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Why Are Kids Depressed And Suicidal?

In a prior post, Stolen Youth, I talked about how young people in 2023 have lost any sense of optimism for the future. No matter how bad things seemed to be in the 1980s, we were still optimistic about the future.

I remember well what life was like in the 1980s as a high school kid. Even with the Cold War still in full swing and the threat of global thermonuclear war hanging over our heads, we were still so very optimistic. We looked forward to the future. For a high school kid in the 1980s, the future possibilities were limitless. We had fun every weekend, played sports, hung out with friends, fell in and out of love and then back in again. The music was incredible. The girls were feminine and beautiful, just discovering the power of their sexuality while at the same time remaining aloof and modest in their own way. Nobody wore sweatpants or pajamas to school. The mall was the place to hang out and no one got shot because some exuberant youths decided to shoot each other.

For the life of me I can’t remember why but my wife and I were talking about something and the topic of Beverly Hills 90210 came up. The show initially revolved around the lives of the Walsh twins, Brandon (Jason Priestley) and Brenda (Shannen Doherty), along with their rather unlikely circle of friends. For fun we re-watched the pilot episode that we had watched together on October 4th, 1990, my first year of college. It is full of things like making friends at a new school and deciding what to wear to your first day and to parties (Brenda Walsh is supposed to be a high school junior but apparently had a dizzying assortment of slinky cocktail dresses). It also deals with some serious, if slightly implausible issues, but always with an eye toward doing the right thing. The scenery and music is mostly uplifting and positive but most of all the show was fun, even when dealing with serious issues.

Fast forward to today and one of the most acclaimed shows on TV is another series about life in high school, but with a decidedly darker and malevolent atmosphere. The show is called Euphoria and runs on HBO (now “Max”). Starring the homely Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman who just goes by “Zendaya” and plays a high school girl named Rue Bennett, Euphoria is the antithesis of Beverly Hills 90210. I watched the first five minutes of the pilot and wanted to cut myself. We are introduced to Rue by her describing the trauma of being born a few days after September 11th, and as a newborn supposedly watching George W. Bush giving his famous pep talk at Ground Zero, followed by the Rue as a baby crying. Subtle! Then we see her growing older, being diagnosed with all sorts of mental illness, taking prescription drugs and then graduating to snorting coke. The filming and musical score are dark and depressing, and her self-abuse isn’t something she overcomes but rather seems inevitable.

It goes downhill from there, I tried watching a couple of episodes and it is like rubbing broken glass in your eyes. Grotesque hook-up sex, a trannie boy who hooks up (graphically) with some random adult dude, lots of drug use. There isn’t a single positive you can take away from the show. Maybe it is mildly reflective of high school life today but rather than pointing to ways to improve things, it instead wallows in depravity like a hog wallowing in shit. The summary of the first episode gives this cheery synopsis:

This is what high school age, and younger, kids are consuming. Nihilistic, depressing, dark media that doesn’t promise a brighter future but instead reaffirms that their lives suck and are only going to get worse. No wonder kids are so depressed and suicidal today.

Pop culture shapes our broader culture. White boys listen to rap and White girls twerk because that is what they see in pop culture. A huge percentage of kids think they are homosexual, or “bi”, or increasingly “transgender”, because that is what they see being exalted in pop culture. Kids that are normal are “cis-gender”, a word intended to be a slur that just means “not a sexual degenerate”. As a kid in middle and high school, calling another dude faggot was about the ugliest thing you could say. Now calling someone “cis” seems to be even worse, there is nothing more embarrassing to high school kids than being a White, non-gay/trannie guy without any oppression points.

Young people are especially susceptible to the power of suggestion in pop culture and They know this. They have been slowly rotting away what young people consume for decades to where we are today with social media and pop culture making the most cheerful of kids depressed and suicidal.

My only consolation is thinking of the time when They get the rewards for their degeneracy that They have earned.


  1. tractorguy

    The problem is, SOCIETY will get the rewards for their degeneracy, not just them. Just like your earlier piece about what the black kids of today will be like when they grow up.

  2. Jim Wetzel

    Mr. Sido, I did high school from ’68 to ’72, rather than the 80s. But I do hear what you’re saying, and it seems to me that from the 70s to the 80s, all that really changed was the style, not the substance. My children were born in the early to mid-1980s,and how that felt to them, they’d have to tell you. But now? Pretty much Hell, as you described.

  3. saoirse

    Another flagrant symptom of the jewish march through the institutions.
    The easiest way to destroy the white race is to short circuit it’s children, and no better way of doing that than to pollute their minds via media programming – subtle at first, gradually increasing to the in-your-face “resistance is futile” garbage today….. and it gets worse. Works on the adults too. The electric jew is a poisonous psychopathic baby sitter, as are most conduits of information/entertainment.

    • JerseyJeffersonian

      In re: Children (Yes, teens are still children)

      Whatsoever you do unto the least of these, that you do unto Me.

      So, no, I would not want to be standing in their shoes with all of this induced spiritual emptiness and depravity on their account.

  4. Anon

    After school, then what?
    Wagecage for some corporation that wants to kill you and your people off, enormous leeches sucking away millions of lives.
    No loyal women to have a family with.
    Wages bad enough that it is normal for both parents to work so kids have to go to public school where they are corrupted from a young age.
    Nonwhites on a pillar and worshipped constantly while they kill, rape, abuse Whites, while Whites are stolen from to support these nonwhites whether through taxes or “just” wild printing and inflation.
    And so on. This is obviously not a comprehensive list.
    Fuck this shit. It gotta burn.

  5. saoirse

    In addition: I understand using the 90210 crap as a contrast to today’s garbage but it was just typical jew filth in an earlier state of devolution. Spoiled, self-absorbed rich brats shouldn’t be anyone’s fall back.

      • saoirse

        Yes, filth! It reeks of heeb hemlock. Tori darling is a tribal princess (that could double for The Joker) who’s daddy was one of the two kikes that created it. But you knew that didn’t you!

      • Not-A-Fan

        I just made the near-catastrophic mistake of image searching for Tori Spelling. I vaguely remember her from 90210, and wondered what she was like in the current day. She looks like a freakin’ tranny. Poor woman.

    • anonymous

      Correct. A TV show aimed at youth that shows beautiful young people living materialistic lives and engaging in promiscuity.

      Netanyahu said this was “real subversive stuff,” and advocated broadcasting it into Iran and other conservative countries to spark revolutionary changes.

      And now, decades later, we have what we have in the USA…

  6. Anonymous

    No hope. That is the root of the problem. Young people today have no hope of realizing a fulfilling, happy life. Without hope, the days are a never-ending series of painful slogs, leading nowhere and resulting in nothing accomplished, nothing gained. Imagine waking up every day knowing that nothing you can do will lead to happiness and contentment. You just go through the motions, receive your food pellet, drown your misery in pills and Internet doom porn, and go back to sleep one day older, no closer to satisfaction.

    You can’t live without hope, so you die. A little bit every day.

    I wouldn’t trade my mature status for youth in today’s world on a dare. At least I have my memories.

  7. Bobsuruncle

    Just a few thoughts.
    A leading cause in endocrine disrupting compounds BPA, Phthalates, from mainly plastics. They are in almost all water, much of our food, and our air. Another are pharmaceuticals in our water. These, especially phthalates reduce testosterone in both male and female, and females need testosterone also for many cellular functions same as males. These endocrine disruptors cause physical issues that lead to many social issues, low testosterone males and female lead in these issues. The other IMO, screen time, constant hits of dopamine from social media, internet usage, etc… Then a lack of most things physical, hiking, work, working out, all contribute to lack of development, happiness, hormones, etc… Chopping wood releases more testosterone than most activities. In addition, the next would be food, food is the number one regulators of hormones, every body builder will tell you that, who isnt juicing.

    Which always made me think why women are so damn nuts cause theyre screwed up relationship with food. A little snark there, but it has legs.

  8. pyrrhus

    I didn’t know one person in the ’70s or ’80s who worried about thermonuclear war…It was a pretty mellow time in general…but today, I’ve known more than one older person who said, “suddenly I’m glad that I’m old…” Our kids are likely to be facing some very rough times, and many are aware of that….

  9. NB

    If you look at the “head-lines” in media its doom-and-gloom. Male, so my suggested movies on nutflix are mostly military. The storylines are always “our military is losing against virtuous, deadly goat herders” or “hiding military atrocity, mass murder” etc. The other themes are heroic criminals, or virtuous gangster in a murder/payback situation or ALWAYS dystopian-future Sci Fi. Mostly dreary, depressing, we-are-all-oppressed. Almost always the stories include sexual perverts (who everyone accepts and loves) and “women-with-balls” being ALWAYS right and leading us to safety.


    Turn it off, and life becomes much simpler and better. Banks won’t give $1,000 cash over the counter without the 3rd degree of what it is to be used for. Banks are playing politics with who can & cannot have an account. Food & fuel & basic cost of living going through the roof. Interest rates strangely held very low. Politicians are puppet shows. Special treatment for “indigenous groups”, women are a disadvantaged group, hate speech is anything a leftist disagrees with, AI is coming whether you like it or not (so there is no use “learning-to-code”), “planetary boiling” is a thing, “they” are preparing preventative medicines for “Disease X”.


    If one didn’t know better, one might think we are being primed to think a particular way for something about to happen.

    Enjoy life. Keep lists. Keep your powder dry. Hug someone you love today.

  10. Xzebek

    I graduated HS in 78. Great times. No one I knew worried about nuclear war and certainly not climate change. I’m pretty sure that is when we were expected to enter a new ice age.
    People are about as happy as they decide to be. Seeing all the negative nihilistic images does not help. A steady diet of this, like a steady diet of anything harmful will cause harm. But, it is the giving in to it and not finding something to be happy about is what will cause the death of the spirit.

  11. rto-jerry

    “Young people are especially susceptible to the power of suggestion in pop culture and They know this. They have been slowly rotting away what young people consume for decades to where we are today with social media and pop culture making the most cheerful of kids depressed and suicidal.” This has always been the plan of the communist to destroy the west. Is working to great affect sorry to say! However there is a ray of hope ss 1 million American families have pulled their little ones from the communist indoctrination camps (public schools).

  12. Snake Rockatansky

    I loved Escape From NY and Mad Max II.
    Such a joy to watch them as a lil’ shaver in the early 1980’s
    Then along came Slick Willie and the inevitable Pantsuit Princess as the Long March to globalist serf plantation accelerated.
    The comrades never promised any workers utopia, hell is coming for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
    Plan accordingly.

  13. DAN

    gee all you young kids, grad of 64 & just watched a utube of 45 min.compressing the 60s decade of music, very telling in the style of the groups, early groups dressed in suits & clean & having FUN, as the decade went on the dress became blah attitude also no more FUN, about the time nam was going full on. & it was very eyeopening having lived thru it all without really paying much attention, trying to earn a living etc, sure glad i’m an old dude now & not a kid.

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