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Least Surprising News Headline Of The Century

Yevgeny Prigozhin, the founder of Russia’s Wagner Group who challenged the rule of Vladimir Putin just months ago, was involved Wednesday in a plane crash that has left 10 people dead outside of Moscow, state media is reporting.

The business jet was traveling from the Russian capital to St. Petersburg went it went down in the Tver region, according to the TASS news agency.

It’s not immediately clear whether Prigozhin is among the 10 reported to have died in the crash. The Pentagon told Fox News Digital that it is monitoring the situation.

“Prigozhin was listed among the passengers, according to the Federal Air Transport Agency,” read a post by TASS on Telegram. “An investigation into the crash of the Embraer aircraft has been launched, the department noted.”

Maybe he is dead, maybe not. This could be another bait and switch but if he is dead it isn’t like no one saw that coming.


  1. Big Ruckus D

    Putin has demonstrated a propensity for patience, rather than striking while the iron is hot. This may well be another example of said characteristic. Will be curious to see who else was on the flight , and if any of them were known to be on Russian shit-lists.

  2. Gryphon

    Article at RT said that Prigozhin’s #2 Man was also on board. A Screenshot from a Cell Phone Vid seemed to show the dissipating trail from an S-300 AA Rocket and the Burning Wreckage falling away from it. Whodunnit?

    an Angry Bear with something Personal against the Prig?

    The Stavka still Mad after the unpunished “Mutiny” ?

    Tsar Vladimir the Bad deciding his Usefulness was at an End ?

    Inquiring Minds want to Know….

  3. Greg

    I was amused by Vox Day’s comment: “… it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if he next popped up making bombastic broadcasts in Mali or South Africa.” Beyond that, I have little interest in any of it; not my circus, not my monkeys.

  4. Jeffrey Zoar

    “Warlord” is kind of like “oligarch.” Only theirs get to be warlords and oligarchs. Ours never receive such distinction.

  5. Bobsuruncle

    Im going with he is now retired on Cyrus or some other Oligarch island in the Mediterranean enjoying his billions. Putin needs Wagner, especially in Africa, he isnt gonna sink that ship, which Prigozhin just recruited for Wagner in Niger. He can be a powerful asset in “death” also. The Wagner attempted takeover was staged, it gave Putin cover for action to move a lot of assets around. IMO.

      • Bobsuruncle

        Prigozhin faked his own death in 2019 while in Africa. A second wagner plane was spotted landing minutes after the first went down. Not confirmed but reported it was taken out with an air defense missile. One report stated a bomb in a wine box caused the crash, I find that unlikely unless it was large enough to do catastrophic damage. Id blow myself up too if I drank wine in a box. Just some funny distraction.

  6. Steve

    Kind of surprised. Based on lame-stream media’s tendency of things like blaming Putin for Nordstream, I would have expected they would have already figured out a way to blame this on Prigozhin..

  7. Umglick Goyim

    For any of you who are not currently following Please start. He is the best combination of intelligence and intel I have found yet regarding the entire Ukraine Russia episode currently airing… His latest will give you insight to Prigozhin and what likely happened… You are welcome.

    • Doomstead

      The Simplistic Thinker only ever muddies the water. If he eventually tells the truth, he spends 10x the time telling you why it means something different.

      Obvious shit happens in America, and it takes Flat Earth or Directed Energy Weapons levels of stupid to confuse the issue. Obvious shit happens in Russia, and everything over here devolves into Q-tard tier explanations of what is ‘really’ happening.

      It is one thing to be self-deprecating, but do you really want to sully your tongue (or fingers) with yiddish?

  8. Umglick Goyim

    Arthur, I really appreciate your site, your intellect, and your open comments by sincere and intelligent readers; a very useful and enjoyable visit every time! I however will not under any circumstance make anything remotely resembling a financial transaction on the internet. I would like to send you some support and encouragement. How can I do this? In addition to something green to assist with the bills, I would like to send you two pieces of music I am currently working on, which I suppose could even be done by email… Jazzambiatronicoustic Spirit music for the soul, synth loops with ambient guitar. Created especially to calm the weary soul and open the mostly locked human mind to it’s Creator. No wonder most humans gleefully proclaim that they only use 20-25% of their brain! The one who created it has kept much in reserve that can only be opened by asking. Him. The way we were told… Then communication becomes two way, no sat phone needed! Anyway, Keep up the good work, keep the mind open to Truth, a day without learning is like a day without breathing! Hope to find a non-beast way to show some appreciation… Peace, Umglick Goyim (yes, a pseudonym…)

    • Arthur Sido

      Your comments and feedback are plenty of support and encouragement! I don’t always have time to reply but it is heartening when people comment, let’s me know I am not shouting into the void.

  9. Gryphon

    Prigohzin is (((tribe))). Tsar Vladimir has been the Bane of the (((oligarchs))) in Russia for his entire political career. I’m leaning towards P. having an “Accident” because after the “Mutiny/ Coup Attempt”, he had become a Loose End that needed to be Resolved. Rumors that he was under Investigation for Fraud regarding the Payments his company received from the MOD could be the basis for him needing to be ‘Disappeared’ so that he couldn’t Implicate others.

  10. realwesterner

    When I heard about it I wondered if it was more Nuland-shenanigans in order to prompt/hasten WWIII. Not that she or her cadre have the competence to pull that off, but they could find the funds to find someone with those kinds of competencies.

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