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The LGBTQ+ Genie Will Never Go Back In The Bottle

Circling back to child buggery apologist Noah Berlatsky, subject of the prior post: Every. Single. Time.

Degeneracy has always been a part of the human experience, from theft to murder to sexual perversion. Often societies created rules of conduct that constrained the worst human behavior, with civil penalties and often with religious strictures. We also know that when degeneracy is given an inch, it usually slips the leash and goes berserk. There really are no halfway measures in degeneracy. We all know the jokes and memes, how quickly it went from “love is love” to “bake the cake bigot!” to “we will lop off your 11 year old son’s penis without your permission and force your teen daughter to shower with men” in no time at all.

People once instinctively understood the need for laws. James Madison in the Federalist Number 51 famously wrote:

If men were angels, no government would be necessary.

But as we know, men are not angels and the people in government most certainly are not. So we need government with laws to protect the decent from the indecent, the law abiding from the criminal, the normal from the degenerates. We didn’t like it and we tried to restrain government just as government was supposed to restrain evil-doers but we needed it. This was just commonly accepted common sense for most of American history. Sadly common sense is an uncommon commodity in America in the 2020s and apparently common sense is now something to be reviled as a vestige of White supremacy.

We saw this in vivid imagery during the George Floyd riots and the subsequent looting and burning of American cities in a coordinated effort to sow chaos before the 2020 election. The police stepped back, understandably in many cases, and the media ran cover for the riots and as is usually the case when that occurs the blacks and the wannabe communists saw that as a sign of weakness and an encouragement.

It is also grotesquely on display in the sexual degeneracy movement. It once was common for vice cops to bust homosexuals and transvestites for a variety of public nuisance and indecency charges, in practical terms forcing degenerates to stay “in the closet”. Everyone knew there were homosexuals behind closed doors and weird dudes wearing panties under their suits but no one wanted to see it. In most of the country sodomy was illegal until relatively recently, as recently as 1986 the case of Bowers v Hardwick reaffirmed that sodomy laws were Constitutional. This remained in force until Lawrence v Texas in 2003 when the Supreme Court magically found a “right” for two men to sodomize one another despite Bowers correctly ruling that there was no such right. In Bowers Chief Justice Warren Burger wrote in his concurrence:

“To hold that the act of homosexual sodomy is somehow protected as a fundamental right would be to cast aside millennia of moral teaching.”

I don’t have the stats but I assume that anti-sodomy laws were rarely enforced but they didn’t necessarily need to be. The purpose was to draw a clear line in the sand that society correctly saw homosexual behavior especially, and sexual degeneracy in general, as detrimental to humanity. That didn’t mean it wasn’t going on of course.

With Lawrence v Texas and the subsequent “landmark” case of Obergefell v. Hodges that whipped up a “right” for homosexuals to “marry” from thin air, the social landscape changed and homosexuality charged out of the closet. The vanguard of this change happened, as is so often the case, from popular media where homosexuals were portrayed as amusing and harmless, fun to have around and snappy dressers.

As they say, the rest is history. Just over 8 short years ago Obergefell created a level of normalization of homosexuality hitherto unimaginable and now the entire power establishment in America, from government to business to media and even much of organized religion, is now solidly on Team Gay, at least publicly. Norms have shifted so rapidly that many people, especially older people, are bewildered at the changes and we are fast approaching a point where the worship of the rainbow people will trump old fashioned notions like freedom of expression and the free exercise of religion.

We know this about “progress” of this ilk, it is like toothpaste in that once you squeeze it out, it isn’t going back in the tube. That leads me to the main point of the post. One thing that homosexuals and I agree on is this:

Homosexuals and the assorted sexual deviants associated with their movement will never willingly go back in the closet.

Not only are they not going back in the closet but each day they dig deeper into the dark recesses of that closet and draw out greater levels of degeneracy and deviance. Having declared that all sexual expression is inviolate, they are in a position where even the most revolting of behavior is given the same level of adoration by the rainbow people and Them. When sexual libertinism is exalted as the highest expression of humanity, you don’t get to pick and choose. I am sure there are some garden variety homosexuals that find transvestites disgusting and don’t support “Minor Attracted Persons” but they keep their mouths shut about it.

Because of the religious nature with which sexual degenerates worship their perversions, there can never be a “happy medium” or some sort of sexual demilitarized zone. They will keep pushing the boundaries and nothing will be off limits. There isn’t room for compromise or good faith arguments. That leaves us with two choices:

Option A is to keep withdrawing from civil society and leaving behind those that refuse to see what is happening.

The other option?

Option B is to force them back into the closet.

How that is to be accomplished might be difficult to visualize given where we are but I suspect many people thought the same thing in the depths of the depravity of the Weimar Republic in Germany.

It seems distasteful in some ways to contemplate what would be required to turn this thing around. Many of us still harbor feelings of live and let live, the “what two consenting adults do in the privacy of the bedroom is their business” line of thinking but as we have seen to our horror, They have no intention of keeping perversions behind closed doors and there is no appeal to common decency that will suffice. So it appears that they must be put back in the closet unwillingly.

I am not suggesting in any way, shape or form that this be accomplished by violence of course. What I am talking about is social pressure that makes being an open degenerate….unappealing. That isn’t something likely to happen any time in the immediate future but the growing backlash is encouraging, from the implosion of Bud Light to laws being passed at the state level to keep transvestite boys out of girl’s sports and locker rooms.

As I said, there isn’t a third option. Either they go back in the closet or they continue to infect the rest of the country with their degeneracy. It didn’t have to be this way. They could have had their homosexual behavior behind closed doors, had brunch on Sundays and for crying out loud they could have left the children alone. But they wouldn’t and they couldn’t. Now both sides are out of room to compromise and only one option can prevail.


  1. Harbinger

    The line in the sand is the children. Do what you will to one another, out of sight of the rest of us, and no one will bother you, no matter how much we are disgusted by you. But throw it in our faces, and especially, expose our children to your degeneracy, with the aim of recruitment, and I, for one, will respond with furious retribution. Come near my children with that shite and I will make you wish you were never born. No calling the cops. No mere ‘social condemnation’. The wrath of God will be brought upon you. I would gladly risk death or incarceration to save my own from their clutches. This perversion has to go back into the closet. And only we who care will make that happen.

    • Arthur Sido

      In some ways the sodomy laws were like broken window policing, creating a barrier to even private behavior that kept them one additional step away from decent society.

      • Max M Wiley

        It seems that a lot of the “religious objection” laws were a form of broken window policing. Libertarianism might as well be called Libertinism as freedom without social responsibility (otherwise known as morality) results in the destruction of society.

  2. Filthie

    There is a reckoning coming, Arthur. Whitey is going to have much work to do. There are several pressing problems: the blacks, the queers….and the jews. I think we’d find that if we dealt with one of those groups…the other two would start behaving themselves in a hurry.

  3. Colombo Salvage & Arsenal

    In my opinion and those I associate with the “back in the closet” option is no longer acceptable. A tangent I’ve also noticed for some time now is the almost universal resistance of certain groups for any self criticism or accountability even internally. The PNR is long past, gonna get rough soon IMO.

  4. saoirse

    Since the gay plague infests mostly large cities, it would be wise to withdraw from them to much smaller areas. Combine all the other woke corruption with the rampant faggotry and they’ll collapse their houses of cards on their own heads.
    The Bud Light debacle did not directly affect the pride gang. It was only a minor limitation to their overall exposure.
    To get to the fags (and niggers, and illegals, and feminists etc.) one must first marginalize the jew wurlitzer – something very very few are willing to do!

    • MN Steel

      Much larger cities like Ashland Wisconsin?

      A small, white city with a few hundred of drunken natives with a total of less than 8000 people?

      I came here to meet some friends from the Copper Country and there’s a Pride event at the bandshell by the lake. In town there’s “Rocky Horror Picture Show” that was featured both Friday and Saturday night.

      Now I learned that my friend’s gay son (who is dating a school administrator) that he didn’t know about until 4 years ago now turned to drag shows and came in last place down in Green Bay.

      This shit will end when men decide it will end.

      That end will start in small cities where people know each other still and roll into the large cities and then the small towns where everybody “likes” the local fags.

      That is the way of the world. It won’t be long now, even the normiest of normies is on edge now. Look for the swinging or tapping feet at a restaurant, ate out for the first time in months and even the clean people were acting like meth-heads they were so filled with nervous energy.

      The oak trees wish to be filled with acorns of all shapes, sizes and colors.

      • Mike_C

        Diverse acorns are preferable to “Strange Fruit”?
        I just looked it up. Strange Fruit was written by “Lewis Allan”, actual name Abel Meeropol. And yes, of course he was. Sigh.

        You know how the Kübler-Ross model of grief (over someone’s death) goes through five stages, ending in Acceptance? I think there are analogous stages of Noticing. If so, I just passed into the stage of Resignation.

        Incredulity (how can there be so many coincidences?)
        Willful Disbelief (no, I must be mistaken)
        Acceptance (oh shit, it’s true)
        Anger (those hypocritical fucks!)
        Resignation (yep, sure enough; of course)

        • Steve

          In our small town (5,000, maybe, if you count cats and dogs) in NW Indiana, two out of three churches put pride flags up, in one case, instead of the christian flag on the flagpole.

          About the only place it’s not in your face is at the local bars and the VFW. Oh, and the police station. Somehow, someone vandalized the flagpole in front of the building, and the soonest they could get someone out to repair it was July, since the entire town maintenance staff (OK, you got me, there’s just the one guy) spent most of June on vacation or out sick. Still no leads on the perpetrators.

            • LGC

              But they have and they did.
              Where were the churches during Covid? Supporting the .gov line.
              Where were the churches during this faggotry acceptance? Well most of them cheerleading it.
              Where were the churches during the “no fault” divorce and such?
              Where were most of the church’s for immigration?
              I mean pick whatever subject you want and is near and dear to your heart and the mainline churches are on the other side of it. And not recently. Something si very wrong with the churches and pulpits. My guess is that they have been taken over like everything else and are just skinsuits for what they used to be. Are there any mainline churches that stand up to any of this?

              I get why Islam is growing. At least they seem to stand for something and honestly at this point they certainly aren’t wrong about everything. (esp the fags).

              • Bobsuruncle

                Less than 8% of Christian churches take a biblical world view. I have several of these “Christian-types” in my family.

                So, whose view are they following? The Talmudic, kaballah, the nose, knows view that dominates the information spectrum and government policy?

                I fell a lot of trees in my day, rarely did i see the need unless, special circumstances dictated to start at the limbs. I always started at the base and learned how to lay them down where i intended. Even southern scrub oak. So, unless you just want to trim trees, start at the root.

                Gotta educate people on Jewish power and Jewish supremacy. The three different types of Jew. Religious, ethnic and racial. How many Abrahamic Jews actually exist to this day vs. the usurpers of the line? What is the Talmud and what does its say about pedophilia, genders and Christians? What is Kaballah and how has it influenced effected/infected everything from scientism, art, culture, medicine, religions, government, psychology, sociology, etc…and how has it effected/infected so many of our belief systems? Maybe ask Trump, DeSantis and Trump’s Shabad Lubovich, kaballah red string wearing daughter and satan-in-law, aye?

                Maybe Trump and DeSantis both can appoint more jews and CFR members and swear on again to more Noahide compliance laws.

                Take David Duke, who I neither endorse or disavow, he prefaces everything he says with basically, I am telling you this using (((theyre))) own words, articles, documents and writings. Yet look how he is viewed and treated. So, we are at the intersection of X and Y, and I simply say to anyone and everyone, family, friends and acquaintances that cant discern properly. Reap what you sow. Have a good day.

                Not spell checking deal with it.

      • saoirse

        I knew someone would skirt around “mostly” and find an outlier. You picked a small town in a liberal state a little over an hour from shitlib Duluth Mn. Regardless, would you rather start a resurgence around there or around Madison/Milwaukee?
        The partisans must stir (and network) in the forests for a good while longer. Nothing starts until the bread and circuses stops.

  5. Locustpost

    This is off topic (maybe). Does anyone have a clue as to what happened with the dead chef on Martha’s Vineyard? None of the stories I’ve read make any sense. I’m a patriarch type of a good sized family and as such we have people visiting, working and playing in what can be described as a large recreational compound. Despite all this activity, we’ve never had anyone end up dead in the bottom of the lake. Or anyone dead. How is it these political people seem to have dead people show up at their homes? Any clue what was going on. The stories are so thin they are obviously fake.

    • Anon

      It was in the 20s, not 30s, pre-Hitler’s rise, pushed by the usual suspects who ran off to spread it in other countries that took them in.
      Wasn’t just cabarets but art in general and worse. Even a “center for sexual studies” which was one of the first transsexual “clinics” ever, opened and ran by those same suspects.
      It’s something worth saving and sharing.

      The center (yeah it is a wiki article but has the bio linked of the one in charge):ür_Sexualwissenschaft
      “The Nazi book burnings in Berlin included the archives of the institute. After the Nazis gained control of Germany in the 1930s, the institute and its libraries were destroyed as part of a Nazi government censorship program by youth brigades, who burned its books and documents in the street.”
      This is one of the biggest things out there when they kvetch about the “book burnings”.
      Schools and movies and more push endless lies.

  6. SebastianX1/9

    Interesting fact: in Staten Island, which is under NYC jurisdiction, there were exactly zero rainbow flags this June. There was no “celebration” of anything; the parents would not allow it. Lots of statues of the Virgin Mary, however.

    My point is that we are being gaslit into thinking this is a mass movement but in reality it’s a tiny number of people pushing through this revolution, but because we live through social media, their voices are amplified and all dissent comprehensively suppressed.

    The comment regarding “nervous energy” among the people nailed it. Simply put, everyone is afraid of that unseen power of public opinion. It’s a tyranny not of the majority but of perception. That’s why none of this was possible without social media. That’s the new public opinion, and they manipulate that entirely.

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