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Fighting To The Last Ukrainian

Very few people with a Ukraine flag in their profile picture could tell you why it is in the national interest of the U.S. to fund and thereby prolong a proxy war in Ukraine. Fewer still could tell you about Burisma and Crackhead Hunter Biden and that most of the “aid” we send is either being blown up in short order or is being pocketed by Zelenskyy with 10% for The Big Guy. These people don’t know why they “support Ukraine” and they don’t care, they simply are doing what they are told.

What the average peasant wage slave/tax cattle in America doesn’t understand is that the war in Ukraine is about many things but one thing it is not about and never has been about is the welfare of the Ukrainian people.

Ukraine has been a godsend for the military-industrial complex and the ruling class. The official policy of the U.S. as it pertains to Ukraine is much like the response to the Chinese coronavirus “pandemic” in that it is off limits for debate or questioning. Either you support endless “aid” to Ukraine or you hate freedom, just like you had to wear the mask, social distance and get the jab or you literally wanted to kill grannie.

The casualties in Ukraine are hard to pinpoint, partly because of the fog of war and mostly because those figures are being obfuscated by the Lügenpresse. Still reasonable estimates I have seen of combat casualties are in excess of 400,000 of Ukraine’s young men, and this in a nation of only 36 million people. That doesn’t account for civilian casualties or the millions of Ukrainians who have fled their homeland and are unlikely to return.

In addition to gutting the young male population of Ukraine, the nation itself is a disaster. It was a backward country before the war relative to the rest of Europe but now their infrastructure has been devastated and this would be far worse if not for the relative forbearance of Russia. This is also by design. The Russian invasion of Ukraine kicked off in February of 2022 but by September of 2022 with the war still raging, They were already angling for those sweet reconstruction shekels. From the New York Times… article dated 9.19.22

By December the agreement had been formalized….

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and BlackRock CEO Larry Fink agreed to coordinate investment in rebuilding Ukraine, Kyiv announced Wednesday following a meeting between the two men.

Zelenskyy and Fink both happen to be Jewish, just a coincidence, as is the fact that most of the neocons who are clamoring for an endless proxy war also happen to be Jewish. While Ukrainian men were dying on the battlefield, Volodymyr Zelenskyy was meeting with Larry Fink to arrange for BlackRock to coordinate all of the “reconstruction” funds that will come in and those funds will be massive. From the NY Times article.

Estimates of the cost to rebuild the infrastructure hit hardest by the war with Russia, and revive the country’s shattered economy, vary widely. The Ukrainian government has put the bill at $750 billion, while others have estimated $100 billion, still a significant sum. The International Monetary Fund has said Ukraine needs $5 billion per month to pay government salaries and pensions, and to cover other expenses. The fund has already provided over $1 billion to help Ukraine keep up on government debt payments.

Much of the money to rebuild Ukraine’s economy would probably come from donor countries, in the form of grants or long-term loans, given the precarious state of the Ukrainian government’s finances. The United States, the European Union and others have provided billions of dollars in security assistance to Ukraine, in addition to pledging extensive economic aid.

I suspect the real figure will be closer to the $750 billion mark than the low end $100 billion figure. Billions of dollars in “grants” will require someone to administer those funds and guess who will almost certainly be doing that? If you guessed “BlackRock”, then you win a cigar. I assume that the discussion and negotiation over the management of the funds with BlackRock mostly focused on how BlackRock would arrange to siphon off significant chunks of the aid funds to be funneled into accounts owned by Zelenskyy, his family and his cronies. Think that is unfair? Look at the last paragraph of the NYT story…

Ukraine’s postwar investment push also has to overcome perceptions of systemic corruption. Transparency International, an anticorruption watchdog, ranked Ukraine 122nd out of 180 countries on its corruption index in 2021.

You don’t say? That isn’t stopping BlackRock and in fact it probably encouraged them as Ukraine is tailor made for graft. Ukraine’s corruption and especially her corrupt leader is a feature, not a bug.

This is important to understand about Ukraine. The death, destruction and devastation is being prolonged intentionally. The people who are pushing for escalation and prolonging the conflict, ruling out any sort of negotiated settlement, want Ukraine devastated because more devastation equals more reconstruction aid that They get a cut of and more arms sales, that They also get a cut of. The longer the war goes on, the more it costs Russia in terms of lives lost and money spent, and that is also to Their liking because of a deep seated ancestral grudge against Russia. Rather than having Their own kids fight in these wars, they pit White Slavic men against one another.

That brings me to the loathsome toad Robert Kagan. Robert Kagan, the son of a Lithuanian Jew, is married to Victoria Nuland, the acting Deputy Secretary of State, and the daughter of a man born to Ukrainian Jews, named Sherwin Nuland although he was born Shepsel Ber Nudelman. The Zman refers to him and his followers as The Kagan Cult and mocks him regularly but also makes these same points, like here: The Odious Carbuncle Problem, emphasis mine….

This is what comes to mind reading this post in First Things. George Weigel is a well-known neocon and warmonger. The timing of the post is a bit odd, given that we are in the end phase of the war. The time for making the “moral case” for yet another war on the world was a year ago. It suggests the Kagan cult is planning to keep the war on Russia going long after the Ukraine portion is settled. Weigel has been dispatched to turn virtue into vice for the suckers of Conservative Inc.

Weigel is a rare non-Jewish neocon but like virtually every neocon, his military service has consisted of making arguments for other people to send their kids to die in neocon wars. Robert Kagan wrote this massive snoozefest, approaching 8,000 words, for Time magazine: How the Ukraine Counteroffensive Can Still Succeed.

It starts off like this and goes downhill from there.

The situation in Ukraine still favors Kyiv despite the limited progress made in the counteroffensive so far.

It reminds me of the old joke: “Other than that, how was the play, Mrs. Lincoln?”. Other than the utter lack of any progress while suffering calamitous losses, the counter-offensive has been a huge and costly bust.

It’s far too soon to evaluate the outcome of that effort, which is underway as of the time of this writing, but it is vital to manage expectations. Ukrainian forces are fighting now to break through the first line of long-prepared Russian defenses. Several lines lie behind it, stretching for many miles. Ukrainian progress will very likely alternate periods of notable tactical advances with periods, possibly long periods, of pause and some setbacks. Much as we might hope that the road to the Sea of Azov will simply open for Ukrainian forces the odds are high that fighting will remain hard, casualties high, and frustration will be a constant companion. All of which is normal in war.

Not that Kagan would know, as he has never been in a war. But throughout the essay there are pie in the sky “what ifs” like “what if the Russian morale collapses and their lines break”, something we have been told will happen any second now since the war began, while lots of talk of “managing expectations”, code for “nothing is going to happen soon or ever”. In fact the very last thing people like Kagan or Weigel want is a quick resolution on either side, because the people paying their salaries want to drag this war out for as long as possible. In a later paragraph we get back to the “managing expectations” theme, emphasis again mine.

The third is the most probable path to Ukrainian success. It will be slower and more gradual than the other two—and slower than Ukraine’s Western backers desire and expect. It depends on the West providing Ukraine with a constant flow of equipment likely over many months so that Ukraine can maintain its pressure until the Russian forces offer the kinds of frontline cracks the Ukrainians can exploit. It is not primarily a matter of attrition. The slow pace of the pressure campaign Ukraine had been using before July 26 is designed to minimize Ukrainian losses. It is not primarily oriented towards attriting Russians either, but rather towards steadily forcing the Russians out of their prepared defensive positions in ways that the Ukrainians can take advantage of to make operationally significant advances. It is still maneuver warfare rather than attritional warfare, just at a slower pace. It therefore requires patience, but it can succeed.

The message is the same: keep sending an endless flow of munitions and “aid” as quickly as possible while any progress will be at best very slow and gradual. The paymasters of the Kagan cult are seeing the war fatigue settling in with Americans and know they need to maximize the graft as quickly as possible. When you read between the lines, you can smell the bullshit that Kagan is slinging.

Ukraine has reportedly committed the main body of the forces it had prepared for counteroffensive operations, although it is not clear what proportion of those forces are actively engaged in combat.

In other words, who the hell knows what the Ukrainians are doing because they certainly aren’t making much progress and when they do throw themselves against the Russian defenses, they get butchered. That isn’t slow and steady progress, that is beating your head against a wall. Kagan’s article is full of theoretical gobbledegook that sounds like stuff someone that has never been shot at might say, talk of “Theater Geometry” and “Lateral transfers of forces”. Overall it is a load of wishful thinking and bullshit. Because Western backers are growing impatient, Ukraine appears to be throwing men into the teeth of a prepared defense at enormous cost but no real benefit, while people like Kagan opine about Russian strategic thinking as if he has any clue. He doesn’t know and he doesn’t care because his role is to make the case for pouring more money and munitions into this conflict in order to dangle the false hope of a mythical Ukrainian breakthrough. He closes with this:

We must therefore focus less on how to end this war quickly and more on how to ensure that another war does not soon follow. That means committing to Ukraine’s success in this endeavor and avoiding the temptation to say, “Well, we gave them what they needed to take a shot and they missed. What a shame.” It will be more than a shame if Western support for Ukraine erodes to the point of compelling Kyiv to accept a peace (which Russia is still not offering, it is important to note) on lines that make the renewal of war on unfavorable terms more likely. It will be a major policy failure. It is also unnecessary.

Ukraine is still very much in the game, and the many structural advantages it has offer good reason to expect that Ukrainian forces will liberate vital lands and the people living on them if only the West holds firm in its support.

That is saying that victory is not the goal without saying victory is not the goal, and honestly without the promise of massive Western aid this would have been over a long time ago and likely never would have started in the first place. Kagan and his Ukrainian Jew wife Victoria Nuland don’t care about the death and suffering of Ukrainians, they only care about hurting Russia and maximizing the war profits of the people pulling their strings. The war in Ukraine truly is the grift of the century.

If you are espousing the same talking points as Kagan, Nuland, Li’l Bill Kristol, David Frum, Lindsey “Barely in the closet” Graham and John Bolton, you are wrong and should be told you are wrong at every opportunity. That isn’t being “pro-Russian”, it is just being anti-White people killing each other so They can profit by their deaths.


  1. pyrrhus

    Nothing ever seems to change in the West…the small hats push and finance wars where white people kill each other, while the bankers and industrialists make enormous fortunes….

  2. Jeffrey Zoar

    Remember when we used to see Amy Coney Barrett’s picture all over right wing websites for a couple of years, before she was nominated for SCOTUS? It was like this big astroturfing campaign of “Here is this good looking white woman (the pic was from when she was a little younger) who is coming to save us!” Of course she is controlled op, as has more recently become apparent, like Kavanaugh and Roberts.

    Anyhow, for the last year and a half, I see Ms. Nuland’s pic all over the same sites, in sort of an Emmanuel Goldstein way, “Here is the culprit! Here is the person you are supposed to hate!” This too seems to me kind of astroturfed. I wonder who she is supposed to be distracting us from.

    It matters not at all to me who runs Ukraine, or what used to be Ukraine. But the GAE cannot afford to lose it, not if it wants to keep on being the GAE. They’ve managed to get themselves into a fight they can’t walk away from like they did in Iraq or Afghanistan or Vietnam. Putler doesn’t even have to “win” to achieve this goal. He just has to survive. Every day that Russia keeps on keeping on, the GAE diminishes.

    So I fully expect to see US forces in combat vs Russian forces in eastern Europe

    • Arthur Sido

      The intermediate step will be NATO troops, probably Poles, on the ground and then when they get massacred the call will go out for more direct combat roles since US forces have been there from the beginning of the war.

  3. John E. Rebel

    The land that beat Napoleon and Hitler is going to fold up any day now.
    The ammo should run out by this afternoon.
    They have ten times the manufacturing and recruitment of FUSA and rump vassals.
    The Kwanstain of BlackRock or FUSA is the designated loser of WWIII.
    You can fundamentally transform during wartime like no other time, just as Ape Lincoln did.

  4. Filthie

    Arthur, I think you may have missed the boat on this. Coming as I do from a shitlib family hive, I can tell you for a fact that they know EXACTLY why we are in the ‘Kraine:

    The Russians are evil, stupid people that are trying to re-establish the old Soviet Union. Putler just flipped out one day for no reason whatsoever, just like Adolph Hitler did! The Ukes and NATO are the heroes in this morality play, the Russians and villains, and anything that is done to stop them carries the blessings of God, patriotism and the forces of niceness. These idiots rolled up their sleeves and injected shit into their veins because some idiot on TV told them to. They wore face diapers for over a year thinking that gauze could filter out viruses. Even though most of them are highly educated, none of them can think for themselves. Over 50% of North Americans are cud chewing, mouth breathing idiots – and they are now firmly in charge of all our institutions. They oppose Russia because they are heroes opposed to evil. They dance to the tunes called by the Globohomo govt and will laugh at you for critical thinking. You have to be a professional journalist or an approved expert to properly fact check these things dontchya know!!!

    People like you and your deplorable racist hatey commenters are just chit-poasting conspiracy whack jobs!!! Most of these guys are either idiots or elderly boomers that still rely on the Globohomo mass media for their info. Most will never change either. Our fate is sealed at this point, bigger and better (and more lethal) Current Things are headed our way…

    • Not-A-Fan

      Glen, it sounds like you once work for government too. They are all absolutely certain their opinions on everything are right. I used to enjoy having what I considered “fun, intellectual debates” with my colleagues. I quickly learned to never have any opinion on anything as E V E R Y T H I N G is politics with these people and they get extremely pissed off when you run circles around their view on the current thing. They are ALWAYS right about everything – just ask them.

      • Arthur Sido

        I have a family member that lives in DC and can’t understand why people in the rest of the country are not as obsessed over the political theater as they are.

    • Gryphon

      Glen, you COULD have put a /S/ Tag on that, but sadly, there are too many Deluded Fools who believe the Kosher Media, and think that the (((neocons))) are working in the interests of “America” (in name only).

  5. Scot Irish

    I’ve lived in South Carolina. Very conservative people for the most part. I don’t understand how the pink palmetto princess keeps getting elected?
    Well I could guess but then I would be a conspiracy theorist.

    It’s my understanding that Russia is using artillery, missiles and jets to fight the war.
    Not so much infantry. If they use infantry it’s to smash any Ukrainian push.

    • Arthur Sido

      Indiana is probably even more conservative than SC and we end up with terrible elected Republicans because people just vote for whoever has an R after their name. The head of the education department in Indiana until recently was a flaming liberal but she was elected to the statewide office because she somehow won the primary that no one paid attention to.

  6. Mike_C

    Elsewhere I pointed out that if Ukraine had a Japanese President and Japanese PM, funded by Japanese “Ukrainian” billionaire, and if US State was run by a Jap, and the deputy in charge of Ukrainian affairs was also a Jap, and married into the family of Japs that most hate ethnic Ukrainians, then people would notice. Probably to the point of “what the fuck?!!” If nothing else, it’d be wildly improbable. (Pre-war UKR had a population of 44 million, about 40k were “actively Jewish” and maybe 200k had “right of return” to Israel — that’s a MINUSCULE minority. The odds are probably comparable to the US simultaneously having a Samoan President and Samoan Chief Justice of SCOTUS.)

    Perhaps not surprisingly, someone freaked the fuck out over that, called me anti-Semitic (naturally), and he went crazier from there. Sigh.

    Anyhoo. Why? Yeah, top reasons are money/power and psychotic hatred of Slavs so profound it might as well be genetic. Lesser reasons are arms trafficking (and clearing out NATO stores for MIC profit); human trafficking (blonde blue-eyed women and prepubescent children of either sex are SO much more valuable than say, Haitian or Congolese children). Also the chance to humiliate, terrorize, and rape white Slavs must be so much more satisfying. (And those women and children totally had it coming, let me tell you. Not that it’s happening, but if it was, it’s a drop in the bucket compared to Our Suffering.) And, I’m not saying this is happening, but I suspect that the average Ukrainian is a better genetic match for organ “donation” than some sub-Saharan African or SE Asian. The chaos of war + massive refugee crisis is tailor-made for persons to disappear.

  7. Phil B

    Putin could, if he wished, finish the war in a few weeks IF HE WANTED TO. But does he want to and if not, why not?

    Looking at the kit he is using to fight, then the western news agencies are crowing that he’s scraping the bottom of the barrel and even a historian is doing so:

    But the reason is, Ukraine does not have any armour so an obsolete, 70 year old tank is more than adequate (similarly obsolete BTR 8 wheeled APC’s rather than their latest kit). Plus the Russians have vast reserves of 100mm and 105mm ammunition and the older tanks can use it so why not use them first to get rid of old stocks on a FIFO basis?

    If Putin wants to defang NATO, all he needs to do is keep feeding obsolete 70 year old tanks into Ukraine while the latest high tech NATO kit is used to destroy them without even bothering to use his latest tanks etc. The NATO kit is being destroyed too and is delivering to Russia all their secrets and best kit.

    If he wants to invade Western Europe and reincorporate the Eastern Bloc countries into Russia again, then NATO will have so little kit that the only option NATO will have is to use their nuclear weapons because they will have nothing left to oppose him. My bet is tht NATO will fire the first nuke (either tactical battlefield or an ICBM). I know Britain is useless as a force to oppose any Russian invasion:

    From here ( this is what Russian tanks Putin has available:

    Tank In service In reserve
    T54 35,000
    T55 27,500
    T62 800
    T72 2,030 7,000
    T80 480 3,000
    T90 417 200
    T14 130

    There were no figures for T54/T55 in service and reserves hence the bald figures for those models. Still an effective tank, though. The 76,557 is the total numbr of tanks he has available THAT WE KNOW ABOUT.

    Note that at approximately 8 to 10 year intervals, Russia produces a new model of tank and the Western Intelligence Services only find out about them when they parade them on May Day in Red Square. The T14 is their last generation tank known to Western Intelligence and I am certain that there will be a T22 or similar that we know nothing about.

    As Mark Felton says, there are only about 230 Challenger tanks in existence and half of them are out of service, needing repair. But it is proposed that Britain sends all of its Challenger tanks to Ukraine and there are Ukrainians being trained to operate the Challenger in the UK right now. Before America gets too smug, you only have just over 2500 Abrams tanks to oppose them too. We can ignore Germany as they have allowed the Bundeswher to be run down so that they do not have enough rifles to issue to their infantry.

    I bet that the same can be said for aircraft and the weaponry needed for them too.

    I know that thanks to America supplying Ukraine with Javelin anti tank missiles, stinger shoulder launched anti aircraft missiles etc. that they now have such low stocks that it will take the manufacturers a reported 13 years to replenish the javelin, 5 years to replenish the stingers back to pre-Ukraine levels of stocks. Plus they have supplied over 1 million rounds of 155mm ammunition, which the USA is running out of with no prospect of manufacturing more. Guess what both the javelin and stinger rely on to function? Computer chips which are supplied nowadays by China and while you are in a guessing mood, guess who is nowadays bosom buddy pals with China? Ask yourselves if it is likely that China will supply their enemies with this technology.

    Now, you cannot simply buy up a factory, give it a fresh coat of paint, install the equipment and call it a chip fabrication plant. The cleanliness needed and the scrupulous attention to preventing contamination is not something that can be achieved by Sadie the cleaning lady with her mop and bucket. Also, the trained personnel needed to operate the equipment isn’t something that can be ordered from the local DHSS dole office. It is acknowledged in the industry that it will take about 10 years to bring a fabrication plant up to full working efficiency. So the idiots in parliament and congress decreeing that they want a chip fabrication plant by this time next year are living in a dream world. Hence China and/or Taiwan has about 10 years to make their mind up to do something if they want to retain their advantage.

    Putin called up 300,000 reservists. Yay! We are winning (no we are not, Ukraine is losing about 7 soldiers for every Russian) and he must be (again) scraping the bottom of the barrel … but he has 25 million reservists to call upon. So, no big deal and the resrvists are getting real life refresher training.

    Why would Putin want to end the war when he is emptying NATO armouries and getting NATO to use its latest high tech kit up with little chance or replenishing it when he has vastly more kit to play with? Let the west send all its equipment to Ukraine (only about 1/3 reaches the front line – the rest is sold on the black market) and I am 10000000% convinced that the Russians have enough samples of the latest high tech supplied kit – either sourced from Ukraine or from the Taliban – that the research laboratories and his military know to the exact thousands of an inch what NATO has/is capable of and more importantly how to counter it. That is important,not them being able to copy it.

    So let the war grind on – it distracts the population in the west and they can virtue signal all they like while Putin plans for the invasion of Western Europe and regain the Baltic states, Poland and however much he wants of the rest. NATO will have nothing to oppose him. Throwing rocks at a tank is not conducive to a long and comfortable retirement, in my opinion at least.

    The ONLY response NATO has in that case is to go nuclear. Putin will, predictably, respond in kind. One thing I recall from years ago was that the Soviets were amazed and delighted when America put minuteman missiles around their nuclear missile silos. They interpreted that to mean that you would not use them – otherwise at the declaration of war, you would fire off all nuclear weapons and not need to protect the silos.

    And if you scoff at NATO going for a first strike nuclear attack, the UK Government has introduced a national warning system “just because …”.

    Why do you think that a nationwide alert system is needed right now? To warn that the supermarkets have a half price sale of eggs offer? The message is …

    As one of my female friends said, it will take her 4 minutes to retrieve the phone from her handbag. What can I do with a 4 minute warning? I can do you a soft boiled egg but you won’t have time to eat it.

  8. John Wilder

    Indeed, what business is it of the United States if one near-dictator wants to fight another near-dictator?

    Still haven’t figured that one out. But the folks in the pictures up there have never met a war they didn’t like, or one where their children have fought.

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