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Why Are They The Way They Are?

You probably remember the story of  Abigail “Abby” Zwerner, the teacher in Virginia shot at school by a 6 year old boy. His mother just pled guilty to a felony as the little darling used her gun to shoot his teacher.

Deja Nicole Taylor, 26, pleaded guilty to child neglect, a class 6 felony that carries a maximum of five years behind bars, Newport News Commonwealth’s Attorney Howard Gwynn said in a statement to The Post.

In exchange for her plea, which avoids a jury trial, prosecutors agreed to drop a misdemeanor charge of reckless storage of a firearm and ask for a sentence within state guidelines, which is up to six months.

However, Circuit Judge Christopher Papile has the authority to give the maximum of five years when Taylor is sentenced on Oct. 27, the Daily Press reported.

We all knew right away what the li’l scamp looked like and when his mama was arrested it just confirmed it.

Some outlets initially showed a blurred picture of him but most of those are scrubbed,.

What is just as shocking as a 6 year shooting his teacher is what the rambunctious little fella said after the shooting:

A six year old kid that brought a gun to school, shot a teacher and then bragged “I shot that bitch dead”? When I was 6 my elementary school teachers were a sort of stand-in mom for me and the rest of my class. We loved them and it is incomprehensible that I or anyone in my classes would have wanted to harm those women, much less have “I shot that bitch dead” in our vocabulary.

What it makes me ponder: what is the future for this 6 year old monster?

A six year old that already was willing to shoot his teacher for whatever perceived slight and will spend a chunk of time with no mama around (and of course no mention of his daddy, who took off or is himself already in jail presumably) is a ticking time bomb. Is there any reasonable path forward where this kid doesn’t end up killing someone else before his 18th birthday? I can’t see one and the best case scenario for society is that the kid ends up getting capped by someone else before he can reproduce and before he ends up in jail for decades.

Then I read a different story and it was a stark reminder: behind every black thug wannabe gangster is not only an absent black father but also a black mama who encourages her baby both through neglect, overindulgence and excuse making and also by their own behavior which is often as vicious and sociopathic as their drive-by shooting babies. This story is a perfect example:

The mother of a man accused of murder in the Florida panhandle is now also behind bars after police discovered text messages allegedly showing her help plan the shooting death of a woman working inside The Home Depot.

Keith Agee, 20, was arrested by the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office Friday afternoon in connection with the deadly shooting of 18-year-old Brooklyn Sims hours earlier at the home improvement retailer on Davis Highway in Pensacola. Police did not share the relationship between Agee and Sims, but Pensacola news outlet WEAR said the two have a 2-year-old daughter together.

Ol’ Keith here shot his baby mama for the perfectly legit reason that he was just sick of her shit. The released text messages give a glimpse into the mindset of not only the 20 year old black man who murdered his baby mama, but also the depraved mind of his own mother. I won’t reproduce them all here, you can follow the link, but here is a choice exchange:

Keith: “S— ain’t do nun but cost me money and gave me a ——- I’m fin just shoot her Ik I hate that for [daughter] buh like I said I can’t take it idgaf Nomo.”

Sheila: “Ok.”

Sheila: “Ok I’ll call you and tell you mf if you want to go to jail I’ll tell you when we get close but if you don’t come kill her you a mf b—-.”

If you allow me to interpret, as I am fluent in jive, ebonics and other forms of guttural urban speak…

Keith is telling his mother that he has decided to shoot Brooklyn Sims. Ms. Sims was 18 and they had a 2 year old daughter, so it seems he knocked her up when she was the ripe old age of 15. Apparently he objected to her asking for money to defray the expenses that occur while raising his child. He expresses regret at what having her mother murdered by her father will do to his child but he simply can no longer deal with the mother of his child in an amicable way.

His mother responds to her criminal mastermind son who is confessing to planning a murder via text message with “OK” and then proceeds to tell him that should he fail to carry out the promised execution he is a sorry excuse for a man (aka a mf b—- , aka a mother fucking bitch). Mom them declares she has a solution to the incriminating text messages:

Sheila: “Hold up let me get it erase the texts cause I don’t want nobody to know I was texting you stupid a–.”
Keith: “I already deleted mine trust me ian gon say s— abt us even tlkin td.”

No one told them that deleting a text from your phone doesn’t delete the record of the text at the phone company. That must be a racist plot to entrap black people. They close their conversation with this:

Keith: “So that last thought of her knowin she f—-d and the regret in her face will b enough to satisfy me idgaf what she see wen she dead, Yes tf she do How tf I’m pick her up when yo sorry a– tryna go gamble or hang in Jackson and she don’t pick up the phone, Nah that ain’t even gon fly she a jus die before I let that continue.”

Sheila: “Ok whatever Idc do what you do idgaf. Cause I’m going home today not to hell or to jail.”

Keith: “good for u”

Sheila: “Ok then stop texting me I’m working. Do whatever you want to do. It don’t affect me either f—–g way.”

Her son murdering the mother of her grandchild “don’t affect [sic] me either fucking way”. Here is someone that is incapable of thinking beyond the next five minutes.

This is the sort of heartwarming conversation I imagine many black mothers and sons have on a daily basis. You could just about turn their heart to heart into a TV miniseries on the Hallmark Channel.

Read the whole thing but do so while listening to some Mozart in the background to offset the drain on your IQ this illiterate jabber might cause. The most chilling part of the story comes after the text exchanges, emphasis mine:

Keith was arrested shortly after the shooting Friday and charged with aggravated battery and homicide, Escambia County Jail records show. He remains in jail on no bond.

The sheriff’s office announced Monday night that Sheila was arrested in Washington County, Alabama, for principal to first-degree murder and will be extradited back to Florida. Her arrest came after she attended a balloon release for Sims in Cintronelle, Alabama, according to WEAR.

A few days after her son was arrested for murdering Brooklyn Sims, Sheila Agee was arrested after she went to a balloon release commemorating the murdered woman that her son killed with her aid. What kind of a sociopath must you be to plot a murder and then go to a memorial service for the woman you aided your son in murdering?

Normiecons like to pretend that the problem is that poor single black moms are just overworked and don’t have time for they babies. If only they took them to church, that would solve a lot of problems. It wouldn’t. As I pointed out in a comment elsewhere, the issue with black gun violence is biological, not theological. A six year old boy doesn’t suddenly turn into someone who proudly proclaims that he shot that bitch dead without some serious warping from his mama. The pop culture canard of the long suffering black mom struggling to raise her babies right is mostly a lie.

It is a vicious biological circle of black men knocking up black women, them disappearing because who wants to put up with some screaming water buffalo hasslin’ you all the damn time, then the black woman raising her black son to be spoiled, entitled, angry and violent until that black son knocks up some black teen and/or kills someone. While black women don’t directly murder people at the same rate as black men, they are almost as responsible as the black guy who pulls the trigger.

Despite the rhetoric to the contrary, there isn’t a cultural, political or economic solution to the black violent crime problem short of rapid public execution. It is a problem without a viable solution and a problem that is only going to get worse.


  1. Don W Curton

    “there isn’t a cultural, political or economic solution to the black violent crime problem short of rapid public execution.”

    Way in the back of my mind, there’s that one little nagging thought that maybe abortion should not only be legal, but there should be a free clinic at the entrance to every inner-city ghetto with fried chicken to go for all baby-daddies who drop their women off there to get it done. Maybe even sponsor a free tubal ligation after every other abortion in exchange for a new TV or something.

    Horrible, I know. But in a war of attrition, that could be a game changer.

    • Gryphon

      Mandatory Sterilization after the first bastard child produced by any female on Welfare – Regardless of Race.

      And No, there is No Way Forward for the White Race without Separation from the homo africus.

      • Anon

        That was already suggested in the 60s or 70s, I forget (up to two on welfare iirc).
        I am sure you can guess who fought it and killed it.
        It’s yet another reason to throw on the pile how there is no way to vote our way out of this; the courts have been used against us, not just the politicians voted in. And any peaceful separation can’t be voted on and won that way.
        You can see how things will go.
        Still we got a chance, just not through some sort of constitutional convention they can rig or anything like that.

      • Big Ruckus D

        May I suggest a further refinement of that: abortion to remain legal for liberal whites. Being as most children inherent their parent(s) political leanings, or acquire a leftist bent in college (attendance of which white liberals consider a sacrosanct right of passage to the privileged class they strive so heavily for) allowing the reproduction of white shitlibs (to the admittedly limited extent they do) just saddles us with more brain damaged shit disturbers in around 18 years from the time they drop.

        I find abortion morally repugnant, but I’ve also considered the reality that eliminating it overruns us with more garbage humanity that cannot stand on its own, and will parasitize the ever shrinking portion of upstanding, productive white people. It is sickening I should have to think that way, but as a hard core pragmatist, that’s how I see it. I challenge anyone to show me another way of managing the problem. Seems margaret sanger got her wish, in large part. Not quite large enough though to spare us from the present crisis.

    • Tanfj

      Margaret Sanger intended Planned Parenthood to mostly abort black people. It’s a fact, she was a committed eugenist. The history has been whitewashed here.

  2. Moe Gibbs

    Imagine your own mother referring to you as a ‘motherfucker’ and then calling you a ‘bitch’ if you dare back out of a planned homicide.

    Nope, neither can I. They exist on a completely different plane than do I, or any other White person I know.

    The quote from the 6 year old tar baby who shot his teacher brought to mind “Hey Joe” from Jimi Hendrix:

    Hey Joe
    I heard you shot your old lady down
    You shot her down to the ground
    Yes I did, I shot her

    They are a failed race, under permanent custodial care. A burden and a pestilence to the White man until we perish from this earth.

  3. Anon

    Yes the women are just as vile, that’s why it’s sickening when people who bring up the stats of 13% do 60+%, there’s some that go “ackhully it’s only 6% because it’s the males” when in actuality all of them are animals, but the females are treated even more leniently.
    Even dealing with more well-behaved ones at work grate on me every day as I know they’re getting thousands and thousands and leeching off of me and my kind while they are too stupid to figure out basic computer shit. One came in stinking of weed last morning, already starting the day high while in a…unsuitable setting, to not say too much about where I work.
    Easy work but damn I hate dealing with a lot of people.
    Can’t wait to see how next year is; I hope they do get some Trump mugshots and end up making him a sort of martyr to the boomerwaffen and their ilk. Plenty of looting and such even without another dead Floyd.

  4. Colombo Salvage & Arsenal

    Call me a cynic but, she had to go to the balloon release for the photo for a go fund me… Any bets that she’s sitting in jail bitching about the racist cops that done F’ed that up.

    • Gryphon

      I’m beginning to wonder if the Nuts who say the khazarians are Reptilian Aliens from the Strange-Matter Universe aren’t on to something….

  5. Phil B

    Fred Reed did a posting about slavery. One of the comments from Richard on 6th August 2023 at 3.03 is well worth reading.

    I genuinely wonder what would have happened if Abe Lincoln had not been assassinated and actually implemented his plan to return all the freed slaves to Africa. How would America look today if he had succeeded?

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