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Their Degeneracy Has No Limit

It was a very busy day so no time for blogging but I did want to toss this out there, and it is an ugly one.

Let’s type that one out. Say it out loud for some extra revulsion.

Gay Men Have Newborn Baby Killed After Their Surrogate is Diagnosed With Cancer

No that is not some twisted Babylon Bee article. A couple of faggots wanted to buy a baby like they were purchasing a puppy or perhaps a new outfit, something to accessorize their lives. Then things went wrong and they threw the baby aside.

“Two men hired surrogate Brittney Pearson to create their ‘dream family,’” tweeted Lila Rose, President of Live Action. “By the end of the process, a 25-week-old baby boy was murdered.”

Brittney received a breast cancer diagnosis during her pregnancy and decided to deliver the baby early at 25-weeks so that she could receive the lifesaving chemotherapy required for herself and give the child the best chance of survival. “She said her thought was, ‘I want to keep this baby safe & bring it earthside,’” tweeted Rose.

The couple purchasing the child from Brittney claimed they “didn’t want to pay Brittney for a baby born before 38 weeks due to the potential health problems of a premature baby,” according to Rose.

It wasn’t a human child, the product of a union of a man and woman. It was a thing, something ordered like a pizza and discarded because it might be problematic. When my wife and I had each of our eight pregnancies (her more than me of course), we knew that things might go sideways. She might miscarry or there could be complications, a child could be born less than perfect as 100% of children are. A child could have a severe disability or die in a childhood accident. You accept those risks as part of becoming a parent, but these fags weren’t going to be “parents”. They were purchasing a child, perhaps thinking that it would give the illusion of normalcy to their sodomy-based relationship, or perhaps for even darker reasons.


The couple insisted that the child be “immediately terminated.”

Brittney was “in shambles,” according to her uncle. She offered to adopt the child but the couple refused her request, instead asking for a death certificate. Brittney’s uncle even said “I’d take the baby if I was allowed.”

The couple “‘can’t force her to abort’ but once the baby is ‘out’ then the baby is property (I can’t even stomach typing that) of the parents and they don’t want to give the baby any life saving care. Basically my niece says she has to get the baby out and watch it die,” reported Brittney’s uncle. “They’d rather watch (or rather they won’t be around) their baby die than allow it to be saved as best as possible and given to a family.”

Brittney resides in California and “surrogacy laws in California gave no rights to Brittney or the baby,” Rose reported. Brittney had to give birth early to save her own life. After the birth, the couple “ordered that life-saving care be withheld. The baby boy died shortly after birth.”

“While it appears Brittney tried to protect this child in the womb, her participation in surrogacy played a partial role in the ultimate death of this little boy,” tweeted Rose. “From his moment of conception, he was stripped of his fundamental rights & treated as a product that could be discarded at the first sign of defect.”

In stark contrast to the mass media created image of homosexuals as just funny guys who are also snappy dressers, you can see how revolting they truly are. It is not just the sodomizing of each other, as foul and perverse as that it. No, their degeneracy infects every aspect of their lives. Not all fags of course but many aspects of dykeism and faggotry are shielded from public view, like the rampant domestic abuse and the fact that many (most? almost all?) homosexuals are the result of some sort of child abuse by a groomer who is much older. Notice how upset they get at being called groomer. They are upset by it because it is true.

Being let out of the closet has emboldened degenerates. From demanding children be exposed to whatever degeneracy they can cook up, to fags pretending to be “married”, playing house and buying children, the checks on their degenerate behavior we once had in place are gone and now they are free to wallow in whatever freakish behavior they want with their rainbow flag as a shield that protects them from any criticism.

More on this later when I am not on the verge of Fedpoasting.


  1. saoirse

    As the song goes:
    “Everywhere is freaks and hairies
    Dykes and fairies, tell me, where is sanity?”
    Letting them out of the closet was a major mistake. I never saw one that was mentally stable.
    The two dick smokers featured here: Morbark – feet first!

  2. Wales Josey Wales

    The Kwan worships nogs and penis puffers.
    This is the fundamentally transformed former America.
    Don’t forget the queefy busy body Karens.

  3. anon2

    Mr Wilder,
    In Kalifornicationstan, the laws written and voted in by immoral and corrupt officials
    supersedes ‘natural law’.
    “Ye shall be as gods.”

  4. Moe Gibbs

    I thought this article was going to end with murder charges filed. We’ve really fallen that far as a society that deliberately letting a newborn die is somehow okay?

    I wouldn’t want to be in their tasseled loafers come judgment day.

  5. realwesterner

    There’s your lgbtmnop ethics for you. As a group they should be barred from raising so much as a pet animal, much less raising a human being. Gavin Nuisance and the whole of the Commiefornia legislature share guilt in this horrific matter. “And they would not repent of their murders..” God keeps score for the unrepentant. They will see. I am sorry for that child’s death, and I am sorry for the mother’s pain. She made a huge mistake by agreeing to do business with a couple of fags in a matter like that.

  6. Lord of the Fleas

    Let’s not forget dear Brittney’s role in this. She agreed to act as surrogate to manufacture a baby for a couple of fags. Are we to believe she had absolutely no idea of what could/would result from that, if the pregnancy had carried through to term and a healthy baby was born? The baby ended up being destroyed – just not in the way initially planned. My sympathy for her is negligible.

  7. 3g4me

    1. Surrogacy itself is perversion – the renting of a womb as a commodity. One can feel sympathy for those married couples afflicted with infertility yet simultaneously acknowledge that the ‘cure’ has proven worse than what it supposedly fixed. Artificial insemination and surrogacy both have enabled power-mad doctors and ‘scientists’ without moral limits to produce children like manufactured goods. Without these services, the sexually degenerate would be limited to adoption for fostering their perversions. Talk about Pandora’s box.

    2. Again, without minimizing the horror of this infant’s death, once must still ask – had he lived – to what end? What sort of sexual experimentation and abuse would he have endured as the ‘son’ of a pair of homosexual perverts? A high percentage of the children born to and/or adopted by homosexuals and lesbians have been abused, rented out, and sexually exploited.

    As a Christian and a mother, I value life. But as a Christian and a mother and a reasoning being who is not emotionally incontinent, I must also consider if death might not be a blessing in this case, delivering this child from decades of physical and emotional torment at the hands of deviant ‘parents.’

    3. Other than the baby, there is no ‘innocent’ party in this disgusting episode.

  8. Gryphon

    I wonder what the (((babylonian talmud))) has to say about this… given that from the start, it says that Goyim are just Cattle to be Slaughtered. But merely Asking that would be declared to be “Naziracistantisemite!!!”

  9. Jim Wetzel

    “As a Christian and a mother, I value life. But as a Christian and a mother and a reasoning being who is not emotionally incontinent, I must also consider if death might not be a blessing in this case, delivering this child from decades of physical and emotional torment at the hands of deviant ‘parents.’ ”

    3G4ME, that was my first thought, too. I changed my mind, however, as it is a qualitarian argument that is used to justify the killing of any “imperfect” baby. Even someone who has an extremely crappy hand of cards dealt to him at birth … well, God’s in control. He can certainly award sudden death to a couple of perverts and arrange for the child to be adopted by decent people.

    • 3g4me

      Jim – I disagree. We are not dealing with physical or mental deficiencies acquired via developmental and/or genetic errors which developed in the womb. Neither are we talking about a child born to poor or stupid or drug-addled parents, although they, too, have difficult childhoods.

      I would argue that surrogacy is different in toto. In this case a child is being bought and sold, consciously being created as a commodity and to fulfill the wishes of the customer. This child is not entering the world as God ordained. And in the case of surrogacy for homosexual parents, there is the almost 100% certainty that this child was conceived and birthed and bought for depraved sexual purposes.

      Happened across this article just today which, I think, excellently explains how much we don’t know about the gestating mother/fetal bond, and which further reinforces why I believe it must be banned. Again – infertile married women – sorry but not sorry. Your pain is to be a private burden, not an excuse for a demonic public business.

  10. Tactless Wookie

    I have no words to adequately express my disgust and anger.

    “A society that cannot defend its children has no future.” — Vladimir Putin

    • Gryphon

      I’m willing to bet that the Laws in Russia against ‘grooming’ and a lot of the other (((faggotry))) would Prohibit this.

      First, the fags were allowed to be ‘married’. The logical extension of this is, of course, allowing them to ‘adopt’ children, because they cannot reproduce.

  11. WindX

    How about names, location, pics, social media? Anything of actual use for the 2 fags that did this? They shouldn’t live a day without fear from now on

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