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E.S.F.T. Euphoria Edition

Circling back to Why Are Kids Depressed And Suicidal? comparing Beverly Hills 90201 and Euphoria…

A story caught my eye on Fox News this morning…..

I am embarrassed to admit I missed that the creator of Euphoria is named Sam Levinson. Let’s check him out….

Then something else I didn’t know….

I had no idea that there was a Euphoria series made in Israel, but I am not surprised.

Levinson also created another HBO show called “The Idol“. Here is the parents guide at IMDb….

Well this Sam Levinson guy sounds like a perfectly normal, well adjusted fella and not a degenerate at all!

How did I miss that in the original post?


  1. Moe Gibbs

    “…relentlessly glorifies & romanticizes male control, rape & sexual violence via explicit discourse & graphic BDSM sex featuring nearly exclusive female nudity.”

    Oh, it’s a rap video. I get it.

    BTW, where does the parents guide at IMDb come down on the issue of explicit rap lyrics? Do they blanch at the blatant misogyny and overt calls to kill the poleeze? Or is rap excused, like every other savage, misanthropic, violent artifact of modern black life due to da turrible, turrible legacy ob da slabery?

    Asking for…well, no one, really. We all know the answer. Skin tone uber alles.

  2. Alex Lund

    I remember a meme, where in the upper part they showed a picture of the TV-series “Married with children” and the heading: Thats how we envisioned how sluts would dress in the future”
    and below was a picture of schoolgirls of 2020 or so and the sluts of “Married with children” had more of their body covered then the girls of today.

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