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The Winter Kang And Sheeit!

In the spirit of fairness I tried watching The Winter King as mentioned here: We Wuz Wizurdz And Kweenz And Sheeit!. Given my name and my fondness for high fantasy I have always enjoyed the Arthurian legends. I made it about 18 minutes and was treated to this:

Merlin looks to be wearing a white terrycloth bathrobe that his baby mama stole from the hotel where she works as a maid. Take it away Drinker….

In the first few minutes the storyline goes haywire, with lots of “Who the hell are these people, why are they there and why is this important” plus a prolonged beating of Arthur by Uther Pendragon that goes on about three times as long as necessary. I am not sure I have seen a show where the story is so muddled, so quickly. It was remarkable.

18 minutes was all I could take, so I deleted the file and then watched some of Excalibur just to get the horror of The Winter Kang out of my head.


  1. Jim Wetzel

    At least he be wearin’ some bling.

    This probably explains why the time I waste watching the screen is limited, these days, to 30-year-old movies on disc. And Battlebots, when in season. (Hey, everybody’s got to watch some stupid stuff every now and then.)

  2. Anonymous

    Mervin be lookin’ all pensive an’ sheeit. Cue dat homeboy scowl.

    Serious question: Is ‘looking pensive’ considered ‘acting White’? Can’t recall the last time I saw a genuine thoughtful expression on a dindu’s face.

  3. Gryphon

    Just another Destructive ‘blackwashing’ of White European Stories and Legends by (((holyweird))).

    Here is the Son of the Director of the ORIGINAL “Snow White” Movie, as he Destroys the ‘woke’ version that the (((disney))) in-name-only Studios recently put out…

    Article has interesting background of the Grimm Brothers’ story it came from.

  4. saoirse

    LOL! Eighteen minutes? Egads Sido, you are either quite the masochist or looking to steel yourself from future disillusionment – the hard way.
    My rule of thumb when considering wasting my time on films is to first check out the cast/director/producer. Any inkling of wokeness, or it’s degenerate and deceitful comrades, and I pass. Seeing muds cast in traditional white roles earns an immediate thumbs down.The only (slight) upside to this garbage is more ammo to stick in their faces when they start bleating about ‘cultural appropriation’.
    Needless to say I don’t watch much of anything since it’s now endemic even in once innocuous things like JewTube DIY videos.

  5. Phil B

    Bernard Cornwell’s books that the series is based on (The Winter King, The Enemy of God and Excalibur) are excellent and worth reading. Recommended.

    Once the Hollyweird lot get their hands on the rights to the story, then all bets are off, as you have found out after a painful 18 minutes..

    Oddly enough, Nicolai Tolstoy wrote a book called The Quest for Merlin which lays out convincing evidence that Merlyn was an actual, historical person. I doubt he was anything but a Celt, though.

    As for Arthur, as T.H White titled his book The Once and Future King, my belief, after much reading and research is that “Arthur” was a real person but the Celtic legends and post Roman myths that have coalesced around his name and character make him a much less easily verifiable person. All periods have borrowed his name and legends to fit their own society so, yes, he IS the once and future king and a symbol of hope and renewal.

  6. Bobsuruncle

    Heres one for you, from the Garfield district (we always know what that demographic is when “district” is used) in Pittsburgh, PA.

    Bababablack/Moorish/sovereign citizen, ex-Army, 7 hour standoff with police, thousands off rounds fired, (mostly by the 75+ police, now on paid suspension, whom needed ammo resupply). So much for tactics and fire control. Dude Was arrested for illegal possession of a firearm, in 2019, he went full-sovereign citizen during a traffic stop, on film, moor flag, sovereign paperwork. He was let out on bail by the commie black DA, and here we are. The 65 IQ, damn near illiterate, north American pavement ape Mayor praises him today in a presser, apparently the Mayor knew knew him. Another scholar.

    Bob, we found out he is black, cut to the ethnic Italian festival, where theres not enough blacks in attendance except SiciliansđŸ˜‚

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