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On The Latest Episode Of Diversity Wars!

The 17-year-old who fatally stabbed dancer O’Shae Sibley at a Mobil Station in Coney Island was slapped with murder and murder as a hate crime charges over “anti-gay” and “anti-black” statements, officials announced at a press conference Saturday.

With a group of Muslim leaders standing behind him, Mayor Adams said the murder was “clearly a hate crime,” but added “hate from the Muslim community against the LGBT community is not true.” 

The teen, whose name was not released because he is a minor, knifed Sibley, 28, who was Vogueing around 11 p.m. July 29 at a Mobil station on Coney Island Avenue, cops said.

The teen made hateful anti-gay and racist comments during a beef between his own group and a group that included Sibley, who was black and gay, an NYPD official said.

“We have a lot of anti-gay statements and a lot of derogatory statements being made — anti-black, from the defendants,” Assistant Chief Joe Kenny said. “As of right now, the defendant will be charged solely.”

Spicy! A little Muslim on homo violence. As repeatedly predicted here at Dissident Thoughts, this sort of thing is going to become more common as the non-White, non-faggot identity groups become the majority in America and start to remember how much they hate each other.


    • Gryphon

      Nope. There is a “Victim Hierarchy”, that is a bit ‘Fluid’ depending on the Circumstances.
      While Muslims are always “Victims” if a White says or does anything against them, currently, the Qweers are Above them in Victimhood. You will see this begin to change, as more of the Muslims begin to assert their Religious/Cultural Values. This will result in the (((tiny hats))) who control the “Narrative” being forced to recalibrate the 2-Minutes of Hate framework.

      • Jeffrey Zoar

        A good test case would be if it was a white homeaux victim and not a black one, who the arab was stabbing. The law’s response to that would be most illuminating. Since the victim here was one of the favored pets, regardless of sexual proclivity, I’m not sure that the fudge packing angle makes a big difference.

      • saoirse

        Spot on Gryphon! Let the Oppression Olympics begin. Looks like the Muzzies get the first gold medal.
        The kikes make the perfect “color commentators”!!

        • Gryphon

          Because they are the Instigators of the “Hierarchy”, ‘god’s chosen people’ ™ are always at the top of it… So, if the Qweer had been (((tribe))), the Charges would have included “Anti-semitism” as well.

  1. Anonymous

    This sort of thing is the only net benefit I see to the declining White population – the muds will have no other option but to spar with one another when there are not enough White targets remaining.


  2. Mean Skeletor

    Outsourcing is good, sometimes.
    Hatred of ol’ YT with foundations built in sand won’t last.
    Those who vote for a living know that the gibs will be gone when the Mexcrement Latrinos or Mudslimes are the majority in the third world turd Amerikwa the Kwanstain.

  3. Harbinger


    Never heard the term before and had to look it up. It sounds like it should mean “acting gay” and would be something RuPaul did. I envisioned lisping, limp-wristed fags-in-drag doing something nauseating. But no. It is actually a form of dancing (likely with gay overtones). It has apparently been a “thing” since the late 80s, but no one ever told me, thank goodness.


    There once was a gum named O’shae,
    A walking and vougeing cliche,
    His prancing and mincing,
    Left muzzies convincing,
    The dindu was just too risqué.

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