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We Would Lose Gulf War 3.0

In the first and second Gulf “wars”, the U.S. military smashed the Iraqi military in spectacular fashion. Between crappy equipment and training, the Iraqi were sitting ducks as the infamous “Highway of Death” so graphically demonstrated. The first Gulf “War” especially was a critical moment in American history, after the humiliating retreat from Vietnam the American military had something of a chip on it’s shoulders. Sure we faced down the Soviets but no one knew what would happen if we had to go to war again.

Then along comes our once good buddy Saddam and the rest is history. Instead of fighting Viet Cong sneaking around in an impenetrable jungle, here we had an actual army with tanks and everything, in a desert and out in the open. The vaunted U.S. technology made mincemeat of them and we are reassured that our military could beat anyone. That was 1990-1991, my first year of college. The second Gulf war happened in 2003, kicking off with the invasion of Iraq on March 20th. By April 9th, less than three weeks later, Baghdad “fell”. USA! USA! USA!

Today, 20 years after the fall of Baghdad? I am not sure Iraq could even form anything resembling a functional army but what about Iran? If we fought a Gulf War 3.0 against Iran, a nation that is physically much larger and more rugged with twice the population, would we roll over them just as easily?

I am not so sure. In fact if forced to bet, I would bet not. Stories like this support my position:

Cases of myocarditis soared among U.S. service members in 2021 after the COVID-19 vaccines were rolled out, a top Pentagon official has confirmed.

There were 275 cases of myocarditis in 2021—a 151 percent spike from the annual average from 2016 to 2020, according to Gilbert Cisneros Jr., undersecretary of defense for personnel and readiness, who confirmed data revealed by a whistleblower earlier this year.

The COVID-19 vaccines can cause myocarditis, a form of heart inflammation that can lead to mortality, including sudden death. COVID-19 also can cause myocarditis.

The diagnosis data comes from the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database.

That is not a ton of cases in a sample size as large as the U.S. military but then again the members of the military should, in theory at least, be among the most medically and physically fit segment of the U.S. population. Myocarditis should always be extremely rare in the age bracket that most people in the military are members of and especially for people who have been medically screened and are supposed to be involved in regular PT and held to standard of fitness.

The truth is often found in patterns and trends. By itself this news story is interesting but hardly damning. When taken in context with other data points, like recruitment woes (Our Next War Is Going To Be Spectacular) and transvestites who don’t have to meet grooming or physical fitness standards, nor do they have to deploy for almost a year at a time while “transitioning”, basically a ticket to staying stateside behind a desk and getting fat in perpetuity (Biden DoD Lets Transgender Service Members Skip Deployments, Receive Indefinite Physical Fitness Waivers: Confidential Memo), and you start to see the whole picture of a military with shit standards, shit morale and equipment that is more shit than we were led to believe (What A Time To Be Alive!).

To be sure, at least from what I can tell anyway, the actual combat specialties are still mostly White guys and I assume they are in shape. I had a tough time finding any hard data, and this article by Mackubin Owens is from 2002 so hardly recent…

While overall, minorities comprise 30 percent of the Army, one of the two services that would be expected to bear the brunt of close combat in Iraq, they tend to be underrepresented in the combat arms. As the incomparable Tom Ricks observed in a January 1997 article for the Wall Street Journal, the “old stereotype about the Army’s front-line units being cannon fodder laden with minorities” is false.

The fact is that blacks disproportionately serve in Army combat-service support units, not combat units. When Ricks wrote his piece, such units had become “majority minority,” with more black soldiers than white. By contrast, he observed, the infantry, which generally suffers the most casualties in wartime, had become “whiter than America.” African Americans constituted nine percent of the infantry, compared to 11.8 percent of the age eligible civilian population. In 1995, 79 percent of the new troopers were white, compared with 74.3 percent of civilians. There is little evidence to suggest that these figures have changed much over the last five years.

Why is this the case? Ricks pointed out that the new demographics of the Army have to do with the dynamics of an all-volunteer force—Blacks and whites join the military for different reasons. On the one hand, white youths are frequently looking for adventure while they try to raise money for college. As a result, they tend to flock to the combat arms, especially elite units like the Rangers and airborne. On the other, young black males, “are generally seeking skills, and so gravitate toward administrative and technical jobs. Because they often find the Army a fairer and better place to live than civilian society, blacks tend to stay enlisted longer: Though only 22% of today’s recruits are black, the Army itself is 30% black.”

In addition, most pilots are white, as are most special-operations forces, e.g. Navy SEALS and Army special-forces. This leads one to the conclusion that in a war, middle-class white kids, not minorities, would be at the greatest risk, since they make up the bulk of the combat arms. So much for the conventional wisdom.

I also found this interesting

The Marines are overwhelmingly White, nearly 80% as of 2020 while the Navy has the highest percentage of minorities. I suspect that this is because the Marines tend to be more combat focused and the Navy provides some of the back-office functions for the Marines. You might also notice that while the Navy is heavily minority in the enlisted ranks, the officers are as White as the other branches, especially at the higher levels. When I was in college and considering OCS, the Marines were all over me to join but the Navy guys were not interested in the slightest unless you had some sort of science degree.

Others who have served can verify this but the guys actually pulling the trigger are probably a lot Whiter and fitter than the transvestite in some clerical position back home. The REMF ranks are more likely to be filled with sassy fat Latinas and sassy fat black landwhales and sassy fat transvestites.

The problem is that our high tech, whiz bang military relies on the logistics provided by the fat sassy black and mestizo women and the fags and trannies. As those parts of the military rot behind the lines, the front lines will eventually suffer. Our military is rotting from the inside and as fewer White men join, the ranks are going to get dumber and less motivated.

That brings me back to my original assertion. Could the U.S. military of current day win a third Gulf War against Iran? Maybe but I am not nearly as sure as I would have been ten years ago, especially since Russia would provide the same support to Iran that we provide to Ukraine, and that support is all that is keeping Zelenskyy from having to flee to Israel.

Iran, probably not. Russia or China, or more likely both? GTFOH.

They have intentionally neutered the military while also provoking far tougher and more ruthless enemies abroad. The only rational explanation is that this is intentionally aimed at weakening the U.S. and allowing China to replace us on the world stage. No one with two brain cells to run together really think that filling the ranks with transvestites, catty lesbians and fags and low IQ minorities is going to make the military stronger so it only makes sense if your goal is the end of U.S. hegemony.


  1. Anon

    White men need to stop signing up to die too. They make sure young White men have as little economic opportunities as possible too to encourage some more to join; it’s not like they get endless gibs like others.
    At least less are signing up than before but that is way too many Whites dying for israel and becoming tools against us. The military will be used against the citizens so better they are low IQ and incompetent as hell than brainwashed Whites.

      • Anon

        I was dumb enough to join when I couldn’t find a job after college. That’s over, at least, and never going back.
        Came from a military family and they were typical conservatives blind to how bad things got in the decades since they left. But again, that’s over. I learned a thing or two, and a lot firsthand about how shit the govt. is.

  2. LGC

    What about the females. That’s my favorite part. All 5’3″ of pure strength and blood and guts. (sarc). You can pretty much write that entire percentage off when the SHTF. Plus all the extra resources required.

  3. Former 13Delta

    Spent 8 years in the Army(2007-2015) as a 13D (field artillery) with 4 deployments (2 to Afghanistan, 1 in Iraq, 3 months in Haiti as earthquake relief with the 82nd ABN Div’s 2nd Brigade.). Did one deployment as infantry, as they ran out of 11 series. In all that time, it’s true that up to 90% of combat troops were whites and about 70% of the support troop were blacks. Remember playing a “friendly” football game against the Brigade’s Support Battalion and realizing how big, black and fat they were, compare to us in the actual combat battalions. We would run up to 18 miles a week whereas they look like they ran to the food truck. They would run over us when they had the ball whereas we would run around them when we had the ball. We weight, on average about 160-200 lbs whereas they look like the weight around 220-230 lbs for about the same height. We rarely saw them run when we did our mandatory PT runs. The theory was that once we were dropped, we’d run to the assembly areas. Whereas they didn’t have to jump and would stay behind, they didn’t need to run as much as we did.

    As for whether we can win against Iran in Gulf War 3.0? Yes, if it was run just like Gulf War 1 and 2. We would need 6-9 months to build up the logistics, acclimate and position our troops. This requires the Iranians to not attack us during the build up. Friendly or the acquiescence of the neighborhood countries and allies. But with all the artillery shells used up in Ukraine, not likely to happen any time soon.

    As for the Chinese, if they invade Taiwan, it’ll be bloody as hell for both sides. As it stands right now, it might go nuclear. But why should we go to war over Taiwan? The Taiwanese, like most of our “allies”, don’t spend any money on their defense (as a percentage of their GDP) and don’t have a serious military (as a percentage of their population). Taiwan as all the advantages to deter the Chinese but they don’t do everything. Taiwan is a mountainous country with a heavy tropical jungle. The Chinese don’t have a large number of amphibious ships and there are only a few places they can land. The Taiwanese should let the Chinese know they will attack the ships at the first sign of invasion, ring the landing areas with pillboxes and artillery and take to the jungle as guerillas if necessary. But they don’t invest in their military, hence no rings of artillery or pillboxes, no submarines or destroyers to attach the invasion fleet, or a reserve trained to attack as guerillas.

    If I were the Chinese and willing pay a high cost in blood and iron (and that seems likely), I’d repeat the German invasion of Crete with some modifications. Use the airborne to seize the airfields (built on the plains on the cities on the coasts), airlift in the heavy infantry brigades, then advance on the ports to allow further support troops in. You wouldn’t need amphibious ships, just use the container ships escorted by the People’s Liberation Army’s Navy (what a name for a navy?). Do it suddenly, might take 3-5 days and it’ll be too late for the US Navy or the Japanese to intervene. Hell, 1/3 of our attack submarines are in drydock waiting for repairs or maintenance. Our destroyers are rust buckets and the carriers are vulnerable to missiles.

    Just my opinion.

    • Arthur Sido

      Thanks for that, most of my observations are based on what I read rather than real life. We have no business defending Taiwan anyway, that is a Chinese on Chinese squabble.

      • Just An Aussie

        Another Aussie reader here.

        I can’t help wonder why do we English-speaking nations give the slightest care about Taiwan? They are “allegedly” the best in the world at making silicon chips at the moment, and “allegedly” the entire globe is totally dependent on these “magical” chips that can’t possibly be made anywhere else in the planet because reasons?

        What a crock. If our economies are truly that dependent upon these magical Taiwanese silicon chips, and that is truly the reason, surely we’d already be copying the living shit out of them, and start making our own throughout the entire western hemisphere so we can’t be held over a barrel like this ever again? I reckon our black bag people would promptly kidnap the specialised personnel to make these things if they were truly that unique.

        We wouldn’t just roll-over, ask nicely and allow this alleged monopoly to be maintained.

        As you say, its a chink-on-chink thing, and we have no business getting a single paper-cut or spending 1c of treasure on this BS.

        Down here when the current thing kicked off, the cost of everything immediately went through the roof. Even FERTILISER prices went ballistic, because don’t-cha-know Ukraine is allegedly the biggest supplier of fertiliser by far in the entire world (or some such media calumny). Funny that we allegedly import the vast majority of our agricultural fertilisers, when we have massive fertiliser plants just down the road from where I live.

        Good luck gentlemen.

      • Exile1981

        If we hadnt encouraged pur own chip manufacturibg to offshore to taiwan there would be zero value in defending it. The problem is something like 20 to 30% of the taiwanese have ties to china and are likely to be a 5th column.

        • pyrrhus

          The problem is that it’s the high end chips that are made in Taiwan, by hard working and intelligent Taiwanese….Affirmative action has destroyed most of our ability to do that…

    • saoirse

      “As for whether we can win against Iran in Gulf War 3.0? Yes, if it was run just like Gulf War 1 and 2. We would need 6-9 months to build up the logistics, acclimate and position our troops. This requires the Iranians to not attack us during the build up.”
      LMAO! A pipe dream scenario!! Anyone that thinks Iran is going to fold like Iraq/Afghanistan is draped too tightly in the Merkun flag.

  4. rto-jerry

    “REMF ranks are more likely to be filled with sassy fat Latinas and sassy fat black landwhales and sassy fat transvestites.” FACT! All staff in processing and out processing was nappy headed negros as far back as 35 years ago. We are gutted from within by the Parastroika deception. The chess masters Russia never stopped fighting against the west instead they took over all of governments, top ranked military under radical marxist operative Barry Soetoro and are now purging the enlisted ranks and lower officer corp. We on our own brothers!

  5. Mike_C

    “ intentionally aimed at weakening the U.S. and allowing China to replace us on the world stage”

    Not sure about that. Agree with the first part, but about China? Probably not. Of course, what makes it confusing is that “They” are not a single entity. There are multiple groups that want to destroy the US.

    The most powerful faction is likely motivated by three major factors: lust (for power and wealth), “revenge” (EVERYONE in the entire history of humanity has harmed them for no reason at all), and finally some measure of sincere tikkun olam (“repairing” shit that isn’t broken that the owners never asked you to touch). I doubt this faction wants Chinese primacy. The Chinese cannot be ruled by guilt, and don’t give a single shit how many of you were killed by insecticide or cages full of eagles and bears. Unlike Christians who have a universalist worldview, the Chinese are as ethnocentric as the Jews. That’s why the push for war with China, before the shambling near-corpse of the GAE actually collapses.

    There are probably a few groups that have been co-opted by the Chicoms, but this is a mercenary thing and not an issue of belief and worldview, as with the neocons. These groups are less pro-China than pro their 10%. Idiots.

    Frankly I can’t think of any group, except the Chinese, who genuinely want to see further Chinese ascendancy. The Chinese are arrogant, high IQ, highly ethnocentric, and consider non-Han as obviously inferior. The only things that’ve held them back are lower verbal acuity, less hatred and resentment, and finally, they haven’t dragged G-d into their collective psychosis.

    • Arthur Sido

      I am not sure what the endgame is but China has been intentionally put into a position to supplant us, and they don’t share any of our suicidal altruism.

  6. Jeffrey Zoar

    The Iraq/Iran comparison is kind of apples to oranges. I have my doubts that even a peak empire/military could conquer and hold Iran (without nuking or in some other way leveling its cities first).

    I was in Bill Clinton’s navy and observed that there were certain jobs (MOSs the Army calls them, ratings the Navy calls them) that were heavy on blacks while others were heavy on whites. The technical and mechanical ratings were almost all white. The guys who dealt with the radars, missiles, computers, sonar, crypto, and worked in the engine rooms, the technicians who maintained and fixed things, almost entirely white. The guys who worked in the ship’s office, sorted the radio traffic in the radio room, the ship’s services dept (laundry, barbershop, ship’s store) almost all black. The deck apes were mostly but not so exclusively white. The sense I got of the blacks was that they gravitated to the ratings that weren’t too demanding, and then hunkered down like ticks so as to collect that paycheck and pension. Kind of like the blacks you see in government work in general. And this was self perpetuating since the new recruit/lower ranking blacks tended to gravitate to the ratings where the other blacks were. There were exceptions at the margins.

    This is an observation from being on a smaller ship and without seeing much of the Navy’s aviation community. Btw, the submarine force is lily white.

    • Arthur Sido

      Can you imagine a sub with a handful of blacks, low impulse control and all? They would either be fighting with each other or the Whites on the sub or stealing shit 48 hours on deployment.

      • Jeffrey Zoar

        The thing about submarines or any deep sea endeavor is that any mistakes or oversights that would just be a thing on the surface, can quickly become a crisis several hundred feet down. Kind of a zero tolerance for shoddiness.

        I never saw any race conflict in the navy. Lots of racial self segregation, just like the rest of the world, but no conflict. In fact, it is the most race blind place I have ever been.

        • MN Steel

          How were the Beaners in the Navy? Did you just have some Ricans and Cubans, or did you have recruited-from-the-largest-recruiting-station Mexico City Beaners that only spoke Beanish when there were any non-Beans around them?

          Was there a fair amount of finger-tatted straight-from-the-border-town street-demon gang-bangers in the enlisted ranks all the way, like the Nicarauguan E-9 that was not only a Death Squad School of Americas trained, but sergeant major of the engineers on Fort Leonard Wood back in ’99?

          Feeling fucking old, but even in the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” army of 75% White america 20 years ago, shit was bad for White advancement, and playing the race card was common.

          I guess having your name stitched above your back trouser pocket leads to better race relations or something.

    • pyrrhus

      Since neither Russia nor China would want a US satellite country on their border, we would have zero chance of conquering Iran…and would suffer a catastrophic defeat…The Pentagon knows this…

  7. Internal Quislings

    Barry and Valjarr don’t want the former USA to win.
    Because of the rainbow bathhouse uber alles we are about to find out what the Germans learned from 1941-1945.

  8. anonymous

    I don’t think Iran would be a “gulf war.” It is the 17th largest nation in the world, and one of the largest in its region. Its terrain is mountainous, and it has both the gulf coast and the Caspian Sea.

    If we could not handle Afghanistan in 20 years, we’d never have a shot at Iran, which is much more advanced and just as tough logistically.

    Iran would hand us our ass in short form, and then we’d become a third world nation. They’d never have to attack us, just play whack-a-mole in their area. We’d never be able to set up no fly zones, nor even ever be able to put significant boots on the ground.

    Our only option would be to put carriers off the coast and bombard them, but that would only result in showing how truly vulnerable our carriers are…

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