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Muncie Monkeyshines

Let’s see if the recent mass shooting in Muncie, Indiana where one person was killed and 17 injured is one of the 54% of mass shootings committed by White men…..


Another dim bulb, 36 year old John Lamar Vance. Here is how it apparently played out at the “block party”, aka “mass shooting magnet”.

According to court documents, victims who had been shot told police they saw Vance arguing with a man, later identified as 30-year-old Joseph Bonner, of Muncie, who died at the scene.

Court documents say one of the victims told police they saw punches being thrown and then Vance getting out what the victim described as a “Glock-style handgun.” Then, the victim said they heard five to six gunshots before falling to the ground.

How many times have we heard this? An argument at a gathering of blacks turns into a fight and then the guy who I assume lost grabs his illegal Glock, shoots into the crowd but in this case actually kills his target. Vance is a pretty major piece of shit.

Vance’s previous criminal history includes convictions for domestic battery, dealing in cocaine, unlawful possession of a firearm by a serious violent felon and battery resulting in bodily injury.

Already been busted for dealing coke and for being a “serious violent felon” with a firearm, plus some battery charges. Why is this guy walking the streets? Something to do with “equity” or “justice” or something. There have been 11 mass shootings in Indiana so far this year, just for fun I might see if I can find a single one (much less half) that were committed by a White guy. I won’t hold my breath.


  1. Moe Gibbs

    Ah yes, block parties! A chance for neighbors to meet, bond, share food and cap one another. I recall the block parties from my youth – barbecued burgers, Nana’s potato salad, cousins I rarely saw, spent 9mm shells. We kids enjoyed all the outdoor activities that were popular at the time – bocce, croquet, badminton, the knockout game. The older kids would sneak away to do what teens did back then – spin the bottle, charades, truth or dare, guess the baby daddy. Even the adults let their hair down a little – sipping wine, cracking jokes, arguing sports, chugging purple drank.

    Glad to see that some fond, old traditions are still alive and well in post-apocalyptic America.

    • MN Steel

      You forgot about having the choice between horseshoes, yard djarts or tossing cinder blocks off of interstate overpasses.

      Never got to play the last one, nearest interstate was 4 hours south.

  2. Snoop Logg as Geronimofo

    Indianoplace wants to repeal Constitutional Carry!
    Marion Co. is a CPUSA (D) stronghold under esteemed party member comrade commissar Hogsett.
    A steaming third world turd just like the rest of the Kwanstain.
    I’m surprised channel 21 showed the photo…dat be wayciss!

  3. saoirse

    Instead of three strikes and you’re out, niggers get to keep swinging for the fences. My book says commit two major felonies and you’re gassed.

    • Anon

      Except it is Whites that are now the felons because they want horrible abominations like fair elections and their children alive, unmolested and unmutilated.
      We’re all insane extremists in the eyes of the govt.

    • Arthur Sido

      We need to string people up for violent crimes in the center of town, seeing they homey swinging would discourage the carjackers and give them pause before they starting shooting into a crowd.

  4. Bear

    Looked up the gunman on my local news (Indianapolis) feeds, no picture. Well, that said it all, knew then who was responsible. The main problem in Indianapolis, as with the rest of the Nation, the justice system is irretrievably broken.
    Last three years in Indy, over 200 murders per year, the main perpetrators; violent felons released with little or no bail. The mayor and prosecutor, well their answer to this is: more gun laws.
    I use to love this city, Indianapolis, the Democrats have ruined it.
    Bear in Indy

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