked-up pet with a goatee,
    It weasels and fibs,
    And begs for Moe Gibbs,
    It needs to back to the Dead Sea.

  5. Danny

    Just a question: why is Russia our adversary? Or our enemy? Why? When and for what reason did this come about?

    When that country was in the iron grip of Josef Stalin (a fake name) they were our friends!

    • Zorost

      Because the people calling the shots for US foreign policy still hear the hoofbeats of the Tsar’s Cossacks coming to get them. They hold a grudge for thousands of years; one of their high holy days consists of the ritual eating of Bronze Age Hitler’s ears…

      Also, Russia isn’t part of the global banking scheme that neoliberals/ neoconservatives dream of. I think Russia was on track to become so after the fall of the USSR but Putin betrayed them. If you look at his rise, he was clearly hand-picked to be Yeltsin’s successor. Yeltsin was a globalist stooge, so Putin likely was one as well. But then he went off script and many of the globalist’s fellow tribesmen that tried to rein him in started dropping dead.

      • Zorost

        Just remembered this. So there is this elderly Marxist economist, has a lot of brilliant stuff out there. In the 60’s he worked for some Rockefeller investment thing, lots of other stories about being at least around the edges of the globalist shot-callers. Here he is talk

        Here he is getting asked about people in the White House who think a nuke war with Russia is winnable:

        Oh gawd, who is he talking about?!

        • Mike_C

          Thanks for the Hudson link. What he says about generational, culturally-transmitted paranoia is absolutely spot on.

          I’ve encountered this many times IRL. The fascinating thing is that it’s not been used aggressively against me. Far from it. I hear it after we’ve established friendly common ground and it’s moving on to “well, you went to the right schools, have the right job, [because of those they assume I share their lefty politics and it swiftly moves on to] you’re practically* one of us!” The sharing of the fear of imminent genocide is a BONDING thing.

          * practically!= are. I’ll never be accepted as one of them, and I’d be a fool to ever imagine otherwise. My dad told me that when I was about 8. I was furious. “No! David is my best friend!”
          “I’m not saying he’s not your friend. I’m saying those people will never ever truly consider you as one of their own.” I sulked for days over that. But as Mark Twain said about his own father, as I’ve gained more life experience, my father’s become smarter and wiser.

      • Mike_C

        Ritual ear-phagy: First, in the spirit of transparency, i think hamantaschen are delicious. I may go pick some up at Zabar’s the next time I’m in NYFC. Maybe. Second, but more importantly, the UKR situation is basically Purim “updated for a modern audience.”

        For those who don’t know what Purim is, look it up to get the full impact, but I’ll summarize here. The Persian King (PK) gets rid of his wife and marries a woman called Esther, who is secretly Jewish. Esther’s cousin/foster father Mordechai later saves PK’s life. The royal minister, Haman, is jealous and decides to slaughter all the Jews in Persia (say it with me: for no reason at all).

        Esther and Mordechai convince PK that the Jews don’t deserve slaughter. They suggest that PK let them make a royal decree in his name. Being a bitch, PK says, “Go ahead, because Mordechai done me a solid, an dat be some fiiiine Hebrew pussy.”

        Esther and Mordechai decree that Jews throughout the Persian empire will be permitted to kill whoever they think COULD be a threat to the Jews. So 75,000 people are slaughtered, and there was much rejoicing.

        The holiday literally celebrates a genocide. And not a genocide of revenge, but a genocide of PREvenge. The tale is one of usurping the king’s authority to murder those They thought might be their enemies. Basically it probably meant “anyone we don’t like.” The current unpleasantness in UKR similarly seems to be the hijacking and usurpation of in this case National authority by a tiny group of people for the purpose of causing genocide. Like so many Hollywood remakes, the modern tale is more horrifying than the original.

      • June J

        Yep. And yet, in this age where the articulated threat seems to be China invading Tawain, the wise foreign policy would be to embrace that large natural enemy to China’s north as our friend.
        Why once the Soviet Union collapsed we couldn’t befriend the Russians like we did our former enemies Germany and Japan is beyond reason.

  6. Bobsuruncle

    Green screen war shots, CGI towns and scenes with overturned cars and no windows broken from the supposed bombs that overturned the cars. Fake dead people on the streets under sheets that talk and move. All for the genociding of white caucasians at the behest of creating “greater israel” for blackrock and defense companies to get rich. The nose knows! While most cant figure it out. Le sigh.

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  8. Bean Dip Tray

    Even the warporn videos where everything is spotted and tracked from the air at all hours?
    Some of the videos are brutal and surely they know about aerial surveillance as always on.

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