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Busy Plus Sick

I am not sure what I have come down with, I have a nagging sore throat, one of those deals where it is just annoying until you lay down and then as soon as you start to nod off it starts to hurt a bit and you need to cough. No fever, maybe this is the latest super lethal sekrit strain of Covid or something. Not to mention it has been hotter than Beelzebub’s balls around here. So no posting yesterday. Still feel like shit but I am slaving away in the blog salt mines for you. The People.

Here are a couple of items to whet the ol’ whistle, in a manner of speaking.

John Wilder’s post this morning is quite good: Mechanisms Of Control: Financial. Money is fascinating topic, even the least religious among us have a religious faith in the value of a piece of currency.

Mark Dice takes some shots at the ADL, always good fun. Not only is the ADL an anti-White hate group, They are incredibly brazen about it, daring you to notice. Guess what? I noticed.

I doubt Musk will do much about it other than kvetching but we will see.

Up next, the disastrous state of our nation’s capital, the people who claim to know best how to run the nation can’t even keep their own little city under control.


  1. Harbinger

    Perhaps you’ve contracted…The Grim.

    Nah, prolly just a touch of Dindu Flu from scouring those blog salt mines. Takin’ one for the team, you are. Good on yer.

  2. Filthie

    The ADL is like any other mob. They are about money and power and that’s it. All the rest is window dressing and PR. As it goes with the Hell’s Angels, so it goes for the ADL. Organized crime really suffers when they are put under the microscope and gone through with a fine tooth comb. The smarter ones go out of their way to keep a low profile. The stupider ones get hung up on their own power and influence and it destroys the big players in the organization.

    The jewish mob has been out of control for decades. I see a reckoning coming. Once people start having jewish reality and red pills pushed down their throats…I think a lot of jewish support will start to evaporate…

    Take it easy and kick that flu, A.👍

  3. Bobsuruncle

    Im going with this whole kafuffle is part of another ADL psyop. Theyre info ops are very sophisticated, tied in with gov, fed leo, ngo think tanks, college boards, special groups, etc…and gov intel. I wont expound any further, other than they poison information water from low to high end. End of the day this is part of their grift, shakedown operations.

  4. Greg

    Twice now, over the last three years, I’ve had a somewhat wierd cold; sore throat, nagging cough. I dosed myself with Ivermectin, and when the sore throat and cough started to go deeper into a bronchitis, I added a Z-pac (Azithromycin). All symptoms vanished in a couple of days. All the usual disclaimers here: I am not a doctor, anecdotal evidence only, YMMV, yada, yada, yada. I’ve never been tested for “Covid”, but there was a recent story that the vast majority of hospital deaths from “Covid” were actually from UNTREATED bacterial pneumonia. The theory being that the bioweapon that is “Covid” is a viral vascular endothelialitis that tears up the bronchial lining, allowing normal nasopharangeal bacteria to move in. The genocidal protocol of Remdesivir and intubation only force the pneumonia deeper.
    I avoid antibiotics whenever possible, because they are somewhat indiscriminate killers, and normal flora is essential for our health and immune function, but sometimes they can be just the ticket. I’ve gone to rather large expense to obtain stocks for long term storage. If our Chinese supply chains ever collapse, they will be beyond priceless.

      • Greg

        For a time, I joined concierge medicine outfit called /www.synergyhealthdpc(dot)com/. They will prescribe most anything you want via telemedicine. They’re not cheap, and I’ve since discontinued my membership because I have no further health issues, and the monthly membership is not needed. There are other similar outfits out there too, but this is the one I’ve had experience with.
        The other one that I got a package of antibiotics from is jasemedical(dot)com/ They are not cheap either, but the package they sell is outstanding. I have no affiliation with either of these except as a satisfied customer.

      • 3g4me

        Note: There is a small discount ($10) for Jace Medical if you order through YT Iridium242. There is also a new supplier called “getincase” with slightly different medicine complement, but $100 cheaper than Jase Case. $5 off if ordered through YT Survival Living.

        I have not ordered either yet. It is my understanding one could purchase one of each for oneself and again for one’s spouse, although it would get costly. Have yet to hear of anyone being turned down for either (must have phone consult with mfg doctor to order).

        • 3g4me

          Update: Similar discount code for Jace Case at YT The Provident Prepper ($10), and they now offer Ivermectin (human pills, not animal paste) and fluconazole.

  5. mike fink

    There are a ton of diseases old and new floating around now with the ever increasing numbers of infected 3rd world barbarians wondering around at will. Busing and flying them from border collection points to urban collection points in the northern cities almost ensures there is a nice cocktail of heretofore unfamiliar ailments will be part of the future cultural enrichment for everyone. The little bastard spawn they dragged across three continents with them will be entering the public schools right about now without any requirement to have any of the shots American kids are required to have. The hospitals should be overwhelmed before Halloween even without the Plandemic 2.0 on the schedule.

    • Zorost

      I remember an ancient world statistic: every time an army crosses a major geographic boundary (mountain range, major river, desert, etc.) about 1/3 of the army dies.

      We have armies of people (likely already with weakened immune systems) wandering across multiple geographic boundaries before they get here. Bomb the world, invite the world, infect the world.

      To quote a wise doctor, “don’t get sick.”
      To quote another wise internet personage, “avoid crowds.”

  6. Xzebek

    Feel better!!
    Just got over something similar myself. Lasted about 3 days.
    I think I picked it up in Elkhart as I was driving from Montana. Stayed there overnight and woke up with it.

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