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Don’t Punch Right They Say

Well my post yesterday got some reaction: From Chad To Cuck At The Speed Of Light, with 83 comments (lots of them me replying to others). Most of it has been very positive, some have pushed back thoughtfully and a few are just moronic comments from normiecon civnats that either didn’t read my post and/or are too dumb to understand it. Quite a few people are generally reacting negatively to anyone that is pointing out Anthony’s “diversity is what made America great” response on Fox News. Gab’s Andrew Torba posted this yesterday, not sure if he was responding to me although he follows me and periodically reposts my stuff, but it sort of sounds like it.

Yes, I get that Oliver Anthony is young and has up until recently had issues with substance abuse, and yes he is just saying what a lot of people including many of /ourguys/ used to say, although I would ask if something being what a Fox News host might say is the standard we ought to be going for.

My message wasn’t for Oliver Anthony. I don’t know him and likely never will. I also suspect quite strongly that he will disappear in a month. Is anyone talking about Jason Aldean these days after he was in every news story and meme for a week or two after “Try That In A Small Town”? Aldean has had dozens of top hits but he already is fading away. Where is Kanye West talking about Da Jews? All the news about him now is his new sort-of “wife”, Bianca Censori, and her sloppy dugs in a see-through outfit. Some random guy giving free concerts might have staying power but I really doubt it.

No, my message was for people already on the Right and their tendency to scream like girls at an NSYNC concert, throwing their panties on stage whenever some new person comes along and says something mildly based.

When these guys almost invariably turn out to be not what we thought, either because they never were or because They got their hooks in them, it is demoralizing for /ourguys/ and that is dangerous as hell.

The big problem with Oliver Anthony is that he is an unknown. The guy came out of nowhere. His official Facebook page suddenly cuts off in September of 2022. Was it around before that? Don’t know. If so what was on there? Don’t know. We don’t know shit about this guy other than a couple of videos he published before ‘Rich Men North of Richmond’ blew up and the interviews and posts since.

“Oh yeah, well he turned down an $8 million deal! That proves he is genuine! Would you have done that?”

Hell no, I would have taken their money but it isn’t like this poor church mouse is eating Alpo for dinner.

Los Angeles Times pop music critic Mikael Wood noted that Anthony himself has become a “rich man south of Richmond.” After his song “topped the iTunes chart” and “Spotify’s U.S. Top 50,” Anthony was “raking in an estimated $40,000 a day from sales and streams of his music, according to the trade journal Hits.”

Even if he has gotten only half that much, that is still $280,000 for a video he recorded in the woods with his dog two weeks ago. Nice work if you can get it.

So back to my point, one that most people get but a few obtuse individuals don’t or won’t. In their eagerness to put a crown on the flavor of the month, lots of /ourguys/ go through the same emotional rollercoaster cycle over and over again. Something new comes along, they jump on the bandwagon, get pissed at anyone urging caution and then end up disappointed like a college freshman who thought that the frat boy really loved her (See: Trump, Donald). Rinse. Repeat. That is awful for morale.

Maybe Oliver Anthony is a gateway to the real Right? That is possible although I would say again that if you are talking about the melting pot and diversity making America great, the more likely gateway is one that leads straight to the comment section of Fox News and Breitbart, civic nationalists who cling to being “color-blind” and believing that our solution is to simply VOTE MOAR HARDERER! People get stuck there and end up being useless, flipping out because Vivek Ramaswamy suggested cutting “aid” to Israel.

I am a bit older than Torba, from what I can tell he is in his mid 30s. Me? I was around for Ronald Reagan. I cast my first vote for President for George H.W. Bush. I have seen the endless hero chasing on the Right, with every GOP candidate other than Trump in some way trying to claim the mantle of Reagan. I have seen new stars of conservatism come and go. At one time Sarah Palin was the flavor of the month, the Next Big Thing and the darling of the Religious Right. Now she is a trainwreck and politically irrelevant, unable to even win the single at large House seat in her home state of Alaska. Lauren Southern. Nick Fuentes. On and on.

My four decades of being politically aware and active have left me understanding that there isn’t some new conservative savior that will take us to the promise land and return America to the 1980s under Reagan, minus the threat of nuclear war and the crack epidemic.

Instead of chasing the latest fad, there are plenty of sober men who have been doing Our Thing long enough to have a real track record, guys like Jared Taylor, Peter Brimelow and John Derbyshire. I have been reading them for a long time and their positions are on display, and those positions have cost them dearly. Derbyshire was fired by National Review. Jared Taylor is banned from travelling to Europe. These guys have paid the price for speaking the truth and they keep doing it anyway. If those guys are too old for you, Gregory Hood at American Renaissance has been writing for them since 2013 and he doesn’t mince words. There are plenty of quality guys out there who aren’t making oblique references to welfare abuse.

Hopefully this is the last time I will need to address Oliver Anthony for a while, although if he comes out and says something actually based or implodes by showing up to a free concert dressed in drag and drinking a Bud Light I might have to point it out. The work we have to do is local, local and more local and we don’t do ourselves any favors by chasing after the latest astroturf populist that shows up on social media.


  1. Gryphon

    Like many others have pointed out, NOBODY gets this kind of ‘Viral Attention’ without being a part of the (((machine))). He may be Sincere, he may genuinely Believe what he is saying, but cannot see that he is being used as a Pawn by the system. And the guys like Torba, who complain about ‘Punching Right’ look like mewling civnats to me.

  2. Don W Curton

    I’m probably just a few years older than you, I cast my first vote for Ronnie back in 1984. And yeah, we’ve both seen a lot of flash-in-the-pan type guys come and go. We’ve seen movements (Tea Party, anyone?) spring up and then fade away quickly. Like you, I wanna see some history first before I support anyone. I’ll listen, even agree, but I ain’t gonna champion anyone and finally, there are NO heroes. Just people.

    I do appreciate the work you do, this is a daily stop for me. But there’s no one on the national stage right now who I think truly supports either of us. And there probably will never be, given the way things are.

  3. Harbinger

    Agreed on all points, other than calling this guy, or any 30 year old, “young”. As if to absolve him of any lapses due to his still wet-behind-the-ears condition.

    You’ve detailed your curriculum vitae often enough on your blog, Arthur, that I know you staked your claim far earlier than age 30, as did I. Were you still too “young” to have established a mindset and developed a backbone by age 30? Of course you weren’t. You had a brood of children and were providing for them and for your wife while streaking up the corporate ladder. By age 30, I had completed three STEM degrees, was married for 8 years already and had two children, both born before I was 26. We were men at 30, and I certainly did not consider myself too “young” to have formed some very rigid beliefs and convictions that I hold to this minute.

    If you want to consider this Anthony fellow “naive” or “easily manipulated” I won’t argue with that. He is quite literally a fish out of water, unused to the spotlight (despite being a small-time entertainer, if I read it right). Probably scared to death of saying or doing anything that might make him a target and get him ‘canceled’. I’d sure love to see him stand his ground, snub the mainstream and collect his bucks during his 15 minutes of fame, sitting back with a shit-eating grin on his face and a Yuengling in his hand. I think those “diversity” and “melting pot” remarks were just the first, safest things he thought to say, in order to keep himself out of ‘trouble’.

    Does he really believe it? We’ll see.

    • Arthur Sido

      I say young in the sense of still forming his political opinion and understanding of the world, young emotionally if not chronologically, because at mid 30s I was at 7 and almost to 8 kids, had been living with my wife and providing for her for more than a decade, etc but I was also still a somewhat more radical normiecon at the time.

  4. Big Ruckus D

    I think the wise course of action is to let the weaponized autists of the chans work this guy’s background and history. They’ll put together the dossier, and that will give us a better read on what we’re dealing with.

    Things are already starting to smell a bit, so let the skeletons be cast out of the closet for all to see. If it turns out he has backing from those who can “make” someone on social media, or those who do music and video production, then we already have enough reason to be suspicious, if not critical.

    If he has openly espoused political and social policy positions that are incongruent with what I want to see done, then he becomes an immediate non-entity to me. I’ve no time or support for those who are fundamentally at odds with me, which he may or may not be. That remains to be seen, but the early indications I’m now seeing aren’t so hot.

    • BP

      “I’ve no time or support for those who are fundamentally at odds with me”

      How narrow or broad are the fundamentals? Army of one? Educating the adjacent? You and 2 guys believing the exact same thing are just wasting “time”. Growing movements is not cloning. Religious beliefs. Parenting beliefs. Roles in society. How broad is the avenue?

    • Arthur Sido

      I suspect he will disappear before anything comes to light, his brief time in the spotlight is about expired and in a week or two no one will be talking about him.

  5. T.L. Davis

    First of all, I think you’re right, we should not be looking for anyone to solve our problems, certainly not someone who has substance abuse issues and plays a guitar. That’s on us if we wanted to make him into a right-wing hero. He just sand a song that he obviously felt from the heart. He had been posting his songs for over a year. This one blew up. I wrote a post about the same time about the phenomenon of it, but Oliver Anthony himself is not a hero of the right, never claimed to be. It’s enough for me that he’s a Christian, but I don’t look any deeper than that. We are our only heroes. We’re the only ones who will do it right every time, at least in our own eyes. Only we can work on the problems we see in our lives against or with the people in our small worlds.

    But for people to come down on this guy for not being what he never claimed to be is wrong. He didn’t lie to us, we lied to ourselves if that’s what we got out of his angst-filled song. It might be a bright spot in a dismal day, but that’s all it could ever be, all it was intended to be. For me, he’s a curiosity, the song was a surprise and the reactions to it were entertaining. Okay, let’s get back to work. I have a project I’ve proposed to my county commission to make our county autonomous from the state when it comes to individual rights. That’s all I can do.

    • Arthur Sido

      No argument there, my issue has never been with him and I don’t find him that interesting. What concerned me was the way people were chasing this guy as if he was Trump 2.0

  6. Bobsuruncle

    Art, I agree with what you posted here, I just want to add that situations like this with Anthony’s capturing the zeitgeist can and should be exploited as white propaganda, info operations are a critical weapon in the fight. I also agree with Torba’s point of bringing others along to where we are. But, I wont cover ground already covered that is where people have refused to learn from the 2×4 smack to the back of the head. Cut your losses, wish them the best, and watch the failure and fuckery rain down due to their lack of learning, comprehension and understanding. Good post.

  7. Anon

    All those civnat and other faggots do is punch right against the people who want such extreme things like an end to immigration killing the nation, marriage to be only between a man and a woman, and so on. The same sort that support “based trannies/nogs/pajeets” and other ilk just because they slightly disagree with one or two left policies but still push others that are killing us.
    Then they accuse others of what they do.
    A cohencidence.

    • Arthur Sido

      They have been punching right my entire life, Buchanan, Sobran, on and on. It is fine to gatekeep one way but when anyone raises a concern? You get scolded for not being a team player.

  8. Sane Max

    The older I have gotten (and not through any inherent smarts) the more I am grateful I am to be neither rich, nor famous, nor artistically talented, nor photogenic, and to have been happily married for 39 years, 7 months and 6 days.

    That is all 🙂

    Oh, apart from the helpful facts that (a) alcohol is not heroin and (b) Krispy Kremes are not cocaine.

  9. Stealth Spaniel

    The press thinks they are giving the “right wingers” a pass: the Hollywood Caste thinks that if they can manipulate stuff enough, they will make millions of dollars: and the smiling doofuses of the political bent hope this translates into power and more cash for them. Frankly, I only have one Savior and he isn’t caterwalling on the prairie. Over 3000+ years and nobody can follow the Original Book-in any version. I know that masks are dangerous to my health, I was given a Divinely Designed immune system, and there is a reason gold, buying a sword, and preparing are mentioned over and over and over. I was a child and then gave up childish things. I wish everybody would get their little piece of Galt all cleaned up and stop the nonsense. So I pray for guidance and wisdom and wiggle on.

  10. Herschel Smith

    I don’t disagree with the sentiment of the post and it’s a good job of writing.

    But as for John Derbyshire, he came out as an atheist and repudiated everything he once allegedly stood for (“I thought I was right but was wrong but changed and now I know I’m right just because”) and after that I have no interest at all in him or anything he has to say.

    That’s my purity test, and it’s good enough for me.

    • Arthur Sido

      I have a different standard, if you are standing with my people, I stand with you. What someone does or doesn’t do on Sunday isn’t my concern, but I completely understand where you are coming from.

  11. Xzebek

    I am also wary of going “fanboy” on politicians or cultural flavors of the week. Especially politicians. To me they are like Temps at my company; they work for me, not the other way around. And they are easily replaced. We all should look at politicians (and entertainers, sports figures, and cultural commentors) this way. Keep them around as long as they are providing us true value. As soon as they stop they get heaved. And they don’t get second chances (usually).

    • Arthur Sido

      I saw that as well, I can’t verify the authenticity so I am not sharing it but as I said, it does seem odd that his Facebook profile abruptly ends in September of 2022.

    • Mike_C

      I suppose that could be irony. I’ve made similar remarks about certain persons (and peoples) that I definitely intended as sarcastic bullshit. But I don’t know if Anthony does that sort of thing.

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