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Sportsmanship And Sheeeeittt!

Hoops hijinks in the Hoosier state!

A coach has been charged following an investigation into a fight after a basketball game at Triton Central High School Fieldhouse in Shelby County.

Laquita Carter, a coach for the Cincinnati Indians Elite girls’ basketball team, faces formal charges of criminal confinement with moderate bodily injury and battery resulting in moderate bodily injury, both felonies.

Laquita Carter? Aw dayum gurl! Here she be.

It was a pretty standard chimp-out. The coach and players that attacked the ref were part of Cincinnati Indians Elite girls’ basketball team and they were apparently getting crushed by the other squad, the DSP Heat of Owensboro, Kentucky.

I got the most recent team photo from the DSP Heat Facebook page:

Like I said, they were crushing the team from Cinci, probably because they played solid fundamentals and are well coached. The little black girl, number 5, is one of the top players in Kentucky and is only 5’3″.

The Kentucky team’s coach said his girls were already off the court when the punches started flying between the girls from Cincinnati and at least one of the referees….

….The DSB Heat was up 41-10 when another referee called the game 10 minutes before it was supposed to end. That’s because, Ewing said, the Cincinnati team was swearing at his players, and it seemed to be escalating.

“I hear them saying, ‘We can go outside,’” Ewing said. “None of our kids on our team wants to fight.”

Let’s see. A team that appears to be all black was getting smashed, they of course resorted to threats of violence because like toddlers they can’t handle disappointment. The game is called because it is out of control and before anyone gets hurt but the black team from Cinci couldn’t lose gracefully and attacked a ref.

Chaos that Ewing said only got worse when someone in a black hoodie punched the referee.

“Just punched her right in the face. You can see it. Jumps up, hits her in the face,” Ewing described.

You can’t see it from the angle in Lane’s video, but Ewing said the referee then threw a basketball at someone.

“I guess she hits somebody, and then about that time, she starts backpedaling, and they get her on the ground and just jump on her,” Ewing said. “They were stomping and everything. Kicking. It was a full-blown fight.”

A dozen people attacking a lone individual isn’t a fight, it is mob violence. A crowd of black yoofs and “adults” stomping and kicking one person. That is so unusual….

The fight wasn’t the only ruckus….

According to the sheriff’s department, an additional investigation discovered that juvenile members of a boys’ team stole five monitors from a classroom at the school, valued at a total of $1,700.

Juvenile members of the Cincinnati Indians Elite girls’ and boys’ teams were also involved in the fight in the gym which led to the injury of another official.

“The investigation into the identity of the juveniles involved in the battery and theft is ongoing and has proven difficult due to lack of cooperation,” the department said, noting that “several calls to the coaches have not been returned.”

Assaulting a ref, stealing from the host school. I guess we should be glad no one was shot.

Just another day in the glorious diverse paradise of multi-cultural America.


  1. United States of Zimbabwe

    Bakkaball be all peaceful and sheeit?
    Midnight leagues stop the violence, Yo!
    Later the poleeces will pass out snocones for free dawg, Yo!
    You can’t help but LOL at the steaming third world turd that is the Amerikwa the Kwanstain Fundamental Transformation.
    External enemies are laughing as well.

  2. realwesterner

    Turns out that fundamentals, leadership and good coaching are important aspects of excellence and achievement. Even more important than attitude and belligerence. Who knew?

  3. Moe Gibbs

    Sadly, the usual response from bleeding-heart leftists is that the White girls should have let the sore losers win, or at least pull closer than 41-10, for “justice”. That score is truly humiliating, considering that blacks think they “own” the damned sport, and this is their ‘elite’ team.

    Don’t even try to convince me that Cinci played a clean, honest game, either. I am sure there were elbows thrown, tripping and all the rest of the dirty pool that you would expect from the reparation-American demographic. They never stop at mere verbal abuse. And can you just imagine if the game was played on Cinci’s court, with a hometown crowd on hand to witness their humiliation? Yikes.

    Can’t we separate from these creatures? Let them flourish in an all-black paradise, out from under the heel of White oppression, where they can fully express their true nature and develop their natural talents. We could even leave the SJW White Karens behind with them to soothe their butthurt over being rejected by civilized society.

    • Jeffrey Zoar

      These crazy lopsided scores happen sometimes in girls basketball. Many years ago I saw the end of a girls game where the final score was 36-0. Yes, 0. Only hoops shutout I have ever witnessed. YMCA league game. No fights though. Coincidentally, both teams were all white.


      Moe wrote, “Let them flourish in an all-black paradise, out from under the heel of White oppression ….”

      Like in South Africa?

  4. Jeffrey Zoar

    Every time a video like this gets on the news, the DR gains a new convert

    Owensboro is a nice town in a nice part of Kentucky. It gives me hope for the future of the race when I see young white women like these who don’t have pink hair and aren’t obese. Hopefully they aren’t all tatted up.

  5. Big Country Expat

    Seriously… I am so over the chimpouts. Had a funny thing happen today whilst walking the Sausage Princess, may as well relay it here for giggles. Got the house wired for sound and vidya everywhere, can’t be too paranoid. Hear doors slamming, the across from my crib house is for rent… people parked int he driveway, backed in. Worker whos been on the reg coming and going toting stuff into the house

    House used to be rented by G’s BFF and Gma. The moved when the lease was up ‘cos $$$. Rent is now BTW for a 3BR 2Bath $2800. The folks in the HIGHLY EXPENSIVE Z71 KING CAB LIFTED OMFG $$$ PICKUP sat in the truck waiting. I realized they weren’t Feds coming for me -yet- (the Feds that is) so I took the dog for a walk. Good walk, good poo, back inside… forgot which T-Shirt I’m in… (Bright Red with a ‘saying’ on it… will get to it in a minute)…. during the walk the winders on the truck were so dark as the occupants were invisible.

    Went back in, started back w/Glorious People Tractor Factory, heard another car door slam, checked it, was the Property Management lady (nice old lady… tough Irish broad like MomUnit) Kept watching. Folks get out of the HIGHLY EXPENSIVE Z71 KING CAB LIFTED OMFG $$$ PICKUP and whaddya know?

    Cue the dreadlocks and weed smoke. blaq? Try deepest Congolese Idi Amin blaq. With attitude. Staring all hostile at my house. Mind you -I- couldn’t see THEM


    They could see my Terrence Popp Bright Red T-Shirt emblazoned in BIG whytte letters across the chest:
    The went in for all of 5 minutes, then left. Don’t think they’re going to rent.
    Wonder Why?

      • Don Cornelius sr.

        My daughter played aau basketball. Witnessed this all the time where a well disciplined unit playing unselfishly as a team would dominate a pack of ferals with more athletic gifts.

        • realwesterner

          Very common back when I used to go to state hs tournaments in Denver in the 70’s and 80’s. Turns out 2 forwards and 3 guards with fundamentals, hustle and discipline can usually beat 5 leaping show-boats pretty handily.

  6. Gryphon

    Good Grief, the Photo of the Apefrican looks like one in those “Evolution of Humans Sequence” in an Anthropology Textbook…. and that’s one of the ones on the far left of the lineup.

  7. Steve

    The Roman Legion’s practice of decimation seems would be win-win. Reduce the problem and temporarily sate the innate bloodlust.

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