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Friday Night Lights With A Dash Of PewPew

At our semi-rural high school in northwest Ohio, Friday nights in fall were the best and football Friday nights with home games were the social event of the week. The one endzone of our stadium has a large bare section behind it now but when I was in school in the 80s….

It was often in corn and as we didn’t have a net behind the uprights, it was common for extra point kicks to end up in the corn. Life in farm country.

What we didn’t have was much in the way of argy-bargy. I remember one game where a couple of girls got into an 80s cat fight with lots of hair pulling but that was about it. We managed to gather in a large group of people, enjoy the game and then go drink some beer.

The times they are a’changing.

Choctaw, Oklahoma, police said a teenager has died following a shooting at a high school football game on Friday night that wounded several other people.

At about 10:30 p.m. on Friday, and with only four minutes left in the third quarter of the Choctaw High School vs. Del City High School football game, gunshots were fired on the visitor’s side of the stadium.

Choctaw Police Chief Kelly Marshal said during a press conference that four people were injured in the shooting and at least one of the victims was a student. Another person, Marshal added, was treated for a possible broken leg.

One of the victims, a 16-year-old male, was shot in the groin area and has died of his injuries.

Choctaw High School is around 70% White and only 5% black but Del City High School? 43% black, only 28% White. The school website is full of photos of vibrant diversity. However the 16 year student that died apparently didn’t attend either school….

Police added that he was not a student at either school, but before his name is released, investigators want to speak with the family.

I don’t remember hanging out at games other than those where my school was playing. Anyway, we had a description of the suspect pretty quickly after the game….

While processing the scene, investigators located two guns and eight rounds. A suspect is not in custody, though investigators released a description of a person of interest who was described as a tall Black [sic] male wearing red sweatpants.

Two guns makes me think that the “victim” might have also been carrying and that a brief gun battle occurred with one teen yoof shot and killed, and a random teenaged girl was shot in the thigh during the exchange although she survived. It is a safe assumption as well that this was some sort of ongoing beef that came to a head at a high school football game.

Choctaw, Oklahoma is a mostly White suburb of 12,000 people east of Oklahoma City but as is so often the case, the fellas can hop in a car and drive almost anywhere, whereupon they sow carnage and chaos in their wake. What should have been a fun evening of high school athletics instead turned into a nightmare of terror and bloodshed, all because the usual suspects cannot control their temper or keep their murderous impulses in check, not even at a high school football game.

Our nation and our culture is irretrievably broken and only by starting fresh will we be able to begin to recover what was lost.


  1. Don Curton

    “I don’t remember hanging out at games other than those where my school was playing”

    Had a friend in grade school, as he got older decided to supplement his income selling wacky tobacky. He made all the games, our school, our rival school, home games, away, while in school and long after he graduated. Bottom line, you gotta go to where your customers are at. There were occasional turf fights, back then mostly loud talk and the rare punch.

    Just saying, if the guy kilt wasn’t a student at either high school, there’s only a small list of reasons why he’d be there.

  2. Anonymous

    Died of a gunshot wound…to the groin? Musta clipped a femoral artery and bled out quickly, because, last I knew, groin shots are not particularly life-threatening. Funny as hell, though, when it’s homeboy-on-homeboy. breaks out a separate category of Shot-in-the-Junk-O-Meter on their website detailing Chicongo monkeyshines.

    • Arthur Sido

      I wondered that as well, but you could bleed out quickly from the femoral artery and I love the Shot in the Junk o Meter, as well as the shot in the ass o meter.

  3. rto-jerry

    “Our nation and our culture is irretrievably broken and only by starting fresh will we be able to begin to recover what was lost.” A nation without the feral Anunnaki Simian would be a blessing!!

  4. Hedge

    I live about 40 minutes SE of Choctaw. Just finished a few months working near Tinker AFB. Del City has always been a shit hole. It’s been taken over by blacks. Midwest City is right next door and the same. You don’t go fucking around over there ever. You go get what ya need and get the fuck out. Or you run the risk of having a black encounter. Around the state capitol is the same too. Worse over there actually. I’ve had a few run ins around the capitol. Think Baltimore but Oklahoma whatever that means.

    Point is Del City folks came over to Choctaw and started shit as usual. Choctaw is very affluent and white. Nothing new here in Okla. We all know Del City and it’s reputation for feral blacks.

    It’s why I live out in the sticks SE of Norman out past the lake.

    Nothing new here boys and girls. Just Del City doing Del City stuff.

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