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The Memory Hole Gets Some Help

On Tuesday I posted about Kimbrady Carriker, the mass shooter in Philadelphia that killed 5 people, all male, and wounded two children, on Monday, July 3, 2023 As Mr. Carriker is a) black, b) some sort of transvestite and c) a vocal supporter of bLM, the media of course went into overdrive to hide this shooting from view. As a reminder, this is the trannie in question:

A 40 year old black dude wearing make-up, ladies jewelery and a bra. Perfectly normal behavior. Sorry to share the picture again, it makes me want to puke. A guy who is that messed up is revolting and seeing a picture of Mr. Carriker or other men dressed in drag is as disgusting as viewing a picture of a bucket of maggots or seeing some especially ripe road-kill.

However the memory hole got a little clogged on this one so here comes the New York Times with a plunger to assure us that despite what seems obvious, Kimbrady Carriker is not in fact a transvestite: Mass Shooting in Philadelphia: What to Know. Here is the key passage, emphasis mine:

The suspect, Kimbrady Carriker, 40, was arraigned on Wednesday morning on more than 30 counts, including murder, attempted murder, assault and reckless endangerment.

There was some confusion initially about Mr. Carriker’s gender identity, and in a news conference on Tuesday, authorities used the pronouns “they/them” to describe him. But on Wednesday, officials from the district attorney’s office said they had no information indicating that the suspect considered himself anything but male.

The authorities were working to piece together what might have prompted the attack.

They had no information to indicate the suspect considered himself anything but male? Well, other than the photos of Kimbrady Carriker wearing a bra, make-up and women’s clothing that is. According to this story from the New York Post, Mr. Carriker had been dressing as a woman “for years”

Several neighbors, who knew the suspect simply as “Kim,” said they were stunned to learn of the alleged mass shooter’s identity, insisting he had never caused any problems in the neighborhood in the decade he lived there.

“He never bothered anyone. We knew he was different, we see him dressed as a woman a few times but he never caused a problem,” said Bernard Mason, 53.

We thought he was gay. We never saw him with anyone. We saw him dressed as a woman. That’s his thing. I have no problems with that.”

Carriker had posted several photos on Facebook in recent months where he sported long hair, jewelry and female clothing. His mugshot, released earlier Wednesday, showed him with short braided hair, a mustache and goatee.

“He was a good guy but something made his rubber band pop,” the man said, adding: “You just don’t start dressing like a woman out of nowhere.”

The neighbor described Carriker as going “undercover” when he dressed in women’s outfits.

Who are you going to believe, the discredited New York Times or your lying eyes? The reporterette who penned this bullshit is Sarah Mervosh and “She previously covered the coronavirus pandemic” so you know she is familiar with lying. I checked out her Twitter profile looking for the telltale Star of David, not that but her header was interesting….

Your children are not your children. Huh. That certainly captures the Leftist mindset where children are just future voters to propagandize and of course to groom and molest.

Also worth noticing, from the New York Post article:

While police and the DA’s office initially referred to the suspect with they/them pronouns, authorities have since been referring to Carriker as a male, CNN reported.

Officials in the District Attorney’s Office were not immediately available for comment when contacted by The Post.

Clearly something about this guy encouraged them to use “They/Them” pronouns but then They realized that it made the whole thing stink so it was preferable to “misgender” this weirdo than to acknowledge that we had another trans mass shooter and the Philadelphia DA went along with it because of course they did. The District Attorney’s office cares more about protecting The Narrative than they do about reducing crime. The DA for Philadelphia is one Larry Krasner….

Dad was a Jew and mom was an “evangelical Christian minister”, written by someone that doesn’t understand the terms evangelical, Christian or minister. Who could have foreseen that Larry Krasner would be a pro-criminal district attorney? Then there is this:

Fellow Tribe-mate George Soros funded him and he won on the strength of the black vote, ironic as his soft-on-crime policies help to fuel the carnage in Philadelphia that mostly claims black lives.

I am mostly recording this for posterity as all of you already know that the media is lying to you, even when they don’t have to.


  1. Scot Irish

    Well that settles it, all charges must be dropped. You can’t go around calling “it” a “they/them”. The trauma is too much for the poor “it”.

  2. Moe Gibbs

    FWIW, that “Your children are not your children” line and the rest of the paragraphs shown are lifted directly from Khalil Gibran’s The Prophet, and does not mean what you might think. Gibran meant that your children must come to their own decisions in life rather than adopting their parents’ mindset blindly, not that they are to be left vulnerable to being indoctrinated by someone else. But I would not be at all surprised to find that the left has co-opted and mangled Gibran’s words and meaning to suit their agenda.

    Dang. Not even The Prophet is safe from these people. That is one of the most inspiring books I ever read, and I’ve had a copy of it by my bedside throughout my whole adult life.

  3. saoirse

    Every time I see a headline spouting “what to know” (or similar), I automatically realize that means ‘what they want you to know’. Ninety-nine percent of the major media regurgitates kike-speak, which guarantees you’ll be lied to every time. All jews, all the time! Sarah darling’s kid will identify with the cat by age three.

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