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Terrorist Triggers Oh My!

Back to our friend Mohamad Barakat, formerly of Fargo, North Dakota and currently in hell being sodomized by goats (Lügen durch Unterlassung).

As noted, this story didn’t get much attention even though it featured a bunch of scary looking guns, a cop being killed and an intended mass shooting foiled. The problem? While the shooter looks like this, plus a few bullet holes….

(As pointed out in the comments, the color looks off like They lightened the photo to make him seem Whiter.)

…his name was problematic: Mohamad Barakat. The photo was just released a week after the shooting:

July 21 is the first time officials have released a photo of Mohamed Barakat. Officials say he is a Syrian national who came to the United States in 2012. Barakat became a U.S. citizen in 2019. Investigators say it appears Barakat was working off and on at different jobs, and over the years he has been researching mass casualty events and collecting weaponry. His name appeared on what officials call a “Guardian Report,” but they clarified the tip received was not about a threat of violence.

Wrigley says Mohamed Barakat was not on the terrorist watch list and all of the firearms appear to have been purchased legally. Investigators say he appears to have no ties to the local Muslim community. He has family living in the United States, but not in the local area. Wrigley says Barakat’s family has been spoken to, but they do not appear to have had a lot of communication with Barakat.

Notice they are going out of their way to distance this guy from Islam despite being named Mohamad. It makes one wonder how many other “refugees” like Mohamad Barakat have been welcomed into America, given citizenship and are just a ticking time bomb. Also of note, this guy seemed to have a lot of disposable income given that “it appears Barakat was working off and on at different jobs”. As pointed out in the comments on my prior post, there is a significant chunk of change represented in the firearms in the pictures, probably close to a grand just in ammo plus the dozen or more firearms he had in the car and at home. I also found this line interesting, coupled with the part about him having no local ties and being distant from family in America:

Forensics experts with the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation say Mohamed Barakat has no social media presence and appears to have had very little interaction with people.

This guy has been here for over a decade, lives in Fargo of all places, has little contact with his family in America, which is odd as most “immigrants” tend to cling to others from their country of origin. No social media presence, but he spent a lot of time online searching about mass shootings? This guy sounds like a Fed wind-up toy.

Still it is a problem for Them because normiecon media latched onto this story and it wasn’t going away. Thankfully a scary sounding gun accessory comes along to save the day: Mohamad had him a binary trigger!

The local news story from Valley News in Fargo is updated with this headline:

If you do a word search on the story, “binary” shows up six times and if you search “binary trigger” on Google, the top result is this:

I have never used a binary trigger and while I am sure it increases your rate of fire, I am not sure what it does to accuracy. It would seem like it would take some getting used to. Regardless, this is the new media narrative:

Would be terrorist used a binary trigger that makes you shoot twice as fast! These should be outlawed!

Not that a Syrian “refugee” named Mohamed Barakat killed a cop and wounded several other people while clearly planning on a mass casualty event, nope the real story is his gimmick trigger. CNN is running with this narrative as well, emphasis mine:

The “binary trigger” device allowed Barakat to fire his double magazine long rifle very rapidly, according to Wrigley.

The attack was “all made possible because of what is known as a binary trigger,” he said. “Everything you hit, you’ll hit twice, because you got the binary trigger.”

“None of the officers even had so much as an opportunity to turn, to crouch, to grab for their service weapon. Nothing,” Wrigley went on. “It’s that rapid.”

His “double magazine long rifle”?

Anyone who has ever mag dumped an AR knows that even without a binary trigger you can throw a load of rounds in the air in a very short time so to say that “The attack was “all made possible because of what is known as a binary trigger” is simply a lie, one designed to deflect away from who did the shooting and focus normie attention on the scary trigger. As if without the binary trigger ol’ Mohamed would have been stymied and just opened a falafel stand instead of planning a mass shooting.

Give Them credit, They do have a knack for twisting stories to suit Their narrative.


  1. Fundamental Transformation

    I’d never heard of it until now.
    Barry, Valjarr and Billy Ayers are high fiving by the people’s champagne fountain.
    Love the American themed magazines.
    A binary trigger sounds fake and GAE.

  2. saoirse

    Typical corporate media MO. Hyper-focused on the weapon and not on the criminal or crime. Normies too soft and stupid to see the chicanery.
    Enough Manchurian candidates and moles in this country to do plenty of damage when they’re finally called upon en masse. Catastrophic when Mossad gives them the codes for all the suitcase nukes dispersed nationwide!
    A country of immigrants – but no longer the right kind.

  3. realwesterner

    Sunday rant-sorry for going off topic. Taking a break from garden chores in the heat and sit down on the sofa with a cold water, turn on the tv and find Wick 2. Great, but its commercial time which is mostly overly made up black tranny look-a-likes: AKA noisy black wimmins-in grown up clothes and white women hairdos/wigs. Ok, hard pass. So then I find a channel that’s got one of the Bourne movies on it…same thing! Commercials with noisy, black-tranny-imitators. Are they trying to make us to believe that overly made up, loud mouthed and shameless black women who dress like whores or trannies-pick your poison-are representative of the population at large? My bad for turning on the TV I guess.

    • Scot Irish

      Pretty much your last sentence. I have an idiot box but no service. I tend to watch YouTube videos about repairing cars, 1st amendment audits and police dash and body camera videos.
      Still get commercials, but the content drowns out the drivel.

    • Arthur Sido

      If you watch enough TV you would think that 90% of the population are blacks, gays, mixed race couples and trannies instead of those being small percentages of the overall population.

  4. Scot Irish

    Sorry Arthur for any thread derailment.

    As for your current blog post, These stories confirm diversity is not a strength but a deadly disease.

    Will this country survive the diversity?

    Probably not, there aren’t enough real Americans anymore.

    I chose the black pill today.

  5. Michael Hendrix

    “Officials say he is a Syrian national who came to the United States in 2012”

    I seem to recall there used to be a pretty good descriptor for guys like him. Lessee, what was it now…thinking, thinking…

    Oh yeah, that’s right: “Sleeper agent.”

  6. MN Steel

    Flags in Minnesota were ordered by Tipsy Tim to be lowered to half-staff from the 18th when this happened to the 22nd.

    Methinks he jumped the gun on that, it was a young White cop from Minnesota that got blasted by Mohammed the Loner Goatherder and now there’s been media silence after that acknowledgement.

    Anybody else remember when flags were lowered for Memorial Day, the deaths of former presidents or governors, and little else?

    If everybody is a hero….

    • rto-jerry

      That wretched Marxist and his gaggle of lunatics dream they will write bad poetry and shoot vodka with their comrades. Little do they know the dupes are destined for a ditch.

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