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Scrabble Name Of The Year

I was looking at something else, namely that while Trump’s bail has been set at $200,000 for whatever the hell he is being indicted for in Georgia, a different Georgian with the delightful thug name Quindray Threatt, was released from jail as a murder suspect and his bail….

Yep, only $50 grand.

Questions still remain about why a Macon murder suspect was released from jail–twice.

Quindray Threatt bailed out last Wednesday on a $50,000 bond.

He’s accused of killing 45-year-old Michael Whitaker Jr in February 2020. According to the Sheriff’s Office, Whitaker was found shot several times on Concord and Third Streets outside downtown Macon.

Threat was arrested in the case and bailed out two months later, in May 2020.

Then this spring, he was re-indicted on new charges in the Whitaker case.

According to the March 2022 indictment, Threatt now faces three counts in the Whitaker case — felony murder, malice murder and aggravated assault.

Quindray is of course a person of color with a very solid black guy mugshot glower going on…

While Mr. Threatt is facing counts of felony murder, malice murder (?) and aggravated assault for killing what I assume was a fellow man of blackness, the former President of the United States and one of the most recognizable people in the world, a man that is monitored by the Secret Service 24 hours a day, had his bail set at four times as much.

In a stroke of good fortune, I clicked on a story at the bottom of that one….

The older teen is named and I am eternally grateful for that…

Bibb County Sheriff’s Office investigators arrested two teens Tuesday morning after two Bibb County deputies said someone shot at them on Thomaston Road at Lamar Road, causing them to crash into a utility pole.

According to a news release, investigators identified 18-year-old Xzaydrian Ja’Won Lewis and a 16-year-old boy as the two suspects in the shooting.

Xzaydrian Ja’Won Lewis? I am not even sure how to pronounce that, maybe the X is silent? Regardless, what a fun name and one that pretty much doomed that kid to a life in the slammer from the time he was saddled with that name.

Our blaque population truly is the gift that keeps on giving.


  1. saoirse

    Veering off of the ‘Criminal Nigger of the Day’ routine: The usual suspects are starting to ramp up the mask mandates again. We all know that it won’t stop there…. don’t we? Wonder how many will adamantly refuse to comply this time around (said tongue-in-cheek of course).

  2. Gryphon

    Interestingly, the only people I see around my AO wearing Face Diapers are Black – mostly older, to. Very rarely, there will be some libtarded white (female or gay-ish) driving a Prius with a faded Bernie sticker, wearing it with the Windows rolled up…

  3. Disco at the Panic

    Shitavious is real and it was out of the mistake by the lake known as Cleveland.
    There was a KC Chiefs player with Turd in the name, now retired.
    Shanaynay LaQueefa/Shitavious 2024.
    Yes we can!

  4. Harbinger

    One murder, two indictments. He was bailed out in May of 2020 and had been free to roam from then until his re-indictment two years later for the same murder. It apparently took the doughnut boys another year after that to catch up with him, which apparently happened this past spring. I guess they set his second bail as low as they did seeing that Mssr Threatt had gone three years without capping anybody else or even getting felony-arrested, which by every definition I’ve ever heard makes him a model (black) citizen.

    Think of it. Three whole years without being caught committing a felony! The man should run for president.

  5. Big Ruckus D

    Sheeeit. I really want to know where the whole apostrophe’d name thing came from. Seems like it really got rolling in the 90’s.

    As to the other preceding comments, in my solidly Midwestern locale, there have been a remaining number of people (though no specific race, age, etc.) that never stopped masking. Granted, most have been noticeably older (generally over 60 I’d say) but have seen numerous younger and middle aged women and “men”, white, black, hispanic and otherwise still wearing them. Children too. It disgusts me to see such mindless fear and obedience to bullshit authority, but I largely have ignored it to this point, since the mandates ended. Recently the number of maskerbators has been perceptibly on the increase, however. This is giving my cause for concern, as it indicates a trend forming amongst the herd.

    Therefore, I am now fixing for a fight now, as if mask mandates are imposed again at the county level here, I’ll not be complying (same as last time) and fully expect Karen’s at the grocery store and elsewhere will try starting some shit once the panic level gets properly cranked up. Looks like I’ll be back to my grizzled perpetual 5 days of facial hair growth and meanest scowl I can manage in public, to discourage busy bodies from getting in my face. Carrying oneself as unfriendly and not to be fucked with is a good preventative measure against nosy bitches.

    Almost thought I was going to have to risk an assault charge a couple of times in 2020/21, as these self appointed arbiters of authority tried starting something when I was out maskless. I am bracing for the same garbage again, because far too many have learned nothing.

    • Scot Irish

      I believe that’s all across the country.

      Some people follow what the .gov tells them to. I think they believe doing so makes them part of .gov.
      Therefore, they want to enforce .gov.
      and their own personal power trip.

      I’m not an approachable person so I
      never had a problem with anyone last time. I did wear the mask when I had to though (doctor). The doctor is a whole other story.

      This time I’m putting one in my back pocket and if I have to, I’m wearing it on my chin. Just to make a point.

      • Big Ruckus D

        Undoubtedly it is all over, but is clearly worse in true blue hives as the brain damaged denizens that populate those places are far more enamored of sucking off their overlords. I’m in a suburban area of a solidly red state, where it is somewhat mixed bag at the local level.

        I only had two incidents in which I was hassled during the last mass hysteria, as I worked at presenting an unapproachable image. That included looking scruffy, dressing down (old jeans and t-shirt, not dirty but clearly heavily worn), unfriendly facial expression, knife on my belt, etc. This seems to have put off most who might have confronted me, and I did my grocery runs late in the evening to avoid peak crowds.

        However, I had one silly old bitch and one soy boy faggot type (in separate incidents months apart) who just couldn’t resist instigating a confrontation. I didn’t back down, and in both cases thought I was going to have to apply some physical persuasion to get rid of them. Luckily, conveying my inner meanness while saying barely a word, finally clued them into the fact that they were about to make a big and painful screw up, and they retreated and stomped off, bitching as they went.

        I’m actually expecting a higher risk of this in the coming flu season, as the polarization of positions has only gotten more severe, and the ones who wish to impose their will on us are more psychologically fragile and deranged than they were two or three years ago, while those who aren’t having any of this shite as a repeat performance are more determined than ever to punch back. I sense a very nasty dynamic setting up. Much of it will be dependent on how much fear porn is generated. That is just gearing up now, as we can see.

    • Mike_C

      “grizzled perpetual 5 days of facial hair growth and meanest scowl I can manage in public”

      You too? I did the same and would fix a somewhat rabid scowl on my face before venturing into public. Took several months to break myself of the habit after the mask mandates petered out.

      Idiotic but amusing (to me at least) “war story”: So I underwent chemotherapy in 2021. Had a port* placed in my upper right chest for the highly toxic drugs. Despite being actually immune compromised from the chemo, I went around maskless.

      So in November I go into a store, maskless. This white kid at the door informs me, politely, that I need to wear a mask. I politely respond that I have a partially collapsed right lung (true) and “doc told me I shouldn’t wear a mask because of reduced lung capacity”. (Now the “doc” who said that was me myself, but let’s not complicate the issue. And I really did have a right pneumothorax.) So the white kid says, “Oh! I didn’t know. I’m so sorry!”

      I say, “You’re just doing your job. No apology needed, and thanks for checking.” Then it turns out I left my wallet in my car (chemo fucks up your thinking, or at least mine). I go out to get it, and returning to the store, I’m confronted by a negro kid. (Both these dudes were over 6’2” as it happens; I’m calling them kids because they looked to be HS seniors.) Negro says aggressively, “You need to be wearing a mask!” I sigh. “I have a partly collapsed lung and can’t wear a mask. I settled this with your colleague there.” I point to the polite white kid who is now at the rear of the store.

      Negro crosses his arms and says, aggressively, “You gotta wear a mask.” I refuse. “Can’t. Collapsed lung from cancer.” He sneers, “You look okay to me.”

      At this point responses are running through my head along the lines of “Are you a doctor?” (Plus I’m fucking bald and weigh about 120 lbs at this point.) Then inspiration struck. I took off my parka and my insulation layer. Put them on the floor. Started unbuttoning my shirt. A crowd starts to gather. The manager comes over. “What are you doing?!!” My shirt is off now and I’m pulling up my undershirt. “I can’t wear a mask because I have a collapsed lung from cancer. Your man here accused me of lying. I’m going to show him my chemotherapy port to prove I really have cancer.”

      The manager blanches. Aggressive negro is paralyzed. The polite white kid comes running from the back of the store, shouting “No, no, he’s cool! He has cancer!” I pause, undershirt halfway off and fix the manager with a stare. “Do you need to see my chemotherapy port, sir? I don’t like being called a liar.” The manager blurts out, “No, no! I believe you. Sorry! Go right ahead.”

      I put my clothes back on slowly. “Thank you. I appreciate YOUR courtesy” while staring at the negro. Said negro suddenly decided there’s stuff he needs to do in the back storeroom and beelines toward it. I hung around the store longer than I needed to, just to see if that asshole would come out. He didn’t.

      Yes, childish I know, but you have to make your own amusement when you’re ill and miserable.

      *port: this is a central venous line that literally goes into the superior vena cava at the junction to the right side of the heart. Toxic chemo drugs that might damage a peripheral vein are immediately diluted upon entering the right atrium because it’s high volume of blood. Still fucking toxic, but that’s the point. The port is entirely subcutaneous and accessed by sticking a needle into it. It’s visible from the surface as a bump about 3/4” diameter.

      • Big Ruckus D

        Heh, great minds think alike. My facial hair is strange, grows in very fast and heavy for about 5 days (and now with white hair mixed in among the dark brown it looks even worse) and then slows to a crawl. I’ve never grown a full beard, as it would probably take a few months.

        I always used to take pride in being clean cut anyway (I do plumbing service work in people’s homes and offices, so try not to look like a serial killer) but I found the grizzled look made me less likely to encounter uppity assholes and “hall monitor” types, so I used it to my great advantage during the darkest days of COVID.

        Your story about handling the stupid confrontation at the store is great, and I may “borrow” a similar approach/back story (less the cancer, as that is hard to fake obviously) this winter if things get as stupid as I’m expecting. All that said, I hope you are solidly in the clear now, health wise.

          • Bear In Indy

            Mike C
            Good to here you’re doing well. Hope you beat that crap (the big “C” sucks).
            I applaud your courage in facing cancer and, in facing down these a–holes, that want to destroy us.
            I had a port. Chemotherapy and radiation. 2016 time period. Yes immune system is a problem.
            But, I still refused to wear a mask during the “Scamdemic”.
            Thanks for the story,
            Bear In Indy

  6. Bob Alou

    Xzaydrian Ja’Won … are you shitting me?

    People who can barely enunciate the English language come up with this kind of crap? Another reason to go around with a “don’t fuck with me” attitude.

  7. Xzebek

    Avoid chimps. Avoid chimptown. Avoid blue havens. Where I live, had 1 idiot clerk (or whatever) confronted someone over a mask, he would have been quickly outnumbered at least 5 to one and told to mind his own business.

  8. WDS

    Those names far exceed the ridiculousness of *L-Sha or the twins, Lemonjello & Orangejello

    *”the dash don’t be silent” (actual quote from L-Sha’s mother to a confused school teacher)

  9. Bob Barker

    I always find it humorous whennames starting in X, like Xavier, get pronounced Ex-zavier. I guess we should call then Ex-zylophones.

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