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From The Don’t Be Dumb Online Files

Most of you have probably already seen this story: an elderly man in Provo, Utah named Craig Deleeuw Robertson had made “threats” against Joe Biden on social media and got gunned down in his own home as a result. I put scare quotes around “threats” because what he was saying isn’t any worse than what people routinely said about Donald Trump when he was President and someone who is actually planning on doing something isn’t going to post about it on social media.

The media raced to describe him as a dangerous, armed potential assassin (screenshot from video linked below)…

…but as the news slowly leaked out we discovered that this highly skilled assassin wasn’t really a threat to anyone…

A man who neighbors described as being 75 years old with limited mobility and whose frequent politically charged social media posts included threats toward President Joe Biden is dead after FBI agents attempted to serve a search warrant at his Provo home, hours ahead of the president’s arrival in Utah.

Neighbors confirmed to the Deseret News the man killed was Craig Robertson, saying he is an older, overweight man who walks with a cane.

How exactly was a mostly homebound elderly man with limited mobility going to cause harm toward a different elderly man with limited mobility, in this case Joe Biden? Well he obviously wasn’t a threat to Biden unless Biden came to his house and even then he likely would have merely shouted at him. That didn’t stop the FBI from showing up at his house with an assault team, somehow lighting off a flash bang in his front yard, shouting and flashing lights at an old man in what appears to be a tactic intended to confuse the man as we see in this video:

Craig Robertson’s family has come out and said this was completely unwarranted….

But his family maintains Robertson’s political views and statements would have never escalated to violence.

“Though his statements were intemperate at times, he has never, and would never, commit any act of violence against another human being over a political or philosophical disagreement,” the family said.

They described him as an elderly and homebound man who was “understandably frustrated and distraught” by “erosions to our constitutionally protected freedoms and the rights of free citizens wrought by what he, and many others in this nation, observed to be a corrupt and overreaching government.”

“There was very little he could do but exercise his First Amendment right to free speech and voice his protest in what has become the public square of our age — the internet and social media,” the statement reads.

Robertson, the family says, “was a kind and generous person who was always willing to assist another in need, even when advanced age, limited mobility and other physical challenges made it more difficult and painful for him to do so.”

They remembered him for his woodworking skills, his dedication to his church community and his love for animals and history. He was a safety instructor who “worked diligently and conscientiously to safeguard the lives and well-being of untold thousands who would use, and benefit from, the numerous industrial and public works projects.”

The Feds claim this guy was a real threat because….

Robertson was known to have many firearms and frequently posted pictures to his social media account displaying his vast collection. Some of these images were listed as evidence in the complaint.

There was a 2009 photo of Robertson wearing the camouflage gear and holding a rifle in the woods, which authorities say showed his ability to conduct sniper tactics. Another post shows a photo of a nickel with hole through the head of Thomas Jefferson. Next to it is a card showing Robertson apparently fired the shot from 100 yards with a Remington rifle equipped with a scope in 1982.

Now I am not good at math but 2009 was 14 years ago and a 61 year old is a very different critter than a 75 year old, much less the picture from the complaint of a shot at 100 yards, with a scoped rifle, from 1982.


They actually used a 41 year old photo taken by Craig Robertson when he was around 34 years of age to justify an armed assault on a man who is now 75 years old and walks with a cane. How much of a threat was this guy?

Obviously he wasn’t a threat but when the Feds showed up to question him, he laughed in their faces and told them to come back with a warrant. If there is anything They don’t like, it is some uppity citizen that doesn’t cower in the face of Federal authority. So they apparently placed him under surveillance (and since he is mostly homebound that doesn’t sound difficult) and then showed up in a raid at 6 in the morning where he conveniently was armed and then shot him down.

Everyone knows that you can’t make threats against the President or other elected officials, even though lots of leftists do on a regular basis. Even still any semi-intelligent person could have evaluated Craig Deleeuw Robertson and figured out he was a harmless crank and let it go. There are plenty of actual violent criminals in America that the FBI could go after but instead they chose to make an example of an uppity old man, and probably high fived each other over beers that night for killing a man who can barely walk because he was being dumb on social media.

When a black woman named Breonna Taylor was killed in a police raid because her black drug dealer boyfriend was shooting at the cops, it made national headlines and was declared a racist tragedy but when an elderly old White man who hadn’t ever committed an actual crime is gunned down by cops? Reading the gleeful comments by liberals makes me want to post something inappropriate online. They don’t care about “police brutality” as long as it is a conservative White the police are brutalizing.

That brings me back to the point I wanted to make and it is a point I keep making. Don’t be dumb online. I sometimes will type something and then look at it for a minute before going back and rewording or just deleting it. Nothing I write should ever be considered an encouragement or incitement to violence and I know full well that it wouldn’t take much for some overzealous Fed to decide to come knocking on my door or yours for some comment you leave.

The mantra I keep hammering home is that you aren’t doing any good locked up in a Federal prison or dead in your bathrobe for saying something intemperate online. Not on social media, not on Telegram, not in “private” direct messages. None of it. Just don’t. What you say to your spouse or your close friends is one thing but it shouldn’t be said online where some asshole reading it can decide you are the next person who needs to be made an example of.

Don’t be dumb online.


  1. Don W Curton

    I’ve come to believe that no-knock raids and swat teams exist for no other purpose than to kill the target. Good bad or otherwise, someone kicking in your door in the wee hours of the morning is not going to ensure your compliance – just the opposite. It provokes a panic response that then gives them what they need/want – a chance to smoke someone.

    I’d like to see someone in charge somewhere bring up the total infringement of people’s rights by no-knock raids and get those ruled illegal. If the cops have to face a higher risk arresting someone, too bad.

    And yeah, the playing field ain’t level at all. Liberals spout off all the time about killing R’s with absolute impunity. Stay silent, be gray.

  2. Moe Gibbs

    Are there any details on who, specifically, capped the old man? I want to know race, gender, experience, weapon caliber, criminal history, employment record, shoe size – the whole nine. Any time that a public servant injures or kills a civilian, full details should be made available to us, the taxpayers who underwrote the action. Sounds like this old guy was even less of a threat than Ashli Babbitt, but still got the Michael Byrd treatment.

  3. Gryphon

    I’d say this was clearly a Targeted Killing, for the political purpose of Intimidating anyone opposed to the Regime. Just like the fedpig-organized “Capitol Riot/Insurrection” its purpose was to send a clear message to the proles to Shut Up or be Eliminated.

    Thousands of so-called “Threats” against the government are posted online every Day. The chances of any one of them being ‘real’, as in the person making the Threat intends to carry out Violence is Astonishingly small, and the 3-letter agencies know this. They don’t have the staffing to visit and question a fraction of them, so they have to Decide which “Threats” warrant action.

    I seriously doubt that this case rose to that level; given the Victim was an Old Guy who walked with a Cane, he must have seemed like a “Safe” target for the thugpigs to Murder, as he would have been unlikely to get a Shot off in return. You are highly Unlikely to see this kind of Tactic used against a guy who is a Combat Arms Veteran, and lives in an Exurban/Rural area.

    The Cowardice of these thugpigs is vomit-inducing.

  4. Bobsuruncle

    This was done to send a message to conservative America or anyone in anyway opposed this this banana republic regime, same as when Don Coreleoni (sp) puts a horse head in your bed, you shut your mouth or sleep with the fishes.

    From Matt Brackens Ga* page.

    There were a hundred different ways to do this that would NOT result in a loss of life and no need to drag his body out to the sidewalk to show the world. Pull yourself back from your political alignment if possible and consider the following:

    1) The FBI had Robertson under investigation for months. His stupid bluster on FB was known for months. An investigation, a real investigation, would establish a pattern of life: when he goes to church, when he goes to the store, etc. A real investigation would interview the people around him. This is 1st-grade detective work. If you determine that the guy is a threat, you follow him to the store, casually wait outside, and wrap him up as he leaves with his hands full of groceries. People present these low-intensity opportunities every day.
    2) Why the FBI? Why not local law enforcement? I’m betting a large portion of the local LE is Mormon, same church and same church elders also. IF the guy is such a threat, why not approach him through someone close? Again, why the FBI? This is the same FBI that ran a pre-dawn, tactical raid against Mark Houck and his family for protesting in front of an abortion clinic in Pennsylvania after local and state authorities decided to bring no charges – another demonstration of power – a Catholic conservative that time – another object lesson from the DOJ.

    3) Before every tactical action, there should be a point by point risk evaluation. This wasn’t (I hope) an on-the-fly operation, there wasn’t a crime in process. This was planned. What kind of risk is considered? The basics are as follows: the agents, other supporting officers and technical staff, Craig Robertson of-course, and bystanders. When you breach a structure, WHEN YOU BREACH A PRIVATE HOUSE, in the dark with breaching tools, weapons, and flash-crashes, you instantly put the assault team and Craig at maximum risk. You put the neighbors at very high risk also depending on what the house is built out of – bullets go through walls. Even frangible rounds can go through walls and windows. When you plan an op, you’re supposed to pick the lowest risk course of action that still provides success. This was the highest risk course of action, and unless the mission was a kill/capture rather than capture, the mission was a failure also. SOMEBODY MADE THAT RISK DECISION or they had specific orders to execute the mission one way only.

    4) Why did they wait so long? His crimes were known months ago. When you wait until the last minute, assuming that there’s a real threat, you remove choices, you remove better courses of action.

    5) Why pre-dawn? If you are breaching and entering after a surreptitious approach, there is a chance you can wrap up your target before they blink their eyes, that’s good tactics. It looks like they woke him first, they woke him violently. People make bad decisions when they are scared awake. Why? Because they’re still 90% asleep. If someone smashes through your door at maximum escalation, what’s your first action. What your first instinctive action – RATIONAL ACTIONS DON’T HAPPEN AT O-DARK THIRTY. A good cop knows this. A bad cop knows this also. If they f-d up their approach (a real possibility), it’s the FBI’s responsibility for what happens next.

    6) I’ve seen hundreds of comments like, “why didn’t he comply?” First, read (5) again. Second, how much time did they give him to comply? It takes time for a rational thought to work through – especially when you’re mostly asleep, mostly immobile, and you have bright lights in your eyes – a tactical flashlight blinds a person completely. The chances of identifying yourself while someone is blind is zero. Then there’s the flash-crash deployment…

    7) A flash crash doesn’t knock someone out (it might if it’s really close). A flash-crash doesn’t make someone drop a weapon either. It stuns them in their tracks for a brief moment – dazzles them. A flash-crash is an offensive tool used to gain a brief advantage. A crash also makes someone completely incapable of complying.

    • Arthur Sido

      The same with David Koresh, they could have nabbed him when he left the compound but they wanted to play soldier and stage a daring raid on an old man’s house.

  5. Donnie Evans

    As the kids say these days: “Press X for Doubt.”

    I would sooner believe in little green men from the moon, than believe FBI & press reports about an elderly 75 homebound man. I’d believe the Feds hacked his accounts, and FedPosted to justify another LookOverHere BS news report alot sooner than what I’ve read about this online…
    My trust in all things from News/Fed is below ZERO.

    • Arthur Sido

      I don’t doubt he was saying that stuff online but so did lots of people in the Trump years and I don’t remember any predawn assaults leading to their execution.

  6. Big Country Expat

    This is why you never Fedpoast.
    If you ARE “That Guy” then:

    A) Have a surveillance system that covers your entire A.O. to include blind spots and dead space. Never answer the door when the Fibbies start beating on it. Make THEM come to you into YOUR battlespace. (Reason I say this if they come for you, it’s to kill you, see example above)

    B) Depending on your skills/haves/readiness, don’t forget, Nomex is designed to stop FLASH fires, not napalm. Hence Flammenwerfer.

    C) Play for Keeps. Nuts Thighs and Knees (femoral arteries), below the body armor, no center mass, no headshots. Those are for the doubletaps if they survive the napalm and gunfire.

    • Colombo Salvage & Arsenal

      May be the time to dust off and get out some very serious area denial and repel boarders tools. Got more than a few in my long ago youth and history. Quick toss out example; 2″ steel pipe with a 90 degree bend, short end 3″ long, the long end bout a foot. Weld on mounting brackets for between wall studs or pour in crete for block wall. Short end outside house and covered / disguised with dryer vent, plastic electric / utility box / a shrubbery… pointing at area to be cleared. Long end inside at an upward angle, poke in the muzzle of choice and commence repeling porch pirates. 15-20 feet away no Problem and better spread. Wouldn’t try the flamenwerfer thru the krummlauf though … I should probably start a blog or some such.

    • Arthur Sido

      The basic lesson is don’t Fedpoast. They wouldn’t just kill me, they likely would kill my dogs and my wife and kids. Making empty threats online is just a good way to get yourself killed.

  7. Jeffrey Zoar

    Until someone can explain to me why it was the FBI who did this, and not the Secret Service, which normally investigates and has jurisdiction over threats to the president, I will continue to believe that this is not what it appears.

    It’s not as if the FBI would concoct a fake white supremacist violent domestic terrorist scenario

    And the stuff this guy supposedly posted, it’s beyond ridiculous. Who writes that way?

    Even if the msm memory holes this, which I guess they mostly have, this is all over dissident and “alt right” media, and that’s exactly who they want to see it

    Yes I’ve been reading Anonymous Conservative

    • Arthur Sido

      There won’t be an investigation, they will do a quick briefing that they investigated themselves and found they didn’t do anything wrong and who is going to do anything about it? Senator Romney?

  8. h

    You really don’t want to be anywhere close to being a target. They’ll fabricate something to get you. Australia signed into law last year that Australian Federal Police may delete, edit and create social media content of ‘suspects’. Probably were already doing it, but now it’s legal. I expect this is happening all over.

  9. Mean Boy Is Meaner

    Did Snoop Poop Logg or Kathy Griffin ever get in any trouble for faux assassination and severed head studio prop?
    Remember when Hillary and all CPUSA (D) comrades questioned 2016?
    The first amendment is a little more equal for some, I guess.
    What’s up with the CCP comrades in Georgia pulling the indictment draft after teasing?
    Did that order come from Beijing on the Potomac?

    • Arthur Sido

      People said worse stuff than this old guy every day on social media during the Trump years and nothing happened, because as we know now the FBI is just a leftist paramilitary force.

    • Arthur Sido

      First I have heard of that one, I will remember it for the future. In general if someone comes tearing into your house in the dark, it is just asking for something to go badly

    • Moe Gibbs

      JeeZUS! Why don’t I remember that one, if it supposedly “garnered national attention”?

      So damned egregious that even lefty-Lucy wikipedia allows the incriminating facts about LEO incompetence and criminality to be presented without the usual disclaimers.

  10. Steve

    I miss Will Grigg.

    This was murder.

    Not that long ago, a quick investigation would have revealed there’s nothing to it, someone would have had a chat with son/son-in-law, and that would be that. The only reason blood is involved is thugs with a thirst for a bit of the old ultraviolence.

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