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Things Are Looking Up For Russia!

Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt left Russia during the early days of the Ukraine invasion, but opposing the invasion has Russia declaring him a “foreign agent.”

Goldschmidt, 59, now in Israel after being a Moscow rabbi from 1993 until 2022, is warning Russian Jews to get out like he did “before it’s too late.”

“Russia has changed its face,” Goldschmidt told The Jerusalem Post in a statement. “I call on the Jewish community to leave the country before it is too late.”

I agree with the delightfully named Rabbi Goldschmidt, best get out of Russia while you can. Fortunately Jews have an ethnostate they can flee to.

Meanwhile, every Russian with an ounce of sense…


  1. Hmm So Hmm

    Maybe Putin sat in with the FEW who rule over the many (WEF) to see what they were planning?
    I wonder if Herr Klaus has a small hat, unlikely since his pappy Eugen was in the Wehrmact

  2. saoirse

    LOL! Russians smoking jews? I’ll believe it when I see it………. but wait. The kikes control all the media outlets and already faked one ‘holocaust’ so seeing is no longer believing. What a conundrum.
    Hope springs eternal though! Be nice if the Ruskies started a trend!!

  3. Big Ruckus D

    Heh. Read this while battling some serious insomnia here, and I have to agree, it would be the most terrible of tragedies for Russia if it’s tribalists bailed out en masse, and resettled in “our greatest ally”. Heh.

    And nice touch in using the gif of Gene Wilder – a tribalist himself (although admittedly a relatively benign one near as I can determine) – as a means of punctuating the point. Was that intentional irony? Please tell me it was intentional, because it’s exactly the sort of smart assed thing I’d do.

    In other news, brer rabbit says “please don’t throw me in that briar patch!”

    Oh, and Goldschmidt? Really? Sometimes the jokes really do write themselves.

    • Hiding_Out

      Yes. It’s good to see someone else that understands who these people truly are. See also: Edomites.

      As with everything else in this world now, it’s all a lie. They are not Israelites.

  4. Gryphon

    Read a document titled “The 1030 Expulsions of jews in History” and count the number of Times the Russians have done so. (I have, can’t remember how many) They keep coming back, like Parasites. Ever wonder why they Freak Out at the mention of “Zyklon-B” ? It was a popular and effective Anti-Parasite Insecticide…

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