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¿Puedes dirigirme a la luna, por favor?

Silly me. I asked the other day, what happened to America that we were able to go to the moon in the 70s but can’t seem to make it back: Tinfoil Hat Time. I missed the reason completely, it was so obvious and right thee in front of me.

Our space program is suffering because of a lack of illegal aliens working in rocket science.

The nation is crumbling, institutions like NASA are over in the corner eating woke glue, and no one feels like we have a purpose anymore.

The Department of “Justice’s” solution? Sue Elon Musk for apparently not wanting to hire random refugees to build rockets!

That scent you smell is clown makeup. Sure, SpaceX is the only thing keeping us at the forefront of the space race, but at least we’ll have equity when everyone else is on Mars!

Sure, the people fleeing to America are among the least intelligent in the world, have very little education and were singularly unsuccessful in creating space programs in their own country but once they hit that Magic Dirt, they received a boost in IQ and were implanted with unlimited knowledge of physics and chemistry.

While the Indian space program apparently managed to successfully land on the moon this week, it is noteworthy that unmanned landings have been done since the 1950s and India was building upon decades of American space exploration technology to build their lander. The Chandrayaan-3 lander….

…even looks a lot like the Apollo 11 lander, Eagle.

Still, kudos to India for being the first nation to land on the moon while still unable to get the people to not poop in the street, although we have plenty of street pooping in America these days in places like San Francisco.

When we wonder why America has not and likely will not land men (or women or womxn or they/thems) on the moon again, you need only to read that the Federal government is suing the private contractor most likely to be able to accomplish this for not giving sufficient consideration to illegal aliens and “refugees”. Instead of working with and supporting SpaceX, they are suing them and of course doing so because SpaceX is Elon Musk’s baby and he is insufficiently obsequious toward the zeitgeist.

Clown world indeed.



    I think we’ve been unable to go the moon recently due to the attempts in the 1970s to force us use the Metric system. Previously, using the English measurement, the United States of America was able to land men on the moon and bring them back safely, based on work done in the 1950’s / 60’s. Since then…we’ve done bupkis.

    • Big Ruckus D

      Well, I do recall one of the failed Mars rover missions resulted in the craft crash landing and being destroyed because certain portions of the math for the project navigation were done in conventional measurements while others were done in metric. The resulting mismatch in distances due to differing units of measure scuttled it. Truly brilliant stuff from the geniuses at NASA.

      And having now watched it, The Old Negro Space Program is absolute dead on in it’s send up of ken burns pretentious documentaries. The commentary of the guy writing his.wife from space had to be just about the best part (I won’t spoil it here) but their moon landing craft was also a gut buster. I’ve no idea how this video escaped my attention all these years, as it is exactly the kind of humor that is spread far and wide among myself and friends, family and associates. Glad to have been led to it here, in any case.

  2. Scot Irish

    You completely missed the negro space program Arthur.

    I know they had one. I saw a documentary about it years ago. I forget what it was called.

    • Big Ruckus D

      Hidden Nigures (Figures)? In remember laughing at the whole basis of that movie when it came out. Yeah, all the white guys with slide rules couldn’t work out the math, but a handful of negresses came to the rescue of the whole project.

      The moon landing may have been a hoax (I’m still reserving final judgement on that, as there are too many convenient holes in both the pro and the con stories), but their contrived presentation of “diversity to the rescue” is definitely some rancid bullshit.

      • Anonymous

        The worst deception of “Hidden Negroes” was that they took the rather minor accomplishments of ONE woman, who was actually an octoroon and therefore a mere 1/8 negro, and somehow spawned three genius negresses out of her legacy. If you search hard online, and peel away the history revisionism bullshit to find a photo of the woman, you might never know that she was any part non-White.

        That absurd movie even out-Hambletoned the play Hambleton in its blatant negro worship. If I were one of those incredibly rare intelligent negros, I would simply die of shame.

      • pyrrhus

        And the US actually had primitive but effective IBM computers at that time…sounds like the calculation section, which had hundreds of people, might have been makework…

  3. saoirse

    I wouldn’t give two shits about a resurgent space program. It’ll be heralded as another woke accomplishment (no white men need apply) even though they won’t accomplish anything other than successfully propagandizing a sub-standard shit show.
    Our gubment, along with corporate Merkuh, sold us down the river long ago. Can anyone point to an institution that instills pride and deserves respect? Is there anyone living today, other than (some) family and friends, you’ll trust with your back?
    My priorities are prepping and networking. “Clown World” shenanigans and subterfuge are but annoying blips on the seismograph. The real quake starts when all the bread-and-circuses stop.

  4. Rando

    SpaceX can’t legally hire foreigners because of ITAR rules. But since when does DOJ give a damn about rules?

    If the .mil knows what’s good for it, they will get their goons to stop the DOJ ASAP. After all, space is the next big military domain and SpaceX is the only contractor out there that has a chance of securing dominance there. But then again, they’re pretty pozzed too.

    • Moe Gibbs

      Dunno about those ITAR regs anymore. I’ve worked for a Big 3 defense contractor for decades, and in the past ten years we’ve hired boatloads of H1-Bs and numerous others of dubious citizenship. Most of my “colleagues” now are non-native English speakers, many of whom I couldn’t understand even if I wanted to. Those pesky “citizenship” requirements have obviously been relaxed, and the excuse most often heard is that we can’t find enough native-born types skilled in STEM to fill our numerous empty reqs.

      We are regularly harrassed with mandatory security training sessions involving videos that invariably portray all the “bad actors” we are supposed to be on the lookout for as evil, scowling White men. Never mind that 1/3 of our engineering staff consists of Chinese nationals on expired visas who all carry a suspicious supply of thumb drives on their keychains into the classified labs.

    • Big Ruckus D

      Ok, I had to look that up just for the yuks. I see it was a mockumentary from 2004. Surprised I never heard of it before. Not sure I’ll watch it, but it sounds like it has potential since it lampoons ken burns documentary style, and apparently the old negro baseball league serves as the basis of the satirical “old negro space program”.

      • Anonymous

        WATCH it, D. I nearly soiled myself laughing, it was so effin’ great! I’ve recommended it to anyone with two brain cells to rub together for a decade now. Watch it before it is scrubbed away completely. You can thank me later.

  5. realwesterner

    The moon landing was a hoax. Visual proof that the “zero gravity” shots were actually shot under water-there were no “non swimming” astronauts-crazy, idnit? Plus the easy stuff like the sun casting shadows in two directions on “the moon”, and then Never A Straight Answer claiming that all the notes on how to get a man on the moon were inexplicably destroyed. They’ll archive the “bacon stains” in LBJ’s underwear, but they couldn’t save the notes from a trip to the moon? Chuck Yeager himself said all the Not Actually Serious Accomplishments pilots were the worst pilots he’d ever seen. I also vaguely remember someone with maffs showed that there is not enough rocket fuel in all of Nowledge Announcing Sciency Advancements’ possession to actually get a payload out of earth orbit-its mathematically impossible with rockets/rocket fuel. Crazy, idnit? And there was apparently some fitment issues with the size of the earth in relation to the moonscape in a picture taken ostensibly from the surface of the moon-the ratios weren’t right. And video of visible air bubbles escaping upward from an astronaut’s spacesuit. There’s more holes in Nod And Smile Alot’s story about going to the moon than in a wheel of Swiss cheese. And a No Allowing Sensible Assumptions scienceboy saying that we can’t go to the moon, because we cannot yet survive the radiation of space. Oops. Yep, uh huh. Crazy, idnit? So, that kinda dings up a story about some caramel wimmen(s) coming to the rescue of some bumbling and inept Not Addressing Several Aspects scientists. Again, the whole thing is just crazy, idnit?

      • realwesterner

        There is some cat who has devoted his whole being to exposing the moon landing hoax under the premise that “it was the first big lie” told to Americans and so has had a crippling effect on group consciousness. He’s got all kinds of examples showing how the “space program” was faked. Can’t remember his name. I personally believe the first big lie was the covered up assassination of Gen. George Patton by the deep state(the filthy Bush crime syndicate) and their henchman and fellow zionist Dwight Eisenhouer, and then the holohoax, and the assassination of Kennedy were the firsts, but I imagine there were others even previous. I do agree with his assertion that the incessant bs’ing of the American people has created a definite Stockholm Syndrome effect where as a people we seem to want to hear and believe and hold to the fairy tales and deceptions to crippling effect. I did some traveling-by car-this week and tuned into a mess of conservative and/or Christian talk radio and the people that believe that our unwavering support of the modern State of Israel is a good thing is mind boggling. They don’t know scripture and they do not know the full facts of the matter (like that 95% of modern “jews” are khazarians and have no relation to Biblical Israelites. I personally believe that many of these joo loving Christians think they get brownie points for loving jews. If they read The Revelation, they would realize they don’t. Anyway, I doubt you’ll find the Moon Landing Is Fake guy on any search engines, but you might be able to find him on a video sharing platform maybe. NASA’s deceptions about the moon landing are just the tip of the iceberg. There is some suggestion that the whole program funds and is cover for a black(meaning top secret, no emphasis on skin color, ethnicity or continent of origin) program that is a real space travel program that has developed warp drive (the physics behind which is actually pretty sound and easy to understand) and time travel and other super fun things. My personal belief is that the alien thing has always been cover for the super groovy science they don’t want us knowing about or benefitting from.

      • Moe Gibbs

        Not just a little original film, either, but ALL of it. 700 boxes worth. Gone without a trace. Oh, and also “missing” is the entirety of the telemetry data and blueprints for the hardware that allegedly enabled astronauts to survive a total of six manned round-trips to the moon through the Van Allen radiation belts.

        For another chuckle, read about the “moon rock” presented to the Dutch government that turned out to be a piece of petrified wood from the Arizona desert. Oops!

        • Big Ruckus D

          See, those are the details that increasingly have me inclined to believe it was a hoax, even more than the (apparent) visual inconsistencies in the surviving footage and photos.

          I mean, it is possible for a few key tapes, documents, plans and such to get lost or inadvertently destroyed by incompetence. But the sheer volume of different media that was “lost” (if we are to believe that is a legit story even) took real effort to dispose of. That is a physically huge quantity of material to move and have destroyed without intent.

          The fact we can no longer replicate key critical parts of the tech needed increasingly lends itself to the notion we never had the tech perfected to the point of being usable to start, which calls the whole thing into question. The obvious lies told us by govt in more recent times (with COVID and the shit shots being the grandaddy of them all, IMHO) makes it easier still to believe the moon landings were faked, at least in part.

          In any event, I’ve long since adopted a wrinkle on Arthur C. Clarkes famous truism, my revision of it is that any sufficiently advanced incompetence is indistinguishable from malice.

  6. Jeffrey Zoar

    As Gunnery Sergeant Hartman once said “If there was some pussy up there I bet you could get up there”

    I’m of at least two minds about whether or not the moon landing was a hoax. But I’m more open to the possibility than I used to be, which was not at all. Because I’ve seen enough other fedhoaxes. Brings all past events into question. I’m VERY open to the possibility that there was no massacre at Tiananmen Square, but that’s not today’s topic.

    Those two space shuttles that subsequently blew up don’t exactly suggest overarching NASA prowess which would have facilitated moon missions

  7. Jim Laffrey

    Dear Arthur and all others:
    The NASA photo you posted gives all the proof we need to know where that picture was taken. And NASA offers on their own websites hundreds of other similar photos.

    Just look under that ROCKET NOZZLE. They claimed all the landings were reasonably soft, which means the rocket engine HAD to be firing right down to the ground. We can see by footprints in the “lunar dust” that the “dust” is soft, and there can’t be any water in it because the Moon has no atmosphere to hold water down and keep it from evaporating. Therefore, we KNOW that the rocket engine would have at least blown a crater in the “dust” there, and should also have burnt the surface of the crater.

    There is no crater under that ROCKET NOZZLE. Therefore, we KNOW that the photo was NOT taken on the Moon. The only option is that the photo was taken here on Earth.

    Likewise, ALL of NASA’s other photos of “manned Moon landers” sitting on the surface.

    We absolutely KNOW.

    • Cosmic Overtones

      Agreed … not to mention what are the odds of a one-off perfect landing THEN a perfect “departure” from the surface of the moon. C’MON MAN!

  8. Big Country Expat

    Lil Country, my former Compadre from Iraq and the DotMil, his dad was/is? (not sure if he’s still alive) BUT anyways… Multiple PhDs in Astrophysics, Engineering etc… Like “Dr./Dr./Dr.”… worked for NASA shortly after the Apollo Program… wouldn’t say if we did/did not actually land… was very cagey if you asked him… what he did impart to me during one of his visits post-Shuttle explosion(s) that when they went to ‘improve/retrofit’ the remaining shuttle fleet, he literally had to go on to eBay to find and buy the pieces-parts they needed to do the fixes.

    ALL of the tooling, spares EVERYTHING had been sold off…
    Hence another reason (not ever mentioned) that they shut the program down… no spares and lost ‘institutional knowledge’ as NO ONE knew how to make the shit they needed to keep the Shuttle flying

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