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Don’t Know Much About History

The week of the the ill-named “Patriot Day” commemorating 9/11 seems like the perfect occasions to ponder the question of history.

In my days as a yoof, it seemed that history was one of the least liked subjects in school for many people. It was even less popular than math, my dreaded nemesis throughout my school years. Me? I loved history. As a kid I read Johnny Tremain and We Were There with Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys. Some of my favorite films were war movies like Patton, Tora! Tora! Tora! and A Bridge Too Far.

Most of the dislike of history has to do with the way history is taught in schools. While memorizing dates and people is important, if that is all you do it rapidly becomes boring. Knowing dates and people is necessary and foundational for studying history but it is not sufficient.

Learning dates, people and places is the beginning of the study of history, not the goal.

Of course in modern days, we don’t even bother to learn dates and people. Why should we when all of humankind’s collective knowledge is available on a tiny screen while sitting on the can? People screeching about fascism and LITERAL NAZIS! couldn’t tell you even an approximate timeframe for when World War II happened but they are sure fascism is bad and anything they don’t like is therefore fascism.

Public schooling, including most colleges and universities in that category, appears to be intentionally designed to turn people away from studying history. As a history lover and someone who minored in history as an undergraduate, I learned very little (basically nothing) of history from my formal studies, not even in my history classes which were completely forgettable. Everything I have learned has been post-graduate on my own. I am something of an autodidact anyway so that suits me fine but most people are not, and if we are being honest the vast majority of people are so intellectually lazy that they are bordering on retarded.

The easy access to information makes the lack of historical curiosity even more egregious and clearly intentional. You don’t even need to bother memorizing precise dates as that information is at your fingertips. Rather than encouraging people to seek more deeply, it has further driven people into intellectual apathy.

It has also made it significantly easier for Them to twist history. It seems with each passing day that more of history, especially Western history, is off limits for discussion. The events of September 11th are one obvious and pertinent example. It is not just the Big Conspiracy stuff like why did a building untouched by the planes still collapse but even asking if the events really played out like we are told is lumped into with “conspiracy theories” and followed by accusations of being unpatriotic. You know the rest of the list: the moon landing, the assassination of JFK (and RFK and MLK), Pearl Harbor and of course the Holocaust.

The flip side of banning anyone from questioning events is how some events are prioritized and emphasized at the expense of others. The Holocaust is another great example of this. As I said, I was something of a budding history buff as a kid and especially about World War II. The films of the decades following the War didn’t seem to make much mention of the Holocaust. We certainly were aware of it but it was more of a side note to the greater struggle. Then in 1993 two things happened that vaulted the Holocaust into the spotlight. One was the release of Schindler’s List, widely considered to be one of the greatest films ever released and winner of 7 Oscars. It was released in 1993, and the same year the Holocaust Museum opened in Washington D.C. An amazing coincidence, no? Schindler’s List was brutal in it’s depiction of Nazi treatment of Jews especially the figure of Amon Göth.

An interesting note from Wikipedia:

On 13 September 1944, Göth was relieved of his position and charged by the SS with theft of Jewish property (which belonged to the state, according to Nazi regulations), failure to provide adequate food to the prisoners under his charge, violation of concentration camp regulations regarding the treatment and punishment of prisoners, and allowing unauthorised access to camp personnel records by prisoners and non-commissioned officers.

It certainly seems odd that a Nazi would have been relieved of duty and charged with criminal offenses for failing to provide adequate food to prisoners that were supposed to be executed anyway.

Eight years after Schindler’s List, Steven Spielberg produced the HBO miniseries adaptation of Band of Brothers. I have watched the miniseries multiple times and read the book and as I pointed out in my D-Day post from June 6, 2021: D-Day 77 Years Later there was a weird change from the books to the miniseries. I wrote:

Something else interesting to note. In the BoB miniseries, one episode is titled ‘Why We Fight‘, a title taken from the name of a series of propaganda films produced to convince Americans to get involved in a war that wasn’t our business. Naming this episode after propaganda films turns out to be unintentionally very appropriate. 

Much of the episode is taken up with the retelling of an actual historical event, the liberation of the Kaufering labor camp in Bavaria. I rewatched it and about 18 minutes of the episode, about a third of the actual non-credits run-time, is taken up with depictions of the labor camp, of starved Jews, of corpses in graves and of the German citizens of the nearby town who were forced to help clean up the camp. It is a portrayed as a significant event for Easy Company and the title implies that liberating these camps is one of the reason for why we fought World War II. 

However in the book, the only mention of concentration camps comes in the very end of a chapter titled “Getting To Know The Enemy”, the same chapter I quoted from above to point out the respect the American paratroopers had for the German people. The camp they liberated warranted about a page of mention.

The actual passages on pages 262-263 make up less than 300 total words and certainly come across as a side-note rather than a significant event. The men of Easy Company had seen all sorts of horror in the war and the Kaufering camp was just another one. War is hell and there was horror to be seen from start to finish. Why would something that warrants almost no mention in the book the miniseries was based on be given a prominent role in the miniseries itself? 

Asking that question is itself considered to be the same as denying the Holocaust.

My point is not to delve into the historical accuracy of the Holocaust narrative or the Warren Commission or the accepted story of 9/11. The issue is more one of a general lament that not only are most people woefully ignorant of history, those who are curious are often blocked from asking inconvenient questions or labeled as some sort of Thought Criminal if they do.

Simply knowing that Pearl Harbor took place on December 7, 1941 is one thing but being able to discuss and understand both the events that led up to the attack and the ramifications of those events is what the study of history is supposed to be about. The inability of most people to even consider this, not only not knowing the answers but not even knowing the questions, has led us to a place where we are the most historically illiterate Americans in our nation’s history while having all of human history available instantly for the asking. What history most people do know is so sanitized and manipulated that it is worse than knowing nothing at all. People “know” that the Nazis committed the Holocaust and the Holocaust was The Worst Thing Ever so therefore the people fighting the Nazis were the Good Guys. It is pretty convenient that the Good Guys have won every war in history…

Like many of my gripe sessions here at Dissident Thoughts, there isn’t much to be done about it. I can’t do anything to influence public school curricula to get them to encourage people to think, mostly because that is the precise opposite of what They want. My message then is mostly to you, the people. Get your hands on books that are older, physical if possible or electronic as long as you get them directly rather than through Amazon who can make your ebooks disappear. Find reputable people online who ask the difficult questions, even if you don’t agree with their conclusions. Ron Unz does a lot of this at The Unz Report because he is apparently wealthy and doesn’t care what people think about him.

For dissidents to know and understand what is happening now, you must know and understand what has come before and you certainly won’t find that out by relying on mainstream history. The truth is out there for those with the courage to seek it.


  1. Don W Curton

    History of the 1930’s – 1940’s, condensed. Six million Jews were killed by white men in Europe. Also, there was some fighting taking place between two different groups of white men. The Japs might have been involved. Did I mention the six million Jews?

    Seriously, that’s about all that gets mentioned anymore. For most of my life, the holocaust was a) something that happened, b) not that big a deal for non-jews, and c) not in any way, shape or fashion the reason for why we fought in WWII. But now it’s all anybody talks about.

    And like you said, the way history (among other subjects) is taught in school is almost criminally negligent.

    • pyrrhus

      Out of a total of 2 million jews in German controlled territory, quite a few escaped but 6 million were killed…But that didn’t include the hundreds of German officers and thousands of enlisted men who were untouched, as well as Hitler’s doctor and many scientists…Is that clear?

      • Don Curton

        Not sure if you’re talking to me? I thought I was clearly mocking the 6 million number in my comment. No doubt they had camps. Hell, so did we. But like I said, for most of my life it wasn’t a big deal, it was just something that happened. Now apparently it is.

  2. Max Wiley

    It’s not merely artful embellishment and careful omission.
    It’s not merely the lack of proper questioning.
    It’s that the concept of questioning much less the application of it is actively and ruthlessly stamped out.
    I am sure it is just coincidence that classroom instruction has become receiving information from the authority figure for regurgitation on demand so they can then live in a society where the expectation is to receive information from the authority figures for regurgitation on demand.
    In one way, this education style is producing exactly what is intended.
    Keep your children out of government schools, it’s literally become one of the most important things a parent can do.

  3. Jay L

    My high school history teacher was the school’s wrestling coach… I won’t say anything negative about wrestling as I know that is part of your past Arthur, but suffice it to say that the coach had as little, if not less, interest in the subject than the student body. Subsequently, I learned absolutely nothing in the class and didn’t develop an interest in history until I was in my late 30’s. When I started to notice the rhyming, I started to delve into history only to discover what little I had learned early in life was primarily lies and propaganda. Ah, public schools!

  4. Gryphon

    The judeo-communist takeover of the ‘educational establishment’ has allowed (((them))) to Propagandize “History” to the point that unless one takes the Time to read and Research from sources who wrote about any given Historical Event at the Time it happened, all you ‘Hear’ is the “Official Narrative” from those who NEED to Erase History, lest the People figure out (((who))) is doing their damnedest to Hide their crimes across the Centuries.

    The Term “Historical Revisionism” is the equivalent of “Conspiracy Theory” in how it is used to Silence anyone who ‘questions the narrative’ of “History”.

    Two of the best Websites that publish articles on the Contradictions to the ‘official history’ of “THE HOLOCAUST”(tm) are Unz Review and National Vanguard (a directly pro-White site). One of the clearest signs that the (((establishment))) is Terrified of the Internet is the increasingly Desperate Demands that Censorship be an Organized Effort between all ISP’s and the ‘government’. Groups like the (((ADL))) are in the forefront of this attempt to Silence all discussion of “History” that contradicts the “Narrative”.

    • saoirse

      Unz is remarkably good for a jew-owned site, but something about it is “off”. Maybe because it’s so overcrowded with the christ-insane types.

      Colchester Collection – for books (many in pdf)
      CODOH for all things holohoax
      Renegade Tribune for white topics and jew malfeasance.
      Karl Haemers’ Taboo Truth blog. He just did a tour de force interview on jews and the Fed.
      Ernst Zundel (RIP!!) videos on Bitchute and Odysee.
      Germar Rudolf’s site.
      Many more!

  5. Tom Clark

    Watch Europa: The Last Battle documentary on Bitchute
    Explains how we got here today.

    History taught in academia is fiction.
    The holocaust is about as real as Climate Change and Covid.

    People don’t know we are at war with the Great Reset hive.
    Antisemitism is the solution not the problem.

  6. Hiding Out

    If you have books on a Kindle you really should look up “how to remove DRM from my Kindle books” so that you can truly own them.

    As part of the process you can convert them to .epub format and read them on non- devices. And again, you’ll have the books out of Amazon’s reach so they won’t disappear or be edited by the SJWs at Amazon.

  7. Anonymous White Male

    Those poor, oppressed 6 million jews. I began to put the pieces together over 40 years ago, when I found out that there weren’t even 6 million jews in German occupied territory. Another brick in the wall was when I kept noticing that there were still 3 million still alive 50 years after the fact and receiving reparations. There was also the fact of jewish based population figures that showed that there was no drop in the population of jews in the late 40’s, impossible if 6 million died. And the 6 million died didn’t begin to gain traction until the late 60’s. Before that, you had war movies that never mentioned it, and Hogan’s Heroes which had a bunch of goofy Germans being taken advantage of by Allied prisoners. Nobody cared, so they had to be made to care. Not difficult once you understand that the federal government gave away its financial power with the Federal Reserve Act in 1913, which allowed private, jewish banks to lend money at interest to the federal government and control the creation and issuance of currency. It is interesting to note this statement on the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve’s web site:

    The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 established the Federal Reserve System as the central bank of the United States to provide the nation with a safer, more flexible, and more stable monetary and financial system.

    Aren’t we lucky! Who’s against more stable monetary and financial systems? And it has done such a great job, especially when the country went through the Great Depression only 17 years after the Act was passed.

    In response to your comment about the immediate access of historical information available to everyone today, I must point out that there is so much dis and misinformation out there that your average person has a difficult time finding reliable sources. The system itself has its own version of history and this is what is fact checked as being the honest-to-God-Truth. And the system also puts out conflicting versions to appeal to “conspiracy theorists”, i.e., people that have common sense and a built in bullshit detector. It is good advice to tell people to go to older sources, if they can find it.

  8. Harbinger

    I don’t think that the Hollow Cost was ever truly glossed over or minimized in the collective American mind, at least that I noticed. There was a multi-part series on PBS back in the 70s called The World at War, which I watched as a lad with my old man. I distinctly recall one episode on the horrors of the concentration camps, complete with somber chamber music, grainy photos of piled-up bodies and depictions of the “showers” where Zyklon B bath beads supposedly rained down from the ceiling onto unsuspecting bathers below. (At least some of those Nazi death chambers were allegedly not constructed until 1949, but *ahem* let’s not split ringlets).

    Everybody knew the significance of the phrase “six million”, even in my decidedly non-Jewish, Irish/Italian neighborhood. But it had about the same magic juju as “Remember the Alamo!” Its intrinsic power has seemingly only grown to epic proportions in modern times, thanks at least in part to the mighty Internet. I don’t recall any non-Jews in my youth caring enough to dispute the claims and set the record straight. And certainly no one was ‘canceled’ back then for asking, “Was it really six million, though?”

    Didn’t help at all, I’m sure, that Lee Majors barged onto the scene in the mid-70s, stealing some holocaustic thunder as Steve Austin, the wildly popular Six Million Dollar Man.

  9. Jim Laffrey

    I certainly would not recommend — a jew-owned site. You get some truth to bait you, and you get garbage with it as intended. All jew-infested sites do that, such as Jon Rapaport’s site, and very many more.

    Advice Number One: Find out if a site you might like has any jews involved, or if they pretend there are “good” jews. Reject such sites.

    Advice Number Two: Find pro-White sites owned and written by Whites. Remember: jews are not Whites. The best sites are by Whites. Whites invented science. Whites established the Foundational Knowledge System of the western world (which has been horribly poisoned by jewry). Naturally, there are also sites by Whites containing honest mistakes and honest ignorance. It takes time and a high level of knowledge to sort them out.

    I have compiled a list of available free books, along with some other materials, that I recommend. I first did this a decade ago as I wanted to give my fellow Whites the best sources and save my fellow Whites from reading the crap I’d read along the way. My current list is on my “CREDENTIALS” page on my website, and it includes brief blurbs about each book or document so that visitors may easily scan the list and choose items of interest.

    LINK directly to that page:

    On my previous site, I also had a list of “Truthful Sites,” more than 300 sites at that time. And I offered a very brief description of nearly every site. It can be found on the Wayback Machine website. Probably half of those sites don’t exist anymore, especially all those that were on free platforms controlled by jews such as Google’s blogger and The jews deleted them, of course, same as they have deleted the best truthers off Youtube, Facebook, Twitter/X, etc. I haven’t made a new list of “Truthful Sites.” Such an undertaking would need to include a lot of social-media accounts, too, but they change too much to make it worth my while.

    • saoirse

      What a splendid site you have! I’ve bookmarked it for further reading.
      There is a new book out about the Protocols by Thomas Dalton. His translation of Mein Kampf is now the go-to version and one of the most trusted.

      • Jim Laffrey

        @SAOIRSE. Thank you very much. As for the Dalton translation of Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf, I read part of it. I had already read the previous three main translations. My favorite is the Stalag edition. I have not seen the Dalton book on the jews’ Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. It’s an important subject. The Protocols are a jew-written reality. As Henry Ford said 100 years ago, they accurately describe what the jews have done and are doing.

    • Gryphon

      I am aware that Unz is one of (((them))). Whether he is a “Gatekeeper” is debatable. I find that his Site is a reliable place to find Articles that “Question the Narrative” and like anything published on the Internet, it is subject to the Author’s Biases.

  10. Xzebek

    Too many people are ignorant of a lot more than history. But the ones that are ignorant of history are the most easily manipulated and deceived.

  11. Jerome P. Tarpley

    For discussion, let’s assume the Holocaust began Jan. 1, 1940 and continued until the end of 1944. Five full years – just for discussion, mind you. That’s 1,825 days. 3,287 people would have been murdered every single day to total 6 million.

    Okay, okay — let’s say it was seven full years. 2,348 people would have been killed every single day. That is disturbing to contemplate and leaves many, many questions in my mind.


    In Seventeen Seventy Six and Seven,
    Our forefathers gave a big slice of heaven,
    We kicked out the British,
    Got stuck with the Yiddish,
    The Clintons, Bushes, and then Nine Eleven.

  13. Jeffrey Zoar

    One thing I will say for dissident media, and dissidents in general, is it, and they, are very history focused, and tend to look at things in historical contexts.

    Contrast that with the msm which thinks history began with WW2 and the civil rights movement, and is incapable of comparing a leader they don’t like to anyone but Hitler. Leftist media is little different on this point.

    • Zorost

      That is likely because those who really make the decisions are also very history-focused, which is why they try to hide that for everyone else. They also seem to believe in a lot of kooky spiritual stuff.

  14. DeplorableGranny

    Arthur – My grandchildren will be home schooled. Do you have any recommendations? We are looking in used book stores because so many current history book have been re-written.

    • Zorost

      Whatever books you choose, I highly recommend that you have several for each topic. Then have the kids discuss which parts they find credible, and what they think really happened. Far more important than memorizing the correct view of history (if such exists) is learning the process of finding the truth for themselves.

  15. Craig

    I would have done much better in history with easier access and info. After graduating high school,1984, I worked as a busboy at a restaurant in a retirement community and saw a couple older ladies with number tattoos. Would have been interesting to talk with them and get first hand information.

  16. Big Ruckus D

    How it is:

    jews: oy vey! Muh 6 million!

    Me: mao wiped out at least 3-4 times that many.

    jews: but muh 6 million, you antisemite! (And we don’t care about those slant eyed cockroaches anyway).

    Me: the soviets wiped out (probably) 100 million in ~80 years, starting in 1917, and the Bolsheviks and Trotskyites who did it were mostly jews.

    jews: but muh 6 million, you antisemite! (And we don’t care about those White Christian goy cockroaches anyway. Also, how dare you notice we were conducting a genocide, you antisemite!).

    Me: go fuck off to the oven, I’m sick of your shit.

    jews: but muh 6 million, you antisemite! (as they are escorted away, while intensely rubbing their hands together).

    Nothing gets fixed until we deal with the 60 million still living survivors (80 years later!) of the hole-a-cost.

    It’s all so damned tiresome.

    • Mike_C

      Oh they care about the slanty-eyed roaches, they do. The smarter ones understand that the Chinese are as arrogantly ethnocentric as they are, and that the Chinamen are not controllable through gaslighting and guilt*, and don’t suffer from the Christian neuroprogramming glitch that they have used so very much to their advantage in the US. (Fucking evangelicals with the “muh salvation comes from the people who openly despise me.” Jesus wept. Or he would if the vat of boiling excrement didn’t … but I digress.)

      Anyway, why else the slavering eagerness for a shooting war with China? China must be crushed before the military might of the dying GAE completely withers away.

      * I guarantee you, the Chinese response to “but six million” would be “You meekly let them put you into poorly-designed gas chambers and then murder you in industrial job lots? Wow, you really suck!” Chinese are not great at empathy in general, and have even less empathy for non-Han.

      • Big Ruckus D

        That is true, the Chinese – for all their faults – do not posses the race guilt complex of so many White Americans (that has been exploited ruinous effect). I don’t see how the jews play that to their advantage, though. What reason do the Chinese have to work with ((((them)))? The Chinese already have a system in place that benefits themselves in their own country, and internationally, they have money, power and influence/political leverage pretty much worldwide now. And, given their legendary ethnocentrism, I can’t see any reason they would make a cooperative arrangement with the jews to share power, as there is no material benefit to them in doing so. I don’t need to like China to recognize the power brokers there aren’t stupid when it comes to looking out for themselves. Allowing jews (or any other outside group) to sneak their way in like a leech would be quite obviously counter productive.

        The jews, of course, would love to get their foot in the door, and parasitize yet another nation that is enjoying it’s time as a center of power and wealth on the world stage. They will have a much tougher time doing that in China than they have had in Europe or America. At least that is my perception of it.

    • Gryphon

      BRD – You said “the soviets wiped out (probably) 100 million in ~80 years, starting in 1917”

      That’s “the jew-york bankster-funded judeo-communists wiped out (probably) 100 million (mostly White christians) in ~80 years, starting in 1917”


      • Big Ruckus D

        That is correct, and I did reference the fact the Russian revolution – and the mass murders committed as a key part of it – was mostly the product of jews, albeit further down the comment. I suppose I could’ve been clearer about that.

  17. Steve

    There were a lot of crusty old ranchers where I grew up who did their time in Western Europe after Normandy, and there were a whole lot of them who would look away, off at the horizon usually, when talking about the old men and teenage boys they were fighting towards the end, after the military age men had been mostly killed off. Many of them told tales of the kids signing up partially out of patriotism, but mostly to get something to eat. They were promised that if they went to fight, their mothers and sisters would get bumped up in the food line, but if they did not, their women would be at the end of the line, right before the undesirables.

    Yes, the officer corps seemed to have not lost a lot of weight, but the German citizens?

    One of the planks of the Nazi platform was that non-Aryans must self-deport in times of distress to save German resources for real Germans, and the Final Solution was a not-entirely-unwelcome measure to punish non-Germans who could not grasp the concept of GTFO.

  18. Zorost

    I majored in history, and I’ve come to doubt much of it. Part of the study is to look at multiple sources, then make your own assessment of what happened, using experts who have already done this themselves as backup arguments. Then I look at more modern history (last 200 or so years), and realize there is little debate over a good chunk of it. You can debate the real causes of the Trojan War, but not WW1 or WW2.

    Sources I’ve found helpful. Not necessarily correct, just helpful:

    filthy leftists, but with a real hard-on for Big Money. Wife was on wall street, and I’m pretty sure she has a lot of sources that give her the dirt-

    ‘Our Subverted History’ series is great, should still be on YT also:

    US expat living in China, lots of alt-history stuff that I haven’t seen anywhere else. Like the real story behind Tianenmin square. He has a bias for China, and his theories on khazar’s have largely been disproven by DNA studies, last I checked. ‘The Attempted 1933 Jewish Fascist Coup in America’ is about how Prescott Bush and others tried to take over the US gov by coup, as but 1 example of stuff you rarely see.

    • Mike_C

      The Asha Logos (Our Subverted History) stuff is great.

      I’m somewhat skeptical about some of the specifics, but that’s not the point (IMNSHO). There is History, and there is ancestral myth. It’s nice when the two align, but it’s important to reject the externally-imposed gaslighting and outright lies about how our (okay, your) ancestors were just a bunch of genocidal trash who got lucky. And that’s where heroic ancestral myth comes in. Practically every group does it, except for Western Europeans. We (you) used to do it, but then some very devious, resentment-filled, and malignant people took over popular culture, academia, and increasingly the legal system. All of a sudden (and For No Reason At All ™) white children were taught to despise themselves and to hate their ancestors. (And to worship at the altars of negrolatry and deviance.)

      “Athens and Jerusalem” my skinny yellow ass. Take a listen to Asha Logos. Yes, the videos are long, but you can get quite a lot out of them just from the audio. Highly recommended.

  19. Matt

    Most of the history books I have were published before 1975. A few authors with more modern works like Antony Beevor, David Halberstam and Stephen Sears are worth reading. I was stationed in West Germany in the mid 80’s. Went to Normandy, Firth, Bastone and did the whole A Bridge too Far trek. My father was in WW2. Fought in Europe. Never talked much about the fighting but would tell funny stories sometimes of the guys he was with. I do remember one time when I was about 11 or 12 we were talking about something that had happened to him at work and I said that must have been scary and he replied after Omaha there not too much that scares me. I didn’t ask him but I was wondering what’s so scary about Nebraska?

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