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Amazing Police Work!

A shooting this afternoon at a Jacksonville Dollar General and just a few hours later, we already have the shooter’s manifesto and know his motivations. Incredible!

Three people were killed in a “racially motivated” shooting at a Dollar General in Jacksonville, Florida, on Saturday, authorities said.

All three victims were Black, and the suspect detailed a “disgusting ideology of hate” in writings, according to Jacksonville Sheriff T.K. Waters.

“The shooting was racially motivated and he hated Black people,” Waters said of the suspect.

The gunman was armed with an AR-15-style rifle and a handgun and outfitted in a tactical vest when he shot three people — two men and a woman — before turning the gun on himself, according to Waters. No other injuries were reported in the shooting.

The ol’ “tactical vest”, proven to make shooters 250% more lethal.

It does seem odd that the manifesto of a “transgender” chick that thought she was a man, Audrey Hale, who shot up a Christian school in Nashville in March, killing three small children and three adults has yet to be released. We know the police have her manifesto in their possession and it is the subject of lawsuits to get it released but here we are 5 months later and her motivation is still a mystery. We likely will never know why a mentally disturbed degenerate would target a Christian school for mass murder. Don’t get me started on Las Vegas.

This guy? A couple of hours and we have the whole story. Want to bet we have a three-named shooter on our hands?


  1. The Rooster

    I love it when the violence takes on “style” as a characteristic. “Outfitted with a tactical vest” — not to mention the shooter “turning the gun on himself” — now that’s tactical! Sorry about the Negroes that got capped. Those disgusting ideologies of hate are getting to be almost as lethal as a Covid 19 shot.

      • MN Steel

        Probably a LBV (load bearing vest) or even just a chest rig.

        You know, to keep your extended clips and high-capacity drum clips for your fully-semiautomatic weapon of war.

        How much longer until we get the flamethrower guy from Lethal Weapon 2 going through Black Wall Street?

  2. Anonymous

    Councilwoman Ju’Coby Pittman

    If I had a daughter, I was going to name her “Ju’Coby”.

    The gunman was armed with an AR-15-style rifle…

    Of course he was. It’s the go-to weapon of hate for us blue-eyed ice devils.

    outfitted in a tactical vest…

    This is just how we identify one another, we White supremacists. I wear mine to church.

    Ever notice that a White nutcase detailing in writing why he hates nignogs issues a “manifesto”, whereas a dindu posting selfies of himself on social media with his arsenal and boasting of hunting down White cops is “a righteous, angry young man with a promising future who merely wishes to express his feelings of oppression”?

    6600 black-on-black murders a year yields…crickets.
    Half a dozen MKULTRA rejects self-detonating on cue…national panic.

    Do they really think we don’t know?

  3. Kwannie from the Kwanstain

    Patsie go brrr.
    The Kabuki shootings will continue until the sheep bleat for Australian style ban.
    Vee vill keep you safe, and you’ll like it.

  4. saoirse

    The good sheriff Waters, a five-star nigger, probably wrote the the ‘manifesto’ himself – with some remedial English help from the fed-fuckers of course.

  5. Big Ruckus D

    Hates black people, eh? You mean like how black people hate black people, and kill each other in quite impressive numbers solely on that basis?

    I propose a new corollary: just as a misogynist is just a man who hates women as much as other women hate each other, a racist is someone who hates niggas as much as dey hate theyselves (sic) and sheeit.

    And that description of the shooter and his gear? That right there is just media mad libs, written by and for…mad libs.

      • Big Ruckus D

        Well, then It’d be nice if they would redouble their efforts at practicing that good hate on each other. Alas, it seems their marksmanship falls far short of what is needed to make a genuine difference.

          • Big Ruckus D

            Precisely what I was alluding to. All that firepower, and yet so few stiffs to show for it. Further, as you rightly point out, this exponentially increases the “carrying cost” of all this dead weight for the rest of us.

  6. WDS

    There will be much more of this as we get closer & closer to 11/2024 along with pallets of bricks mysteriously placed on street corners in contestable voting precincts.

  7. Bobsuruncle

    And yet we still cant find out what guns the black sovereign citizen, moor used in the Pgh, PA “siege”, labeled that by the whore media. Yeah, not a siege, they got that backwards, it was a barricade situation with an active shooter.

    Jax incident, Im going with Fed wind up toy.

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