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Who Can It Be Now?

An ugly but all too common story out of Florida….

A 7-year-old boy in Tampa, Florida, was fatally shot in the head on the Fourth of July during an argument about jet skis, police said.

The shooting took place at a boat ramp at the Ben T. Davis Beach at around 8:30 p.m. Tuesday night, FOX 13 Tampa reported.

The boy, who has not been identified by authorities, was playing in the water when two groups were arguing about how close the jet skiers were to the shore. One group was concerned about the skis being too close to the children.

When gunfire erupted, the child’s grandfather grabbed him and took him to his truck, which was hit by a bullet, according to FOX 35 Orlando.

The grandfather was hit in his finger, while the 7-year-old was fatally shot in the head. The child was later transported to a hospital and pronounced dead.

I checked a few local news sites and the Tampa police Facebook page, zero descriptions of the shooter(s). On the other hand, this certainly has all the hallmarks of the work of a certain demographic renowned for their lack of impulse control and tendency to escalate altercations into gunfire. The little boy appears to be mestizo of some sort, his name was Yitzian Torres Garcia, and it also seems to sound as though the boy and his grandfather were just in the wrong place at the wrong time and were hit by stray gunfire.

You shouldn’t have to feel the need to carry to protect yourself, be constantly aware of your surroundings when you are at the damn beach and to flat out avoid places where certain minority groups congregate. You shouldn’t have to but you do. As no one will actually stop the criminal element from committing these crimes and the police showing up after your loved one is dead isn’t an acceptable solution, the only option is to act as if you are in a potential firefight at all times and practice serious discretion about where you go out.

The most violent and moronic among us dictate how decent people live and those charged with protecting us and dispensing justice are more interested in accelerating the collapse of society. It makes it hard to find any pride in America in 2023.


  1. Backwoods Okie

    It sucks that you need a Marine platoon escort to go to Walmart or the beach. Better assemble the tribe when you go anywhere. Gonna look like the movie “Black Hawk Down” going to Walmart

  2. Scot Irish

    Off topic but what do you think about the bag of cocaine found in the White House?

    I bet one of J6 people put it there. At least that’s where it’s going to go eventually, or Donny two scoops forgot to take it with him.

  3. Anonymous

    It is a well-established fact that “they” don’t swim, explaining why they were jet-skiing so close to shore. Given their unusual density, they sink. And they look funny trying to swim, flailing away at the water with a panicky look in their bulging eyes. I had no idea that they jet-ski, given their general aversion to water.

    I find the modern trend of homies on motorcycles to be strange and terrifying, given their utter lack of mechanical aptitude, relatively poor balance, wild overconfidence in their physical abilities and their abysmal track record with four wheels, never mind two. Now that I think of it, if it doesn’t involve bouncing a ball or gyrating to a drumbeat, they are pretty damned inept in directed movement of any kind.

  4. Phil B

    Please don’t use the expression “in the wrong place at the wrong time”. That implies that the criminals are time sharing the streets and have a moral right to be in those places at certain times and you don’t (or only at extreme risk to yourself and therefore are entirely to blame for the consequences).

    The logical conclusion is that the Police should publish in the media or post signs around the place saying in effect “Between 6 PM and 4 AM, this area is reserved for criminal use only”. THEN you can say “in the wrong place at the wrong time”.

    But that is a tautological puzzle that those in charge of the system won’t understand.

  5. Raymond

    I will never forget the family reunion where one of my distant cousins arrived with a newly adopted black toddler. (!) It was hilarious, watching various family members struggle to pick up that child. It was as if the kid was cast out of lead. He was easily twice as heavy as the other (White) children who were the same size. Everyone was dumbfounded by this. A bonus was watching Grandma’s disgusted expression every time she looked at the little creature. The toddler matured into a monster, of course. Pretty sure he’s in prison now.

  6. CT

    “The most violent and moronic among us dictate how decent people live and those charged with protecting us and dispensing justice are more interested in accelerating the collapse of society. It makes it hard to find any pride in America in 2023.”

    Indeed. My celebration was good enough just sitting on the patio watching what other neighbors had afoot for the 4th’s fireworks. I’m sure anything around here is cucked by ‘budget’ and ‘environment’ or some commie lie.

    There’s no ‘two more weeks’ for me, it’s who I know and who’s prepared for when this clownshow hits the fan. I pray for my friends and their children. God has already let me know who I need to defend.

  7. Big Country Expat

    The A.O. is a ‘muh diversity’ nightmare. SMART whypeepo in the Tampa area avoid it (the beach) like the plague. The beach itself on it’s way to Clearwater and is a big fishing area on the opposite bank… which seems to be a major ‘thing’ for the nogs to do… they DO ‘do’ a lot of jet skiing tho, as having a high-profile-high-end ‘toy’ (much like rims and sheeee-it…ask me about the gold-plated Nissan of of MLK) while living in squalor is part of their ‘image’ and ‘rep’ down here.

    • Arthur Sido

      That is a blog post worthy topic of it’s own, the tendency for the blaques to adopt items of conspicuous and tacky “wealth” like the rims you mention or the new Air Jordans, while living in government housing. One of my favorites is driving in Detroit in summer and seeing blacks in Mercedes or BMWs driving with their windows down to save on gas.

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