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Add “Caribbean American festivals” To The List

There are a few events/locations that are magnets for mass shootings. For example….

  • Celebrations of life
  • Hookah bars
  • Block parties
  • Any venue that has twerking contests

Looks like we need to add Caribbean American festivals to the list.

Seven people were injured when shots broke out at a Caribbean festival in Boston early Saturday morning.

All the victims in the 7:45 a.m. shooting in the Dorchester neighborhood were taken to hospitals with non-life-threatening injuries, according to Boston 25.

Boston police said several people were arrested and multiple guns were recovered at the scene.

7:45 AM? That is awfully early for basketball-Americans to be up but if you look at the pictures at the post, I don’t recommend it, you will see a seething mass of corpulent black women wearing just gawd awful outfits that showcase their enormous asses. People getting shot seems to be a regular theme at this Caribbean festival:

The city’s annual Caribbean Carnival kicked off early Saturday, with one parade starting at 6:30 a.m., a police notice said.

It’s not the first time violence has accompanied the festival.

Last year, one person was killed, and several more were injured during the the event’s two parades, Fox News reported

An innocent bystander was shot and killed in 2014 as well, CBS News reported.

I don’t like getting up early unless I have to and getting up early to go somewhere with shootings every couple of years, not to mention a bunch of fat water buffaloes in unitards? Hard pass from me dawg.

The rule remains the same: avoid crowds and especially avoid crowds at events or locations that attract the fellas. No need to get shot and have some 400 pound black woman in spandex be the last thing you see.


  1. Mike Fink

    That whole neighborhood in Boston is a notorious jogger crime zone going back 50 years. Dorchester, Roxbury, Mattapan, and to an extent Jamaica Plain are all demographically the same and account for 85% of Boston’s shootings. Boston is relatively safer over all compared to someplace like Philadelphia, but it will catch up in good time.

    Heritage Americans thinking of taking a trip to Boston to see the ancient sites associated with the the 1775 War should think again and go somewhere else. Woke Boston will likely be pulling them down out of hate soon anyway. Give this place a pass and let it die.

      • Big Country Expat

        Lived in JP (Jamaica Plain) back in the day, at the end of Huntington when in College. They FINALLY ripped down the majority of the Projects there in the late 90s from what I understand… and a quick correction: The locals call Mattapan “Murderpan” for all the shewtins that happene there.

        Add on that the current psycho-dyke Governor? Maura Healy… who I had the distinct horror of being a classmate of in NH back in the day… mean, a bully and a chameleon nonpareil. She was one of the most fucked up bitches I ever had to deal with back in the day…

        She’s one of the main reasons I never intend on setting foot back on the ‘home turf’

  2. Bobsuruncle

    Caribbean Pirates tend to be unruly. Seen some vids, a bunch disgustingly fat, pork belly, bottom feeders.

    Seen Chiraq is averaging two murders a day now, even shootings inside the White Sox stadium with security and metal detectors.

  3. Moe Gibbs

    All the victims in the 7:45 a.m. shooting in the Dorchester neighborhood were taken to hospitals with non-life-threatening injuries

    Coupla things stand out to me. Of course, the lousy aim and abysmal kill ratio, but that is just par for the course. There hasn’t been a black who could place a round since John Allen Muhammad. But that hour! Caribbean blacks must not be like our garden variety homeboys if they are gathering at 6:30 am for a parade. It was very well known on my native Long Island that the beaches and parks were blindingly White and perfectly safe before noon, because the homies never appeared anywhere that early in the day. Were these rastamen still up from the night before or something?

    And Jeezus, gunplay at a parade? I can sort of see argy-bargy breaking out at a block party, or in a hookah lounge, where everybody is drunk and high. Even a toddler birf’day party at Chuck E. Cheese, with revelers confined to an indoor space. But a parade is a mobile thing, something to watch go by. Then again, they are rather fond of shooting up funeral processions, too. Same shit, I s’pose.

    Has anyone looked into the possibility that the reason there are so pitifully few fatalities in these sorts of affairs is because at least the wimmens are so mf-in’ FAT that bullets don’t penetrate far enough to do serious damage? I’d like to see the breakdown of males killed versus wounded and females killed versus wounded. I suspect those piles of blubber are good for more than just twerking.

    • Jeffrey Zoar

      Back in my South Florida days I noticed that the Haitians had a tendency to have a rooster in the yard, because I heard them crowing early in the morning. Not something your typical American urban black would tolerate.

  4. Jerome P. Tarpley

    I wonder what the caliber of the day was? Because those fat whales could absorb a lot of .22 and not miss a twerk. But since some of them had to go in a am-beeam-bew-lance maybe they were using .308

    • Moe Gibbs

      So, so glad that I got to see many of the famous cities before the Trayvon Martin Martyrdom and the Michael Brown Moment changed everything. Boston, NYC, San Fran, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, etc.

      On our last visit to Boston, circa 2010, my wife and I were more afraid of our Noo Yawk accents making us targets of ridicule by rabid Red Sox fans than anything else. Today, that would be the least of our worries.

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