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More Like This Please

As long as I can remember, Christian churches have been heavily dominated in the pews by women and especially older women. During that same time various Christian leaders and thinkers have bemoaned this and offered “solutions” to fix it, to no avail. The gap has closed in recent years, at least according to surveys, but that is mostly due to fewer women attending services rather than more men showing up on Sunday. This is a little old but you get the point.

This gap has been the source of much bemoaning and hand-wringing especially as in most denominations the clergy are heavily skewed male, in some like Catholicism and Southern Baptists clergy are almost exclusively male. It has led to a weird dynamic where the guy up front is speaking to an audience that is majority female and what makes it weirder is that he relies on that female audience to pay his salary. This has led to a feminization of the clergy where most of the pastors and theologians in evangelicalism are, not to mince words, kinda sissies that tailor their message to a female audience with feminine sensibilities. I wrote about this in June, Men Without Chests

The pastoral class among Protestants, even the “conservative” types, are dominated by bookish, soft guys. Not all of them of course, so please don’t feel obligated to say “Well my pastor….” but I have been around long enough to see this over and over, again even in the most “conservative” denominations. Many pastors, especially in intellectually robust Reformed denominations and churches, humble-brag about spending 20, 30 or more hours per week in sermon preparation. When I think of the men I looked up to as a Christian, most of them were eggheads, intellectuals that seem to have never worked a real job in their life or it has been so long since they did that they have forgotten what real work is like…

….It is a vicious circle. Regular working class guys are just not interested in sitting through a 45 minute lecture from some squinty guy that has never worked a real job, bookended by a bunch of feminine songs about Jesus with an offering taken up so that the squinty guy can keep spending his week buried in his books and notes preparing another forgettable 45 minute sermon.

This has gotten worse, way worse, in the years since Covid and George Floyd. The speed of cultural surrender has been startling even to me as someone who walked away from organized religion and was long a critic of institutional Christianity and professional clericalism. Current day clergy and theologians sound like flaming liberals from just 20 years ago on most issues.

I was reminded of this just yesterday when someone shared this tweet (X?) from Andrew Torba as part of a kerfuffle with one of those mincing public theologian types that goes by the name Owen Strachan.

Torba’s language sent many of the evangelical thinker types fluttering to the fainting couch.

Owen Strachan replied back with a bunch of mealy-mouthed passive-aggressive “I will pray for you” crap, lots of kumbaya “We are all children of God” nonsense that completely and intentionally misses the point. There is nothing about being a Christian that requires your silence about your flesh and blood people being under attack and no Christian for most of the nearly 2000 year history of the church would have thought that was the case, as you can see from the clergy endorsed ethnic and nationalistic wars that raged across Europe for centuries. Many clergy in Europe were enthusiastic about war to put neocons to shame.

My position on Torba hasn’t changed, he is kind of a goofball but he is /our/ goofball and Gab is one of the only places on social media where you can say almost anything about Them. I do know this, Torba is more likely to resonate with actual men than some wimpy theologian crying into his lace handkerchief on Twitter because some Christians don’t want to see White people exterminated.

If you want to see men back in the pews, put more men like Torba in the pulpit and kick people like Owen Strachan to the curb. Let’s see if Owen could find a real job that doesn’t include weeping hysterically on Twitter.


  1. Moe Gibbs

    The church my wife and I belonged to ages ago was forever passing the hat for one shithole basket case of a country or another, never to the benefit of White people like us. Sub-Saharan Africa has had a, what? Two MILLION year headstart, give or take, on the rest of the world’s populations, and comprises the most fertile, verdant land on earth. The fact that its inhabitants STILL can’t feed themselves or keep from slaughtering one another over petty differences is none of my business at all.

    Really makes me wonder what in hell God was thinking.

  2. Warren e shafer

    The Church in which I attend is about 80-90% Women. They get worked up in a emotional frenzy before the sermon, that by the time the Minister delivers the sermon, he could speak in Pig Latin, Korean, or Portuguese and the Congregation is not going to know or care by that time.

  3. LGC

    I get completely why young men are attracted to Islam. It stands for something. anything and it doesn’t change (we’re not even talking actual belief system here). Where it seems the Christian mainline churches just go with whatever and change their message just like NPC’s esp the last 20/30 years and especially over covid shutdowns. And the mosques don’t take any crap from well anyone. non-believers, women, government, etc. Why wouldn’t this be attractive?

    Remember when Christianity was this way? Yeah me either but it clearly happened not that long ago.

    I see little reason at this point to support any of the mainline churches (feel free to correct me with one I may have missed) as they are clearly of man’s world and not God’s and just wearing the skinsuit of what they used to be.

    • Gryphon

      LGC – Say what you want about Islam, it is Fun watching the increasing Skirmishes between them and the Globohomo trannyfag/woke/groomer ‘Culture’. Sooner or later, there will be an “Incident” where in a Muslim-majority community (or even close) the next “Drag Queen Story Hour” gets Physically Busted Up, and the po-Lice are Afraid to arrest them for it.

      • LGC

        oh yeah. already happened in Michigan somewhere and ti’s certainly going to get more prevalent. Islam is most def a “you’re either with us or against us” type of culture. And they don’t play.

  4. Warren e shafer

    Addition to my earlier post. My wife when she gets to the service, in short order she begins to clap and bark like a trained Seal. In addition, another member and I have tried to get an acknowledgement of all the Veterans, current members who may serving in the Guard and Reserve, plus anyone who may be home on leave from Active Duty during Veterans Day and Memorial Day. Nothing elaborate, just a simple statement. No answer at all.

  5. saoirse

    Conservatism and christianity, secular-spiritual twins, exist and are legal and protected because they prevent Whites from seeing and doing what needs to be done. Together they represent jew-created and controlled Fake Opposition to the (((System))).

    “We are in entire agreement about Christianity. It is a virulent poison that has long infected and now seems likely to destroy our race; and, like the Black Death and the equally devastating plague in the time of the Antonines, it came from the biological rot of the mongrelized and predominantly Semitic population of the Near East, festering with Jews.”

    — Revilo P. Oliver

  6. Don Curton

    My church is fairly conservative in that they actually preach the Bible and take a hard-line approach to abortion, gay and trans BS, and that Jesus is the ONLY way to heaven. However I’m still biting my tongue almost every Sunday over the milquetoast responses to any current event. They basically fetishize the jews – look, just cause the OT is about the jews don’t make them the good guys. Almost every single story in the OT is an object lesson in how horrible and unfaithful they are. Just read it, I ain’t wrong here. And then the blacks and “we’re all equal in his sight”.

    They do yearly church sponsored trips to Africa (we sponsor a sister church there) and Israel/holy lands. I not only have no desire to go, I flat-out refuse to donate to any special funds for either trip. The amount of nigger worship on the Africa trip is unbelievable (they do an hour-long slide show afterwards instead of the weekly sermon). Hell, one of the black congregants, an older black lady who we’re friends with, once said “That’s too damn much. Them Africans can fend for themselves – they want to help poor blacks they can just drive down the road to Dickinson.”

    We’ve cut attendance way back for other reasons, but each time I go I see more and more stuff I just don’t agree with. Last trip, one guy actually started crying cause Gov. Abbott was stringing buoys with razor wire across the Rio Grande. Damn, if he only knew that I’d advocate 50 cal towers every 500 yds and a volunteer list with unlimited ammo.

    And oh yeah, Mother’s day sermon is a lesson about how sacred and great women are, Father’s day sermon is a lesson in how all us men need to man-up and do better for our wives and children. I try to skip both days where possible, I’ve heard that same damn sermon for 18 years now, don’t need to hear it again.

    • Arthur Sido

      The Mother’s Day/Father’s Day dichotomy is a huge one and again, they wonder why men don’t go to church. Maybe because men don’t want to be scolded by some effeminate dude from the pulpit?

    • Gryphon

      Don – ‘your church’ is just what Saoirse mentioned above – Controlled Opposition. Look into what is called the ‘Schofield bible’ and its (((origins))). That they ‘fetishize’ about the jews and apefricans is a Feature, not a Bug. It is part of the zionist program to Brainwash putatively ‘christian’ Whites into being cheerleaders and Cannon Fodder for their ‘eretz israel’ project in Occupied Palestine. (and now in the Ukraine)

      Like I’ve commented before, White Men from Europe need to separate themselves from what is an Alien, Invasive ‘culture’ and its religion and ‘god’ of the sand-noggers, ‘yahweh’.

  7. Warren e shafer

    Once more unto the Breach Dear Friends. I like most Men are critical thinkers, who wish to be informed and enlightened. But it is allot easier for a minister to just get the women to emote, then they just fawn over it all.

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