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The Slaughter Continues

Even ABC is starting to admit that Ukrainians are getting chewed up in order to make small “gains” used to justify demanding even more “aid” that Zelenskyy can use to fund his future retirement in Israel.

ABC News spoke with two former U.S. soldiers who are contracted in a special forces division of the Ukrainian military and who were both injured during an operation in eastern Ukraine two weeks ago.

Both soldiers are currently in a hospital in Kyiv but said they hope to be transferred to Germany for surgery this week in order to remove shrapnel from their bodies.

The men said their team’s mission was to seize control of a village on the outskirts of Donetsk city, which has been occupied by a Russian-controlled militia since 2014.

One of the men, a former U.S. soldier from Texas who goes by the callsign “Tango,” said his unit of “dozens” of men took “85% casualties” and that two of their comrades were killed when the team was ambushed whilst advancing into Russian-occupied territory. Forty percent of the unit was so badly injured they were rendered “combat ineffective,” he said.

The other U.S. army veteran, who goes by the callsign “Goldfish” said it was immediately apparent that they were up against “very organized resistance” from Russian troops.

“It was definitely a very professional force that we were fighting against,” the U.S. army veteran from Alaska said.

85% casualties and 40% combat ineffective. I am not a vet but those don’t sound like stats you get if you are having a successful “counter-offensive”. More….

A Western man, with years of military experience, who is also now contracted with the Ukrainian military, said he sustained a serious injury in the early phase of the counteroffensive in June.

Speaking to ABC News on the condition of anonymity, the soldier said offensive operations which he had been part of were disorganized, criticizing some tactical decisions.

“We lost three Leopards (advanced German-made tanks) in one day because they were just told to drive forward into a minefield,” he said.

He added that newly mobilized Ukrainian soldiers often appeared to lack the necessary training for complicated offensive operations on the battlefield.

Our high tech, whizbang weapon systems work best in a coordinated manner. Just giving Ukrainian conscripts fancy toys without the training and support those systems were designed for is like giving farmers in the Congo new John Deere tractors. They might be able to drive them in a straight line but they won’t be able to use them efficiently.

Sending human waves in overpriced equipment into the teeth of the fixed Russian defenses is tantamount to murder. Later in the article it states:

He added that 80% of casualties were being caused by Russian artillery.

That must be the artillery we were told the Russian would run out of ammunition for sometime last year. Again, not a military strategist of any sort but the counter-offensive has all the signs of being a publicity stunt and the ABC article ends with more pleas from Ukrainian “officials” for additional high tech weapons systems that definitely won’t be sold off to the highest bidder. Running untrained soldiers into fixed defenses, minefields and pre-targeted artillery fields is how you get fields of wrecked equipment and units suffering 85% casualties.

At some point the Ukrainian people are going to get fed up with seeing their sons grabbed on the streets to die in a meatgrinder so Zelenskyy can buy another sports car. You can bet that little (((weasel))) has a go-bag ready and always is ready to flee the country at a moment’s notice. It will still be too late for the hundreds of thousands of dead White men on both sides and that suits Zelenskyy and his puppet-masters just fine.


  1. ESFT

    The oligarch with the Greater Jerusalem project is scrubbed.
    The video is on the Samizdat offline box complete with tatted Sally Kneepads in bikini as the garch prattles on.
    Southern Ukraine is to be the new Israel but it has to be depopulated of military aged males first then the oligarchs and their strawberry showgirls will have a huge playground.

  2. Max M Wiley

    “It will still be too late for the hundreds of thousands of dead White men on both sides and that suits Zelenskyy and his puppet-masters just fine.”

    Said a lot right there.

    • Gryphon

      I really believe that is (((their))) Objective – having White Men Kill each other so that they can establish (((Greater Khazaria))). Look that up, it’s a real thing. The South of the Ukraine is where the tiny hats originated, and their Invasion of Palestine after WWII is becoming more untenable for them by the Day.

    • Henry's Ghost

      Would have ti actully stand and not only draw a line, but be willing to hold that line, for that to become even a thought for the country

  3. Jeffrey Zoar

    Yet another brother war slaughtering young white men on both sides. That was the real story of the 20th century, and it continues. At least AINO outsources it now, like everything else.

  4. Colombo Salvage & Arsenal

    Start putting up Ukrainian refugees welcome signs and pushing for evacuation to the u.s. for safety from the Russians and see how fast the propaganda changes. Throw in the “we need workers” line and I’m betting the adl and southern poverty law center start sceaming racist and white supremacist followed closely by the msm.

  5. mike fink

    And the Vindman brother are still in America. You would think any native Ukies with that many medals and merit badges would be back in the Kraine leading some minefield charges. Nope!

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