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Civil Rights They Sez

How blacks treat their “historical sites” says a lot about the entire “Civil Rights” movement.

Selma is over 82% black and I found this line that Jared quoted from Wikipedia interesting:

Due to agriculture and industry decline, Selma has lost about a third of its peak population in the 1960s. The city now is focusing its income on tourism for its major influence in civil rights and desegregation. Selma is also one of Alabama’s poorest cities with an average income of $35,500, which is 30% less than the state average. Selma also has a high poverty rate with one in every three residents in Selma living below state poverty line.

You don’t say? I would if there is any connection between those set of facts….

Why do blacks treat their sacred historical spaces like this? For as much as we hear about civil rights and the legacy of slavery and Jim Crow, you would think that blacks would honor these historical sites but instead they seem to only view them as a place to earn a quick buck without much effort. I doubt many of the visitors to Selma are black and that most are instead guilty White people, and that might be pretty thin as even the guiltiest White liberal might think twice about getting out of their car in a place with so many ramshackle buildings.

When blacks are given self-determination, whether in a town like Selma, a large city like Detroit, a nation like Haiti or a continent like Africa, the results are always the same.


  1. Moe Gibbs

    They don’t read, they don’t learn a damned thing in public school, and my understanding is that black viewership of lefty-lib PBS is on the order of nil. So how would any black under age 60 know the significance of ‘Selma’? Some little sprog that my son hung around with in elementary school once told me in all seriousness that Martin Luther King freed the slaves and George Washington won the Civil War because he cheated.

    They were never meant to be civilized. They are God’s cruel joke and a permanent hair shirt to be worn by their White betters for all eternity. If they don’t give a shit about their own heritage, why on earth should we?

  2. anon2

    “…. focusing its income on tourism….”
    ‘Boom Boom’ & ‘Ray Ray’ will happily accept your involuntary contributions to the local Selma economy.
    If they’re feeling charitable they’ll allow you to leave without bullet holes so you may return in the future
    to historic Selma.
    Have a nice day you White devils.

  3. June J

    Extremely wealthy blacks have a couple of uses for poor blacks…as votes for politicians and as fans for the entertainers. Otherwise, they don’t want to have anything to do with the average low IQ black person.

  4. saoirse

    The entire ‘civil rights’ scam was another jewish stratagem to capitalize on white guilt (i.e. christian morality) whilst also creating a very large shield of muds and shitlibs between themselves and whites hostile to their march through the institutions. It worked like a charm, as is more than obvious today!

    • Gryphon

      Saoirse – That’s exactly the Point – one thing similar that I knew of from back in the Mid-’60s was that White Suburban Neighborhoods (like I grew up in) had Developer’s Covenants on the Deeds that prohibited the Sale or Rental of the Property to “… any member of the Negroid Races…” Federal ‘law’, created by the jews, Usurped these Contracts (no violation of Constitutional Rights there, no sir) but in reality, Whites would only sell to other ‘whites’. But the christicucks who worshiped ‘god’s chosen people’ ™ would sell to a jew. Who would turn around and ‘Flip it’ to a negro, at a higher price. (Thirteenth Commandment – the jew shall Always Profit.) Once there were more than a few ‘groids, the Whites would start Moving Out, Property values would Decline, and the Schools went to Hell.

  5. Bean Dip Tray

    I laughed out loud at the steaming turd that is Selma.
    The cibil rights history building looks like an old Taco Bell.
    That should be played with the African space program video.
    It’s a good thing that we have Magic Soil to deliver 1000 years of glorious victories, starting with WWIII.
    O/T-Stopped by CCP-Mart Tuesday and a blobby Shanaynay in a lard cart was about ready to fight with LaQueefa over Shontavious, they were getting louder and louder in the electronics department and the item I was after was sold out.
    The coalition RF/CCP are building up tremble in fear of Africanus Amerikwanus (/s)

  6. Xzebek

    Not surprising in the least. Chimps are tribal and destructive. Beyond that they don’t offer much that would build a town, city, country or continent.

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