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The Mystery Of The Missing Motivation

“The motive for the shooting is unknown”

Those words are typically code for “black guy shooting White people but we don’t want to admit it” and that is the case once again in the recent mass shooting in Georgia. While the motives for a White mass shooter are quickly identified (or completely made up) and then made use of for political purposes, when the mass shooter is black (as is almost always the case), we can never seem to find a motivation for the shooting.

That brings us to Andre Longmore. Longmore was a 40 year old black man who shot and killed four people in the town of Hampton, Georgia in southwest Henry County, Georgia.

Longmore shot and killed a married couple and two other people at other locations in the suburb.

The victims from the subdivision were identified Sunday as Scott Leavitt, 67; his wife, Shirley Leavitt, 66; Steve Blizzard, 65; and Ronald Jeffers, 66, by Hampton police Chief James Turner during the press conference. The married couple and Blizzard all lived on Dogwood Lakes Drive, while Jeffers lived on Dogwood Ridge Drive.

Here are the victims of Andre Longmore.

As you can see, they are all White people ages 65 to 67.

Longmore’s motivation for murdering four White people?

Longmore allegedly opened fire at four different locations in the residential area, where hardly anyone is a stranger. Hampton police have not said what led to the shootings and a motive is unknown.

A motive is unknown. Of course it is.

Hampton, Georgia is majority black…

…and like many Atlanta area towns was fairly recently, in 2000, over 84% White and only 13.85% black. Henry County, Georgia itself shows a similar pattern…

In a town that is majority black and only about 1/3 White, it certainly seems odd that a “random” shooting managed to have 100% White victims. Nevertheless, a motive is unknown.

As is usually the case, we get the excuses including his mental illness and his mama said he wuz a good boy and a veteran.

(Lorna) Dennis says her son lived with her in the Hampton neighborhood where the mass shooting unfolded. She told Francisco that Longmore was at one point a master mechanic and a surgical instrument technician.

He was a Sergeant in the U.S. Army. He was a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division.

Thank you for your service and all that. His mama also said he didn’t know the victims….

She said he did not know the neighbors he killed. It was seemingly random.

That seems weird because they lived in the same Hampton neighborhood and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution article I cited early stated:

Longmore allegedly opened fire at four different locations in the residential area, where hardly anyone is a stranger. 

I am sure he didn’t seek out White people to shoot. As far as mental illness, if he was indeed mentally ill it sure doesn’t help that the media and entertainment world constantly tell blacks that Whites are killing them at random and we are all out to get them. I wonder why no one else calls out the media and Hollywood for inciting black on White violence?

Remember their names.

Scott and Shirley Leavitt

Steve Blizzard

Ronald Jeffers

Four more names added to the list of White victims of black violent crime. Four more people the media will pretend never existed. Four more Whites murdered that law enforcement will pretend died at random without racial hatred as the motivating factor.

All you can do at this point is to stay vigilant, be armed at all times, keep your head on a swivel, live as far from blacks as possible and treat every black person as a potential killer. That might be unfair but not as unfair as four White people in their 60s being murdered by a black man, probably for the “crime” of being White.


  1. Anonymous

    My, my, my, those are some rather swarthy-looking LEOs posing with grim concern in the photo accompanying this article. Officer La’Trina Bojeebus -Jones there looks ready to throw down at a moment’s notice should some George Floyd-sized crazed crack addict lose his shit, although maybe not right after just having her nails and weave did.

    How soon before we are treated to riots and protests calling for “Justice for Andre Longmore” when it is discovered that one of those four old YTs dared utter the “N” word in their sleep 30 years ago, or wherever the threshold is set now for justifiable retaliatory murder in the name of righting ancient wrongs?

    The only surprise twist here is homey ringin’ the bell 4-for-4 with no non-fatal casualties reported. Did he just get lucky, or is that military service paying off, finally?

    • Anon

      This is why calls to train them to shoot properly so they can kill each other are stupid.
      No matter how much they kill each other it is not worth more White lives. Also, barricading them in isn’t an option unless people have the will to not only handle them but the LE and other govt tools that will stand against any White action.
      Just make sure you and your family are ready for whatever may come up and if something may occur, shut up and especially don’t blab on gab (or other online venues but that just happens to rhyme).

  2. Big Country Expat

    Per Padraig Martin on Gab (give him a follow… great poaster Southern Nationalist)

    “The black Hampton, Georgia, shooter killed the relative of a long term friend. Per her, the shooter explicitly yelled that he wanted to kill White people and he was cheered by black residents as he shot and killed White people in their mid-60s.

    Black residents in the area helped him leave before police arrived and proceeded to be uncooperative.”

    Dunno ’bout you, but I’d be burning down every. single. house. of the “cheering blaq residents” as you, as a Whytte neighbor now know that literally THEY WANT YOU DEAD and CANNOT BE TRUSTED EVER.

  3. Anonymous White Male

    “The motive for the shooting is unknown”

    Those words are typically code for “black guy shooting White people but we don’t want to admit it”

    Don’t forget the Aloha Snackbar religionists. It is also used whenever they’re in action.

  4. pyrrhus

    I can only reiterate the advice of Scott Adams to white people and black areas “Get the f**k out of there.” The fact that “neighbors” were cheering this guy tells me that they should have taken that advice long ago…

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