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Here They Come!

With Labor Day and the end of summer at hand, and gun companies cranking out lots of guns no one is buying, that means that deals are gonna be HOT HOT HOT!

One of my vendors, a manufacturer mostly known for their ARs nicknamed after a horse of small stature of lower economic standing is giving us 30% off on top of our dealer pricing so I got a nice little Glock compatible handgun to take on our trip out West for under two bills and if it gets lost in the luggage I am not out much.

If I see any super deals, and Palmetto State always has great holiday deals, I will pass them on but this would be a good time to fill in the gaps in your line-up if you have any or just get something fun for the hell of it.


  1. Anon

    Don’t forget deals on sights/optics. And maybe ammo too. And whatever else.
    There are a couple of things I’d like to build and they’re a good source for fiddly bits and kits.

  2. Hedge

    I don’t need guns I need ammo. Fuck the stupid shit. I just bought another 4 pounds of powder. Fuck me. Hurts these days. Did I say 4 pounds? You motherfuckers watching no better. .

  3. Xzebek

    On a related point, perhaps you can help me. I just purchased an NAA Pug WMR and additional LR cylinder as a back up to the backup handgun. Really like it but I’m having trouble finding ammo that doesn’t exceed recommended fps (under 1680). I found one box of Winchester WMR that’s under 1600 fps but would like more options. Owners manual says do not use varmint rounds. Sorry that this is mostly off topic but yiur thoughts would be helpful and appreciated.

    • Don Curton

      Really? I bought a NAA mini-revolver way way back when they first came out, in .22 WMR. If I read the owners manual (probably, but maybe not), I don’t recall any ammo restrictions. I’ve pretty much fed it whatever WMR ammo I could find with no issue. It’s not a pistol you’re going shoot a lot, so not sure why the restrictions. And with that tiny barrel, you ain’t gonna get nowhere near the velocity listed on the box. I’d buy whatever is on sale and ignore the warnings. YMMV, place your bets and take your chances.

    • Don Curton

      No prob. The NAA mini ain’t much of a gun, but when it’s 100+ degrees and all you’re wearing is a banana hammock, a hat and a smile, you can still carry it. Enjoy the mental image 🤪

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