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Winning The Other Ghetto Lottery

For some years I have said that having your black son/baby-daddy/cousin shot and killed by the police was winning the ghetto lottery. Even if Da’yquil was shooting at the police when they capped him, there is still a good chance of winning a lawsuit, not to mention getting those t-shirts with Da’yquil in his graduation cap and gown with “Justice for Da’yquil” printed up within hours of his demise. The obvious downside is that Da’yquil had to die and now his various baby mamas don’t have no man to provide for them, sort of like before.

Well along comes a new version of the ghetto lottery and no black bodies need to be sacrificed for this one.

Failing the New York State teachers’ exam really paid off — especially for a Queens man who learned this month he’s getting a $2 million windfall over it.

Roughly 5,200 black and Hispanic ex-Big Apple teachers and once-aspiring educators are expected to collect more than $1.8 billion in judgments after the city stopped fighting a nearly three-decade federal discrimination lawsuit that found a certification exam was biased.

How were the exams “biased”?

Court rulings found the exam violated civil-rights laws, allowing far more white candidates to pass….

…More than 90% of white test-takers passed the 80-question multiple-choice and essay Liberal Arts and Sciences Test between March 1993 and June 1995 — one version of which had questions such as asking teachers to ­explain the meaning of a painting by pop artist Andy Warhol.

But black applicants on average scored passing grades only 53% of the time, and Latinos had an even lower passing rate, just 50%, according to the lawsuit.

Equity in the Kendism school at work: any time blacks underachieve, it must be the result of racism. It is never because they have significantly lower IQs

I don’t think it is speaking out of turn to say that, in general, college graduates coming out of school with degrees in education are among the lowest IQ of all graduates. Not every teacher of course, my sister who recently retired from teaching completed her B.S. in Biology and then got a teaching certificate, a very different background from someone with B.Ed. degree who took a few classes in biology. So if 90% of White teachers are passing this 80 question multiple choice and essay test, I will go on a limb and say the test is very easy. Alas, not easy enough for blacks and mestizos with only around half of them passing the test.

After decades of multiple lawsuits, New York City has finally given in and the $1.8 billion is just the tip of the iceberg.

But the cost to taxpayers is expected to be significantly higher because they’ll also be footing the bill for many of the plaintiffs to collect pension checks based on time never worked after they reach retirement age, plus their health insurance.

The biggest winner in this ghetto lottery is Herman Grim, a black man…

Herman Grim, 64, of Queens, on July 5 was awarded the biggest judgment to date — a jaw-dropping $2,055,383.

Over two million bucks for being too dumb to pass an 80 question exam. At least one of the people being awarded these funds is dead so her estate will get the money, gold teeth and new rims all around for her grandkids!

That is $1.8 billion that will not go to NYC’s overcrowded and underperforming schools full of black and brown kids, but as they already spend close to $40,000 per pupil it is apparent that the issue in New York’s public schools isn’t a lack of funding.

Never in human history has it been so lucrative to be dumb.


  1. Rastus Gibbs

    So leave it to the citizens, even then Crump or the department of Justus will come along.
    These things happen when you undergo a Fundamental Transformation but will the 1964 forever LARP eventually grow stale?

  2. Hiding Out

    Just when you thought it couldn’t get more absurd, ridiculous and outrageous. The looting of the empire continues (and accelerates) apace.

  3. Anonymous

    How much of that $2 million will Herman Grim see, and how much will go to his joosh lawyers?

    Matters not, really. They are too dull-witted and impulsive to invest a windfall, and like it is with every black lotto winner, the check will be spent before it is cashed. You can placate stoopid with money for a time, but you can’t ever hope to fix 1000+ generations of compounded stoopid.

  4. Sean

    I think the reason it took so long, was that enough of the other dumb asses had to worm their way into the system to allow NY to give in to the lawsuit. Also I would suspect the major actors in this depravity had to have their cut guaranteed before any such cave-in happened. Tell me things in NY don’t work like that.

  5. pyrrhus

    Asking “whey dat wypipo money at” has never been so lucrative…In the old days of “slip and fall” plaintiffs, they were only looking for a grand, minus the lawyer’s fee…..

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