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This might be the closest Africans have come to achieving space flight.

If you are going to come after a water buffalo, don’t stand in front of it.

Seriously though, that walrus outweighs the little chick like three to one and was trying to ignore her, and still the little one gets up in her face and pays the price for it. That famous impulse control on display.


  1. No One

    Click on the link and you see nothing but Afircanz bouncing around to jungle music….On a side note (and out of curiosity), did they even event the wheel (or was it imported like a lot of basic technologies)? Pre-Columbian America did not have the wheel. Basic portages, which held back technological development (roads, animal husbandry, plough, metallurgy, agriculture, trade, communications, etc.), which is why Pre-Columbian America was stuck in the stone age.

  2. Anonymous

    What was that, a MAGA rally? I didn’t see one human in that crowd during that whole episode. Just a sea of darkness. Imagine the smell.

    Hilariously, that 300 pound wrecking machine did not even pull the sail foam down from her left ear while upending the pickaninny who was gettin’ all up in her bidnez. And that pickaninny has to be the skinniest black female I’ve seen in 30 years.

    So what was the beef? Dueling over some fine homeboy? Last piece of fried chicken missing? Stolen weave? Had to be something of epic proportions like that for this Da’Vid and Go-Li’ath drama to be played out so publicly.

  3. Zed

    Regarding Incase and the wheel.
    Look at the topography of the country they lived in. Even today, there are places there the wheel is practically useless. They had a series of highways and runners for carrying messages, and heavy freight way moved other ways.
    I’m not going to take the Mezo-American civilizations to task because they did not use the wheel.
    They were very sophisticated civilizations even without it, compared to Africa.

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