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I hear the drums echoing tonight…

Gratuitous Toto video

As most Americans are geographically ignorant, not to mention geopolitically ignorant, they only are aware of what they are told to be aware of. That means focusing on whichever conflict is in vogue with the media on behalf of Them. The speed at which people went from “What’s a Ewe Crane?” to “Slava Ukraini!” and sporting Ukrainian flags in their profile picture was breathtaking. They didn’t become overnight Ukraine supporters because they understand what is happening or have a rational reason for doing so, they were simply told to and that was all it took. It was a lot like people embracing social distancing, masking and getting repeatedly jabbed with an unproven “vaccine”.

The world is awash in various regional conflicts, like the civil war in Yemen that has been raging for almost 9 years as a proxy war of sorts between Iran and Saudi Arabia (using weapons we sell them) that has caused a massive humanitarian crisis that no one seems to care much about. Hundreds of thousands have been killed, up to 70% of them children and the children that are not killed are being sex trafficked, but we know our elites don’t care about that and would prefer you not notice it going on.

Leftists used to get upset about the U.S. selling weapons to despotic states that were then used to kill women and children but now they are too concerned about transvestites being allowed to waggle their genitals in front of children to worry about human rights. Not to mention the civil war in Sudan that led to the country being split in two or the looming racial genocide of Whites in South Africa that even Elon Musk has noted. The point is that the world is full of shitty things happening but Americans only notice what they are told to notice and what they are told to notice are conflicts that are financially benefitting Them in the ruling class and military-industrial complex.

That brings me to Africa.

Africa is awash in natural resources and if it were populated with people of even average intelligence it would be the undisputed world powerhouse. Alas, it is not and is instead filled with Africans leading to the predictable results. For centuries the Western powers have used Africa as a resource piggybank, taking what the Africans have been unable to leverage. At one time almost all of the continent was ruled by various European nations, a continent almost exactly 1/3 of the size of Africa. During the Cold War much of Africa was used as a proxy war between the U.S. and the Soviets.

Now as China and Russia grow closer thanks to being pushed together by the West, they have turned their attention to Africa. China has been working on getting their hooks into Africa for a long time and now Russia is joining the party. Russia is positioning itself as the anti-Western power that will protect Africa from the West, treat Africans as partners and of course give them some free stuff.

Just like Colt .45, giving them free stuff works every time.

What the average African doesn’t seem to grasp is that Russia and China don’t view them as partners, and certainly don’t view them as equals. The Chinese disdain for blacks is well known and I doubt Russians have a much higher opinion. They are riding in like the calvary to save Africa but ultimately they are only doing so to position themselves to exploit Africans resources in the future and as a way to economically hurt the U.S.. It is working, in Niger where the government was recently toppled and the very real threat of a war is looming, people are apparently chanting anti-French and pro-Russian slogans and some were seen waving Russian flags

Gee, where would people in Niger come up with Russian flags?

However the Ukraine conflict ends, and it won’t end well for actual Ukrainians, the world stage has been radically shifted and the balance of power is changing. NATO and the West have been exposed as paper tigers, powerful on paper and against adversaries unable to fight back. That isn’t the worst part from an American standpoint.

For the last 75+ years, the United States has been pouring money into the military-industrial complex, preparing to fight a war that never came and then creating new conflicts to appease the insatiable appetite of the Permanent War Uniparty. All the while, our global rivals and especially China, have been building their economic machine while we have degraded into a nation of government flunkies and Dollar Store retail clerks. In other words, as the U.S. prepared for a high tech war with tech toys that don’t work, China and others have been waging an economic war that they have basically already won. The only thing that has held China back is the threat of the U.S. military but the ChiComs are seeing how hollowed out our military is and don’t seem especially scared of us. Not anymore. Other than nukes (that we hope work), we are not really in a position to dictate terms to the rest of the world.

Africans are going to find pretty quickly that nothing has changed because their overlords are different. Their “leaders” will still be getting rich from bribes, their resources will be looted to be used elsewhere and their lot in life will still be poor, nasty, brutish and short. You just cannot overcome the reality of basic human biology.


  1. Anon

    They genocide Whites in South Africa and did in Rhodesia.
    They deserve at minimum the same including necklacing.
    Oh, but songs like “Kill the Boer” are just metaphors and shouldn’t be taken literally according to NYT so never mind they are all just little angels.

  2. saoirse

    White Merkuns must shoulder most of the blame for the decline that began in 1945 – or whenever you want to start the clock. Indulgent with the “we won” and “Greatest Generation” syndromes they followed their chosen leaders (led in turn by the other “chosen”) like eager sheep (sheeple) towards the deracinated materialist bread and circuses promised land.
    Perhaps you could do a series on all the different ways whites have screwed over each other, especially since the date above. Start with the disassembling of the nation’s manufacturing base, led by white corporatistas, decimating skilled white labor and cheered on by….. selfish white idiots wanting cheap consumer goods. And here we are!
    Africa will always be a land of plenty to be exploited by advanced nations that realize the Africans (especially sub-Saharan) are just part of the natural fauna.

    • Nick Nolte's Mugshot

      Don’t forget the the 95% White LEO’s and intelligence community that is enthusiastically suppressing any attempt of attempt of White people to organize for self defense.

  3. Jeffrey Zoar

    You’ll know the GAE/AINO is at or near its true nadir when China/Russia/BRICS are running Latin America. Losing influence in Africa is still early stage decline, relatively speaking. The use of “early” not being predictive of how long this process will take. Presently the only thing holding the GAE together is the fiat currency it prints. An ATM with nukes. After that stuff loses a lot of its purchasing power (which doesn’t have to happen slowly), the GAE’s power will be gone along with it.

    It’s nice and optimistic to think that at that point the ground will be prepped for a reform, rebirth and renewal of AINO, but that is not required to happen in any short time frame. However, being on a large continent with lots of resources and lots of pesky white people who, maddeningly, still exist, suggests the possibility that something good can happen here again. Someday.

  4. Make Rhodesia Great Again

    There is an it is all so tiresome video of a Chinaman speaking with an African.
    He asks why did you destroy the infrastructure and other questions.
    It shows railroad tracks missing that were ripped up for scrap and more.
    A coup in Niger? Just imagine how the Bolshevik enemedia would describe that.
    They won’t because it is in Russia’s favor and the ethnics who run Chiquitastan hate Russia.

    • Mike_C

      If the Chinese are ever fully in power in sub-Saharan Africa they’ll make King Leopold’s Congo look like a fond memory of kindly treatment.

      Frankly, I suspect the Chinese won’t even be interested in keeping the locals around for labor. It’ll be full-on “sha hou-tze” (kill the monkeys). Chinese don’t give a shit.

  5. Big Country Expat

    OK True Story
    2009…Company name S.O.C. Security Operations Consulting. Seriously. Hired former (and possibly still) Ugandan child-Soldiers to be our on-base security.


    Armed with a hodge-podge of Semi-auto AKs (no US issue M-4s til later) and in Khaki uniforms, both male and female “Gan-Gans” as we came to call them use to check out IDs at the base entry ways, as well as the DFACs (Dining Facilities).

    They got the contract and were there as I recall in 2006, but came and took over VBC (Victory/Liberty Base Complex) in 08/09.

    Cut to July/August of 2009.
    Me and my guys, couple of females from the JEF team hanging out (Joint Expeditionary Forensics…i.e. CSI for terrorists 101) Hawt chicks mind you.. too bad I was married AND faithful!) Anywhooo… about 0200… I’m in the room alone, just doing Fallout, still drinking moderately… a quiet night of down time… the Haj hadn’t been active for a while…

    The I hear drums… like no-shit jungle drums…

    I’m like “What in the ever living fuck is that!?!” I grabbed my HIGHLY ILLEGAL Chi-Com AK, slapped on ye olde body armor (half plastered, in my drawers and tank top, helmet, combat boots with rifle… quite the comedic scene if things weren’t so fucked…) and go outside

    Turns out EVERYONE heard ‘the noises’|

    I get told by the boss to “Go check it out” as, despite being the on-site Logistician, I’m the only multi-tabbed Infantryman on the entire team, as well as the only guy with the balls to be armed despite the DotMil Rules and Regulations…

    I went… had no idea what I was getting into, but I went.

    It was, no shit, something right out of a King Kong Movie…that part BEFORE Kong shows up? When the fucking savages are all dancing around fiery barrels and waving weapons (AKs in this case) all around and beating on drums? Yeah. No shit. Like that.

    Took me all of like 60-90 seconds of observation, seeing topless big Apefrican Gan Gan broads dancing, guys doing the “Boola! Boola!” waving AKS, and the shit like that in firelight? Shiiiiiiiit It was time for me to retreat back to our gated lil compound… got back and told the neo-libtard at the time Manager “Bro, White meat -may- be back on the menu!” whereupon I went, got fully dressed, and evacc’d the AO with a couple of the JEF girls back to their place, as man, no one wanted to be around OUR A.O. whilst this was happening.

    SOC ended up putting out an ‘apology’ for ‘the cultural misunderstanding’ that’d happened during ‘one of their Ugandan’s battle ceremonies’ Turns out the DotMil? Some units were ready to annihilate them cannibal fuckers… and word worked it’s way thru the chain…

    Yeah… my ass…

  6. pyrrhus

    I disagree a little…the French, always rapacious and arrogant, have been skimming 90% off the top in Niger…The Chinese and Russians will skim 60%, and build infrastructure for the country…There’s a world of difference there…

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