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Just Imagine The Next Generation Of Yoofs

My wife broached an ugly topic Friday morning: what will the chidlins of the current crop of out-of-control chidlins be like?

The trigger for that conversation was this story out of Blackimore….

TEEN CRIME SPREE | 6 Baltimore kids arrested in Anne Arundel County for attempted carjacking, vehicle theft, say police

Anne Arundel County Police say six teenagers from Baltimore were arrested in connection with two separate crimes in the county. Two other suspects were too young to be charged, according to police.

The teen trouble began at noon yesterday when police responded to a report of a robbery along Thomas Avenue near Alley 13 in Brooklyn. The teenagers in this case are accused of assaulting the victim and taking her keys. The teens then tried to take the woman’s vehicle but, when that failed, they ran off. FOX45 obtained surveillance footage of that incident.

Police eventually found the teenage suspects and arrested them. They are all girls, two 14-year-olds and one 15-year-old, and are from Baltimore, according to police.

Police also say that the girls arrived at the scene of the alleged crime in a Kia SUV that has been reported stolen from a different jurisdiction earlier in the day.

Two were too young to be charged, although not too young to be criminals. To quote Mortimer Duke: “He’s probably been stealing since he could crawl.”

Three of the suspects – two 13-year-old boys and one 14-year-old boy – were arrested, according to police. Two of the suspects were let go because they were too young to face charges, according to police.

According to Maryland law, children between the ages of 10 and 13 can only be charged with violent crimes; children under 10 years old cannot be charged with non-violent offenses.

That means that at least two of the wannabe carjackers were under 13. The very next day in the same county a different group of exuberant scamps were arrested for car theft.

5 teenagers arrested and charged after stolen vehicles recovered in Anne Arundel County, say police

When officers approached the vehicle, the seven people inside all got out and ran off, according to police. Police said they were able to apprehend all of them.

The suspects include three 14-year-old boys, one 14-year-old girl, and one 13-year-old boy, said police.

Police said they were charged accordingly.

The teens are not being identified because of their ages.

The other juveniles inside the stolen Kia were 11 and 12 years old.

This all went down at 2:30 in the morning and an 11 and 12 year old (presumably black) kid were out stealing cars? Anne Arundel County is only 17% black and the home of Annapolis while nearby Baltimore is of course almost 2/3 black, so it seems that black yoofs from Baltimore are going to relatively safer Anne Arundel County to steal cars.

Of course I could go on and on with examples like Nearly 40 minors arrested after ‘disorderly’ gathering, looting in Chicago followed by new Chicongo mayor Brandon Johnson getting pissy about calling them a mob, Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson chastises reporter for using the word “mob” to describe huge crowd of teens looting store, prefers “large gathering” instead 🤡. Brandon is more concerned about the media saying hurtful things about black yoofs than he is about the destruction they leave in their wake. The Chicago President of the Fraternal Order of Police John Catanzara is already publicly feuding with Hizzoner

Fraternal Order of Police President John Catanzara unloaded on Mayor Brandon Johnson on Friday for referring to the ransacking of a South Loop convenience store as a teen “trend”—and not a “mob action” — and for telling reporters it was inappropriate “to refer to children as, like, baby Al Capones.”

In a YouTube video to the police rank-and-file that focused largely on an independent arbitrator’s two rulings favorable to the union, Catanzara condemned Johnson as the City Hall equivalent of a permissive parent who would rather make excuses for young people wreaking havoc than hold them accountable for their criminal behavior.

“The teen takeover on Roosevelt Road was not a teen takeover. It was looting. It was mob action. It is in the ordinance, Mr. Mayor. Look it up. It’s also in the state statute. I would hope you’d be familiar with that,” Catanzara said.

“Nobody is renaming anybody little mini-Al Capones. But they certainly, in many cases, had the same, terrorizing effect that Al Capone had 100 years ago with these teen takeovers where they think they can do whatever they want with no repercussions, no parental supervision and no accountability — specifically apparent by the mayor’s office in City Hall, who wants to excuse all of this bad behavior because Chicago has a past. So that means, do whatever the hell you want, apparently.”

Then just yesterday a 21 year old black “Twitch influencer”, or someone who rambles or plays video games on Twitch and other people watch him, named Kai Cenat announced he was giving away a Playstation 5 in New York City with predictable results.

Thousands of little rapscallions showed up and did what they always do: politely waited to see if they won the Playstation.

A bunch of yoofs arrested, several cops injured, decent people traumatized and lots of property damage. All because some dimwit who makes millions of dollars by filming social media videos decided it would be a good idea to have an impromptu giveaway in New York City. It only takes something that simple to ignite chaos and the world is full of hundreds of social media personalities with millions of followers. I won’t belabor the point that I assume you all know already: black youths, teens and even pre-teens, are out of control.

We are seeing the latest wave of black misbehavior. The race riots of the 60s were followed a few decades later by the gang wars during the “crack epidemic” in the 1980s that brought us films like Colors, New Jack City and Boyz n the Hood that, intentionally or not, glamorized the gang life of drive-by shootings and retaliatory murders. It also gave rise to the mainstreaming of rap “music”, listened to by suburban White kids who thought it seemed dangerous but in a safe way, and to black youths who embraced and internalized the nihilistic and violent messages.

Things seemed to quiet down for a while, blacks were still committing crimes of course but it wasn’t receiving the same attention as we dealt with the end of the Cold War and the start of the “Global War On Terror”. There were plenty of signs that things weren’t really better, like the chaos that followed Hurricane Katrina in 2005 where a breakdown in the rule of law led to widespread chaos. It was also an early example of media retconning, where the media retells the story of an event to change the facts in order to avoid pointing out the obvious, like this from the Wikipedia entry on Hurricane Katrina.

While the National Guard and police were reporting being shot at and were armed for combat, now we are told that the stories of looting and violence were “exaggerated or completely false”. That sounds like legit “news”.

The seeming lull in rampant black criminality ended in 2016 when a black man named Micah Xavier Johnson shot and killed five White cops in Dallas and wounded nine others. The day before Obama criticized the police in America for “racial disparity” in how they deal with blacks. Did that trigger Micah Xavier Johnson? We will never know but if the situation were reversed and Trump was President you can be sure he would be blamed. But it was of course the infamous death of George Floyd that kicked off the current spate of black violence that shows no sign of abating. But this time seems somehow different.

What has changed in America’s dealings with our black population and their propensity for violent crime is our willingness to tolerate chaos and violence. In the crack epidemic of the 80s and the race riots of the 60s, the police and often National Guard response was forceful. Dogs, batons and guns were used as needed. Violence was met with a violent response. If you were a black out for some mayhem you knew the odds were decent you would get a nightstick upside your head. That is enough to give anyone pause. That has changed for the worse and the catalyst for the change was the proto-George Floyd, a black man named Rodney Glen King.

Rodney King was a pretty poor excuse for a human, with a violent armed robbery conviction under his belt for which he served only one year in prison. On March 3rd, 1991 he was driving on a freeway in California while hammered. When the California Highway Patrol tried to pull him over, he took off and hit speeds of 117 mph, pretty impressive as he was driving a four year old Hyundai. After the pursuit left the highway, King continued to evade police in a high speed pursuit through residential neighborhoods before finally being stopped. At that point a number of LAPD officers tried to restrain King who resisted, appeared to charge one of the officers and repeatedly tried to get up. This resulted in being beaten severely by the officers.

It would have ended there but a witness nearby was videotaping the event. Conveniently the tape starts when King is already being beaten, and the media would repeatedly play the worst parts of the tape on the news causing outrage, in a pattern we see today of selective editing. Everyone saw the parts of the George Floyd video where he was finally restrained but few saw him struggling with police and acting out of his gourd because of the drugs. When the cops were acquitted of beating King in 1992, L.A. erupted into the worst riots America had seen since the 1960s, lasting six days, leading to 63 deaths, thousands injured, over 12,000 people arrested and at least a billion dollars in damage. The only upside were the Rooftop Korean memes.

The King beating, acquittal of the officers involved and subsequent rioting marked the beginning of a major shift in American attitudes toward blacks and crime. It is hard to watch the clips of King being beaten and the aftermath that showed him battered and broken. I believe this was the point when White people especially began to buy into the narrative of “police brutality” that has subsequently turned into “systemic racism in policing”. While most people still understand at a subconscious level that the reason blacks have more encounters with the police is that they commit far more crimes per capita than any other group, the power of media suggestion has successfully silenced White people from pointing this out. From Rodney King to George Floyd, policing in America and more ominously the justice system in America has taken a hands off approach to black crime. Now career criminals like Muncie mass shooter John Lamar Vance are in and out of jail via a revolving door to continually commit crimes until they finally kill someone or commit some other very serious offense.

Jared Taylor of American Renaissance spoke about a new bill in California of course that would require judges to take race into account when sentencing criminals, with the explicit goal of reducing black prison time, putting these black criminals back on the street where they will continue to offend until they get caught for killing someone.

That brings me to the original question. What are the next generation of black youths going to be like? The ones in elementary school or younger now and those that will be born over the next few years.

They are being born into a world that tells them a few things:

A) They should never be denied doing anything they want

B) Nothing they do wrong is their fault

C) The world is out to get them and keep them down

D) If they commit a crime it is likely they will escape significant jail time.

An entitlement mentality plus a native lack of impulse control that is encouraged by the pop culture is bad enough but when you remove the societal restraints of effective policing? You get blacks committing more crimes, and more violent crimes, at earlier ages than ever. This means those younger blacks are encountering the penal system which today mostly serves as a way to earn street cred. In fact it would be difficult to imagine a scenario more likely to produce more black crime than the one we are living under.

In plain terms, as bad as black crime is right now and it is getting worse to the point that the normies are starting to notice despite the desperate attempts of the media to deflect attention, the next generation of blacks are going to be wildly worse in every respect. They will have all of the same issues with IQ, impulse control, time preference and a cultural glorification of violence without any of the fear of police that kept prior generations under a modicum of control. In a world where 10 to 13 year old blacks are already seasoned violent criminals and increasingly murderers, the only thing one can say is that we ain’t seen nothing yet.


  1. Tactless Wookie

    “Carry yer damn gun!” — Instructor in a defensive pistol class I took.

    Also, Brooklyn, Angry Rundel County MD is the same demographic as Baltimore City. The county gets more genteel as you move away from the city towards Annapolis.

    • Bobsuruncle

      Maybe now. Dude, it wasnt,then i grew up there in the late 80’s and graduated high school there, and went to the service. it was literally like a John Hughes 80’s movie. WTF you talking about? I drove a ’72 Volkswagen bus with a couch and a bed in it. I was poor, everyone else had corvettes and mustangs, and a lot of white babies man. WTF you know? I used to go crabbin in the Severn river, four wheeling on the eastern shore and down to the beach.


    You get what you vote for and allow. How many of you listen to rap, or allow your kids to listen to rap? The clown world stops when we actully stop it, untill then you desrve what you get

    • SIze 23 Clown Shoes

      Yes, it stops when someone actually stops in, like that incident in a 7-11 when a brazen shoplifter git his ass beat with a wooden stick by the owners or employees.

  3. Xzebek

    The problem is that we have a significant portion of our population that is incompatible with what we would call civilization. Due to lack of intelligence and lack of motivation and discipline, they cannot effectively (and peacefully) participate in society. The fact that Africa is predominantly shitholes and Europe a (mostly) firstworld continent which produced some of mankind’s greatest accomplishments is a pretty strong clue that the people populating them are markedly different. This is not likely to change. The best we can hope to do is forcefully respond when chimpouts or generally feral behavior occur. I wish they could be sent to the dark continent where they could go back to being kangs and sheeit. Sadly, that is not going to happen.

  4. George True

    Arthur: Amazing article. I will need to re-read it another time or two just to fully absorb all the excellent informal you have presented. As a writer and reporter, you are among a very small handful who can actually write and report really, really well.

    And to answer the question you posed, this current crop of chillins will be exactly like their sperm and egg donor erstwhile parents, except much, much worse. American cities and counties with a substantial percentage of blacks will be like South Africa is today, if not even worse.

    As you have pointed out numerous times, America does not have a gun violence problem, America has a BLACK violence problem.

  5. Hiding Out

    Excellent run down of the problem. No doubt that the violence and mayhem in urban areas is going to spin totally out of control; maybe quite soon. The authorities aren’t going to use the force required on these tweens and young teens due to the bad PR that would result.

    And think about being in the position of having a small crowd of these little hoodlums accosting you for you vehicle. As much as I’m able and willing to carry and defend myself, mowing down a bunch of these little b@stards is going to put you in a very bad place with the “justice” system we have.

    Avoid this crap at all costs.

  6. Locustpost

    I have a good friend who is a deputy sheriff in a major county with high diversity. He tells me they don’t stop law breakers if they are black and would be a fool to do so. Their job is to mop up the blood after the mayhem ends. He says most of the crime is black. This is post Floyd.

  7. Sino-American Friendship Center

    Latrinos and Mexcrements are pushing them out to the burbs and those with the money and motivation are clearing out to Pineland rural.
    As for (c)rap guess who the record company producers and AR people are?
    There is no future for the KWA beyond hollowed out welfare colony as Nutty Yahoo said.

  8. Anonymous

    Imagine what your choices are in life if you are one of those low-IQ fatherless welfare babies born to an indifferent baby mama and living in abject poverty in the ‘hood. “School” is a joke, and even if you did have the capacity to learn, you’d be ridiculed for trying. Your heroes are drug dealers and convicts. The chances of making it in the NBA or NFL are slim to none. You are competing with ten thousand other “aspiring rappers” for that one in a million chance of becoming rich and famous. You have no parental guidance, no boundaries set, no rules to follow.

    I am not making excuses for the little bastards, who should never have been born at all. But their lives are hopeless right out of the gate. I would not even know where to start to turn around the mess that is life in majority-black communities. So call the failed “civilizing” experiment over and let it all burn. They are incompatible with us, and we are incompatible with them. Separate and start over.

    • Don Shift

      Do you understand the inevitable result of all this will be white people who have given up the charade and resort to their own feral instinct. Add in the simmering hatred of the Hispanics, and the result is a genocide. I seriously doubt on the other side of this there will be many Black people left in America. Wow there are indeed some decent Black people out there when things go tribal. Most folks won’t take the time to consider whether or not someone of a different skin color is “a good one” or not. I’m not endorsing anything just stating what is a sad fact.

  9. Gryphon

    The lower the Ages of the ferals, the more difficult it will become to Defend yourself. The kosher ‘media’ already either ‘lightens’ (Whitewashes) the photographs of the dindus, as well as uses a Grade-School photograph of a 19-Y.O. Glock-waving Thug.
    Any White who actually has to Shoot one of these 10-Y.O. Apelets will Certainly get a long Prison Term (that they likely won’t survive).

  10. Jay L

    I suspect in the not too distant future we’re going to see a big rise in vigilante justice and unofficial “Sundown Towns”. At this point I can think of no other way forward, we’re on our own.

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