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Dissidents Get Doxxed

I wanted to share this video from Paul Waggener, his instagram just got nuked (again) and they are shutting off the comments on his videos. I had the same thing happen on one of my videos, every time I check back the comments are shut off. His video got me kinda fired up.

The end is the best.

Because if you don’t believe that we’re going to win this fight, then get the fuck out of the fight.

This is one of the reasons why I avoid monetizing my social media, doing so makes me vulnerable to having Them yank the carpet out from under me. I am fortunate to be in a great spot financially so that I can write whatever I want and if They don’t like it, They are free and encouraged to go fuck Themselves.

I can seem black-pilled at times and I am but that does not mean I don’t think we win in the long run. It just means I don’t think we are going to win at the ballot box or via bullshit like “metapolitics”. We are going to win by people like Paul and like you and like me refusing to bend the fucking knee, refusing to play by Their rules. That is why I hate the MGTOW bullshit because if you aren’t going to have a family, what the fuck is the point? Why bother? Just keep your head down until you die. Me? I am fighting because I want a better world for my kids and my grandkids and all of my posterity. My life doesn’t mean shit to me but their lives do. Sitting around the basement, jerking off to anime and complaining about women because you can’t get a date is defeatist bullshit.

If you are a dissident, you are going to get doxxed, demonetized, hounded, threatened. I get that crap all of the time, I just laugh and send it to the spam folder.

If you aren’t, you aren’t really in the game. Sooner or later though we will all get to a point where we have to make a choice and the right choice is going to cost you and cost you dearly.

Sharing again for fun.


  1. Sane Max

    I have a family whose care is my goal.

    I don’t say much publicly.

    I don’t do Zuckbook or Whatsfuk or TikJerk or Instacrap or anything that may affect PersSec.

    I do what I can to throw my low-profile spanner in their works.

    Besides I never expected to leave this world alive 🙂

  2. Jeffrey Zoar

    These political indictments are going to snowball. The Georgia one kind of opens the floodgates. Who knows how far it will go, but now that they’ve got a taste of it, it’s definitely going to expand.

    • Arthur Sido

      I fully expect to see some sort of actual arrest, handcuffs and mugshots kind of arrest. The message couldn’t be more clear, if They can do this to a former President, They can do it to you. You can be arrested, jailed for life or just simply gunned down in your home, all at the whim of the people running the show.

      • Moe Gibbs

        But they can’t arrest all of us. I am certain that we have ultimate numerical superiority. It’s just that we tend to keep it quiet, unlike the left who are forever all-out. We don’t gather in groups on the streets with masks and banners, but we are legion. All it will take is some wildly egregious act on the part of the “authorities” for the pitchforks and AKs to come out for real. ‘Tis a consummation devoutly to be wish’d.

  3. Anon

    Check out Devon Stacks, Blackpilled on odd sea. He does streams, often of something historical but a lot of current event shit too. An example is the series related to the documentary “Century of Self” (worth watching without the commentary too), a series on Pat-Con, aka the us govt and its crackdown on right wing militias in the 90s, 80s, etc, or one of his most recent streams on the Zebra Killers (which for some reason never got a ton of media coverage unlike white serial killers) and the behavior of the black community in the local area during it, or a stream on the riots in detroit (same era as civil rights bullshit).
    As a people we have been suffering through this sort of shit for so many years and Whites tend to flee to more White areas, though we pretty much have nowhere else to run to as the leftist idiots and their brainwashing nosy puppeteers ruin the few places left.
    There’s nowhere to run that won’t get overrun if people don’t resist.
    That’s one reason I get mad; all the lost opportunities, all the fleeing when they had the absolute numbers to change something, so many times the govt just runs right over them and ignores popular positions. Fuck roosevelt too, speaking of.
    Now it’s up to us still alive to do something and the younger generations are fucked up so much or will be born into an even worse situation that should have been remedied over a century ago.
    It is still possible to salvage something for Whites and use this as a beachhead to reclaim other places, but it won’t be pretty. See the collapse of Yugoslavia as an example, but with the beaners, joggers, and others genociding Whites, so a mix of fallen White countries in africa.
    Fun times.

  4. Bobsuruncle

    Civil disobedience and non-compliance. We dont need CFR, zionist loving, clown barker Trump. Why did Trump ask Ga# Andrew Torba to ban antisemitic posts as a requirement for him to join after getting banned on twatter? Ask LT Ron why he signed that FL antisemitic hate bill in Israel. Traitors all.

    We cant even get people to understand and figure out how to legally and lawfully pay less taxes, to start. Not tax avoidance that is illegal, tax reduction. Sorry, people are too stupid for anything short of an implosion to happen, and who makes it, makes it.

    Its the common lie we are one race. Why did God sanction the Canaanites and other tribes when there was still an actual Abrahamic lineage? Who usurped that lineage, snake people? Canaanites? Migrated to Europe, Turkey, the Caucasas, as Ashkenazis, Kazarians? Why is Nazi found in Sumer and Askenazi?

    Enquiring minds want to know.

  5. Gryphon

    The entirety of the Internet is controlled by government and (((them))). It has become obvious that the communists are discovering that its Value as a Data-Mining and Propaganda Platform is being compromised by Freedom of Speech. Thus, the increasingly Desperate attempts at Censorship – ‘deplatfroming’ is Censorship; We should not use the Term, say “Censorship”. Avoiding it will become increasingly difficult for any dissenters from the (((official narrative))).

    I expect that open attempts to claim the First Amendment does Not Protect ‘hate speech’ no matter how ‘Political’ it is will Increase. Expect to see ‘Laws’ criminalizing any attempt to point out the (((jew))) in politics to be enacted first – starting with Banning of any questioning of the (((holy cause))) as in zionist-controlled Europistan.

    • Umglick Goyim

      I responded below but intended it to be a response to your post. I believe you are correct, and the WWW/666 reveal gives insight as to how/why such evil is controlling it. Although Saul says we are to obey our elected leaders, Saul is the false apostle and liar of Revelation 2:2. lucifer offered Y’shua the power to appoint all global level leaders in the third temptation, but Y’shua specifically rejected him and said we are to worship Master YHWH our Elohim ALONE. So, if lucifer today offers that power and tomorrow says we are to obey that power, it is that same lucifer. Saul was in fact possessed by lucifer on his way to damascus, NOT Y’shua, as evidenced by his own testimony of his so called conversion, which is identical to the shedding of a serpents skin. Y’shua healed completely and immediately every single time, never three days delay or scales falling off. lucifer has appointed bush, and clinton, and obama, and trump, and biden… And they are all doing exactly what they are told to cause distraction and diversion in every direction; and with over 34,000 denominations (demons in nations) of organized religion to completely overwhelm us. YHWH has repeatedly introduced Himself to His creation as YHWH our Elohim. I fail to understand how any human who refuses to refer to their Creator by the name the Creator repeatedly introduced Himself as can have any reasonable expectation of the Creator caring about the humans name… And the day is coming when the Creator knowing your name will be your only hope, no material preparations will help. If you obey (Matthew 25:31-46 which is so simple there is no mortal excuse not to have this covered…) He WILL know your name, as you will be His child. All threats to His children will be radically destroyed. Peace.

  6. Umglick Goyim

    Speaking of the internet… You have likely read that in Revelation the mark of the beast system we are to avoid is 666. That is an intentionally false translation. 2000 years ago, not greek, hebrew, or latin used numbers but letters to represent them, as in the current superbowl whatever it is still being tracked in roman numerals. There is no historical or linguistic doubt John wrote Revelation in Aramaic using the Hebrew Alphabet, despite organized religion also lying about it being original to greek. So the real question is what letter of the Hebrew alphabet represents the number 6, which John saw three times. In latin it would be VI, as two letters are necessary. But in Hebrew the letter is W. Take as much time as you need, let that sink in… WWW is the beast system. 666 has nothing to do with buying or selling, it is a gimmick stupid evil people use to ‘secretly’ be evil, and it is nothing else. But which of you are not already making financial transactions on the internet? The system will not be turned over to the beast completely until cash is removed, but that is soon coming… Then they will have complete control. This is what we must be ready for.

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