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Diversity For Thee But Not For Me

Our Greatest Ally doesn’t seem to think that the diversity they demand for Europe and America is as valuable for Israel.


  1. saoirse

    LOL! You’re serious? “Our” lawmakers are vetted by those very same kikes to do the exact opposite of that policy, which is enable more die-versity by importing steady streams of shitskins from every hovel on earth and then implement the gibs.
    They’ll never sweat because one; the whole system is rigged to protect them and two; Merkans are too stupid, shiftless and cowardly to hang them and their chosen taskmasters.
    ‘Dissidents’ that offers up the likes of Trumpenstein (fool me twice) and other Republicunt charlatans as bona fide mavericks are doomed just like their cuck and normie brethren.
    Jews give the orders – white men open their borders!!

  2. Mike_C

    I’m amused (in a very gallows-humor sort of way) that this is so “dog bites man” that no one can even muster up the energy to express outrage.

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