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Even Around Here

The other day the news was reporting a shooting in my county, in a sketchy trailer park. We get very few shootings in Dekalb County so it was kind of a big deal and especially since the person shot was a 16 year old boy. Well local news finally came up with some details for us.

A 21-year-old Detroit man has been arrested in connection to a shooting in Garrett Monday that injured a teenager, according to Indiana State Police (ISP). Authorities arrested Kerry Jamar Hawkins Tuesday and charged him with one count of attempted murder, a Level 1 felony.

Hawkins is currently being held in the DeKalb County Jail on a $200,000 cash bond.

JFC, they don’t get their fill of violence and mayhem in Detroit so they come down here? No word on motivation or what happened but I am sure you can probably fill in the blanks. Trailer park, black guy from Detroit, etc. We don’t have many shootings here in Dekalb County and you can see why….

…and when we do have a shooting, it turns out to be an imported 13%er.

You can’t get completely away from them so you have to always be on the lookout. Heads, swivels. Relaxing? Never. You know the drill.


  1. Anonymous

    Any details on the 16 year old? Race? Relationship to the rocket surgeon who capped him? I hope this situation was all intra-species between blacks and did not involve any actual human beings.

    • anonymous

      OMG! “Rocket Surgeon!” I was working on something for a customer and did a stupid mistake. I admitted it, and excused myself as not being a “rocket surgeon.” Then, we all laughed because what the hell is a rocket surgeon? I’d confused rocket scientist and brain surgeon.

      So I saw your post and had a laugh. Then I googled “Rocket Surgeon” and the first couple of entries were that: Rocket Surgeons do surgery on people while on rockets, and do surgery on rockets. Apparently, rocket surgeons earn about $250K per year.

      I’m guessing that AI is coming up with those answers…either that, or some aspiring “rocket surgeons” are interning for web media companies…


      • Anonymous

        The epithet “rocket surgeon” (and it IS an epithet, not a real occupation) has been around for a while and is used to describe someone who is clearly neither a rocket scientist nor brain surgeon. I think the first time I heard it used was in reference to St. Trayvon Martin of Skittles fame, mocking the black apologists who insisted that St. Trayvon was going to be a world-renowned scientist some day, had evil Nazi George Zimmerman not capped his arse for TNB.

  2. rto-jerry

    Arthur, you got a local Jr. College in your AO? They got a football team? If so. you will have a negro problem. This is how the maggots infest rural areas of the modern socialist republic of the USSA. Check your area study and if the local college has a high % of negro there will be trouble to come.

    • Anon

      Plenty of things will force them into your local town.
      Military bases are notorious for it.
      Tyson and other companies have imported masses of workers, another example.

  3. Bo Darville

    A new subgenre of ESFT would be “youths” or wilding from NYC central park attack.
    Gas City is known for meth and theft and there is one overpass where officer donut molester clocks the interstate in a pickup on I-69, the name escapes me.
    Even around here is a feature of the Fundamental Transformation and Bathhouse Barry is working feverishly to make sure every county has the indispensable enrichment.
    BTW-One of the central park jogger attackers is now on the city council of the glorious CPUSA (D) East HQ NYC.
    Si se puede!

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