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Tinfoil Hat Time

As a little budding racist in the 1970s, our “technology” was awfully impressive. Transistor radios, landline rotary phones that were as sleek and stylish as a cinder block, enormous console TVs that weighed as much as Lizzo and were about as attractive. The compact disk wasn’t commercially available until 1982, the first graphing calculator not until 1985. Despite the primitive quality of our technology, the U.S. landed men on the moon six times from July of 1969 to December of 1972. Even as far back as 1959, the Soviets “landed” a spacecraft on the surface of the moon, the Luna 2.

Since that time, there have been no manned landings on the moon. There have been a number of “intentional impact landings” and a handful of Chinese unmanned landings, most recently the Chang’e 5 mission in 2020 that landed, collected samples and returned to Earth, the first time a lander made it to the moon and returned back with samples since 1976, a gap of 44 years.

Meanwhile, technology has advanced at a dizzying pace. The computing power most of you are reading this on in your smartphone was not only difficult to imagine at the time of the lunar landings, it was difficult to imagine at the turn of the century. The desktop I am writing this post with is a marvel of data manipulation and I purchased it just last May (My New Rig) and it is already out of date. Yet we have not been able to replicate the signature accomplishment of landing men on the moon again. Honestly I wouldn’t volunteer for a manned mission anyway given the news yesterday that triggered this post.

Russia’s Lunar lander failed on approach and crashed into the surface of the moon on Sunday, marking an end to Russia’s first lunar mission in 47 years.

Russia’s spaceflight group, Roskosmos, announced the failure in a statement, saying the craft ran into a problem as it attempt to enter a pre-landing orbit. The Luna-25 spacecraft had been scheduled to land on Monday, but Roskosmos says it careened out of control and crashed into the moon around 12:00 GMT on Saturday.

“The apparatus moved into an unpredictable orbit and ceased to exist as a result of a collision with the surface of the Moon,” Roskosmos said in a statement.

Roskosmos says a commission has been set up to investigate the cause for the failure. It was Russia’s first trip to lunar orbit since 1976.

This comes on the heels of a similar event in April…

A Japanese company has lost contact with a small robotic spacecraft it was sending to the moon. Analysis of data from the vehicle suggests it ran out of propellant during its final approach and instead of landing softly crashed into the lunar surface.

Oops, they ran out of gas? From the same article….

Ispace provided a brief update to say that mission controllers are still investigating. In 2019, two attempted lunar landings, one by India’s space agency, the other by SpaceIL, an Israeli nonprofit, both crashed. In those landing attempts, the trajectory and speed data went awry before the signals were lost. Here, we don’t exactly know what the mission controllers saw but instead saw the simulation of what was supposed to have been occurring.

In other words, we have gone from landing men on the moon to running out of gas and crash landing into the moon, despite having technology light years ahead of what we had in the 1960s and 1970s. Not only do we have better technology but we aren’t creating this from scratch, we already went to the damn moon with people half a dozen times! The Soviets went there and back as well in the 1970s with unmanned missions but now can’t land on the surface of the moon with almost half a century of technological improvements?

Meanwhile, NASA claims they are going to send men people back to the moon in 2025 and not just icky White men but women and people of color! See: We Wuz Assternotz And Sheeit!. It would be a shame if a lander piloted by a half black, half Jewish transvestite illegal alien in a wheelchair crashed into the surface of the moon while wearing a traditional Native American headdress. Just saying….

One of two things has happened.

Either we are unable to get back to the moon because we never got there in the first place…


….we have gotten so much dumber in the last 50 years that despite our advanced technology we can’t replicate the landings.

I lean strongly toward the second (see: The Dumbing Down Of America) but in 2023 after They have stolen several elections and convinced the entire nation to wear paper masks and get an untested “vaccine”? I can no longer rule out the first.

Technology builds on prior achievements. When Cyberpower PC built my desktop rig, they didn’t have to figure out the microprocessor and operating system from scratch. When it comes to space travel? We seem to be regressing. This has ominous implications for other, less flashy aspects of life. It doesn’t really matter to me if we land on the moon again but if the electrical grid fails or a bridge collapses while I am driving over it because the contract went to an engineer selected for diversity reasons? That does matter to me and that tipping point is coming soon. The space program is just the canary in the coal mine.


  1. Moe Gibbs

    My Dad worked for a subcontractor to the Grumman Corp. on Long Island during NASA’s heyday and he snuck me into Plant 14 in Bethpage to see the LEM prototype when I was a mere sprout. I still have some unidentifiable piece of hardware from that project which used to sit proudly on a shelf in Dad’s den in my boyhood home, alongside the standard-issue plaque commemorating the Apollo program’s achievements and thanking all the little people, such as Dad, who contributed to it.

    Claims that we never really went to the moon have been floated right from the beginning, and I recall Dad becoming enraged whenever he heard anyone speculating that the whole thing was filmed in a studio. Naturally, I took his side and never doubted that it was all as real as ‘Murica and apple pie…until recently.

    Watch the clips of the presser that Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins gave shortly after the Apollo 11 triumph and tell me that these guys don’t look guilty as all hell, and hardly exude the pride in their accomplishment that one would expect from three returning heroes. They were not even versed in details of the Van Allen radiation belts that they supposedly whizzed right through (twice). And none of them could recall seeing stars in the sky at any point during the mission. Not even Collins, who allegedly spent the lunar phase up in the command module, twiddling his thumbs, waiting for the other two to return from their trot on the moon’s surface.

    I saw an interview with Ron Howard, maker of the masterful film Apollo 13 (which is, coincidentally, the last truly woke-free movie out of Hollywood, in my opinion). He laughed about Apollo 11, insisting that the whole thing was staged right here on earth, in order to meet the end-of-the-decade deadline for JFK’s boast to the world. I think I would trust a successful filmmaker’s eye to know when he sees another filmmaker’s work. But he also stated that the rest of the Apollo missions were really, fur sure, gen-u-wine, uh huh, legit.

    I’ll tell you what was undeniable about NASA and the Apollo program – the price tag. That LEM alone bought a whole lot of Levitt homes and in-ground pools on my native Long Island back in the 1960s and 70s. Half of my friends’ Dads were employed by Grumman or one of its many subcontractors back at the time. Between NASA and myriad DoD aircraft contracts, Long Island went from a sleepy backwater and weekend Gold Coast playground for Vanderbilts and Roosevelts to the thriving, booming, working class place to be in the years between Pearl Harbor and Watergate. It was, in fact, the birthplace of the ‘suburb’, courtesy of Abraham Levitt and his cheap tract homes that went up by the tens of thousands, many on gubmint contractor money.

    Can we return to the moon and beyond again (assuming that humans ever exceeded low earth orbit in the first place)? I doubt it. The technology might be there, but the exorbitant cost, what with diversity, inclusion and equity politics fouling the waters, can never be justified by the meager returns. Even back in the 1960s blacks in particular were supremely resentful of NASA and all the money spent putting YT on the moon, when there were so many descendants of former slaves right here on planet Erf’ who deserved lives of luxury in recompense.

  2. Umglick Goyim
    We have never come close to the moon. 20 years USAF with degrees in aircraft maintenance, avionics technology, and computer science with T/S(+?) clearance: we have never come close to the moon. Humans have yet to invent a way to get humans thru the van allen radiation belt, we have not ever come remotely close to the moon. No human has walked on it. Are you aware that nasa has actually ‘lost’ more than 70 cases of computer tapes of all flights? All communications, all biometric data, and hundreds of reels of telemetry data that was supposedly used is all lost and unaccounted for according to nasa, every single scrap from every single claimed mission. The only ‘evidence’ that exists is a bunch of photos release at the time that can not be retracted. Most of them have been proven to have not been taken by anyone on the moon. We did NOT do 60 years ago repeatedly what no nation can yet do today, or even come close… Consider me the bubble buster, I can pop them all.

    • anonymous

      I have to second Umglick Goyim’s post.

      Arthur, Please read all of the link that he included. It is amazing that anyone ever believed any of this at all.

      If you want to go further, you can find on youtube actual nasa scientists stating that the technology to go to the moon “no longer” exists and they have to figure a way to get past the Van Allen belts. You can also find a load of fraud about the int’l space station. There is far to much to go into.

      The bottom line is that Humans have never been outside of low Earth orbit. In other words, we have not made it past the outer edge of our atmosphere.

      Aside from being very educational and red-pilling, “Wagging the Moon Doggie” is a very entertaining read.

      I highly recommend it. It is a great place to start if you want to know the truth, and a necessary place to start if you want to debunk all of us conspiracy theorists who do not believe the made-for-tv official story.

  3. Honky da Clown

    Whitey going to the moon and beyond?
    Who will supply the gibs of egalitarian equity?
    Excellence isn’t part of equality of results for all.
    Remember those stereos as big as piece of furniture with turntable, receiver, speakers, sometimes even a teevee built in, a construct of the white male patriarchy.

  4. Alex Lund

    If we landed on the moon, we should be able to see the undercarriage of the lunar landers through a telescope, because they didnt come back.
    And if we did land on the moon, we cant do it again, because the “EVIL WHITE MEN” who could calculate trajectories with slide rulers are no longer alive.

    • George True

      That is what I keep coming back to, Alex. We have telescopes such as the Hubble that can supposedly see many times further into space than was ever dreamed of fifty years ago. It should be fairly easy to aim it at the Sea of Tranquility on the Moon and snap a few high resolution shots of the descent stage of the LEM still sitting there, and put this issue to rest once and for all.

        • Umglick Goyim

          Using nasa to confirm nasa is not exactly intelligent… If nasa’s lro is all you have for proof, you have no proof. Nothing is not possible with photoshop, yes double negative for emphasis. The laws of common sense override their ‘laws of optics’ and insist that anything on the moon can be seen from the earth with a big enough telescope… not even a nice try, read waggingthemoondoggie and let yourself accept truth.

  5. saoirse

    I concur with the comments above – no moon landing…..on the actual moon!
    Would be nice if they could build bus-sized craft that could take the muds and shitlibs on a one-way trip through the Van Allen Belt! Definitely worth the money.
    Read all of Dave McGowan’s writings. The one about the government connections with the 60’s rock musicians in Laurel Canyon (in L.A.) is quite interesting.

  6. Sven

    I think people are missing the point here. Whether we landed on the moon or not, we are in for one hell of a wake up pill. And for many, it’s going to be a suppository. If you can get a hold of a school test from 100 years ago or even fifty years ago and see if you can pass it the way they did (no calculator, all from the mind). I’m betting you are in for a big surprise. I did (it was actually from the 1890s), and it humbled me. Then again some of you all could be quite intelligent, and I’m just a moron. But what about everyone else. The people piloting the ships, the planes, or the cars on the roads. Fifty, hell, even thirty years ago (I may be generous there), many people knew how to change a flat. Now? I doubt many do. Throw that idea at newly built bridges, buildings, or at anything. I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t have a lot of confidence in people being able to do most things now. Let alone anyone being able to leave orbit.

    • KDOG

      Sven, interesting experiment you conducted. Absolutely agree that people are ‘dumbed down,’ which is a product of our ‘education’ (indoctrination) system, but also, people are generally less capable in practical ways.

      My work has taken me to many residential basements, and often in elderly widows’ basements, there is a sizable workbench and tool collection. Your average homeowner in the 30s, 40s, 50s probably did many of their own home repairs, whereas most homeowners today call a plumber or electrician. It was not a rare thing to hear that someone’s parents or grandparents from that generation built their own house, even though they did not build houses as a profession. Sure, it may not have been up to today’s code, and construction may be a bit janky, but it was most certainly habitable.

  7. SIze 23 Clown Shoes

    My wife has long believed that we never landed on the moon. After seeing how corrupt and evil our government is, especially these past three years, I have to sat I agree.

  8. Steve

    “It would be a shame if a lander piloted by a half black, half Jewish transvestite illegal alien in a wheelchair crashed into the surface of the moon while wearing a traditional Native American headdress.”

    The real shame would be that we could have built a bigger rocket that held more passengers…

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