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Talk About Nugly

Found a new slang term and you can bet I am going to use it liberally: nugly.

I was looking for something else when I came across that term but you can see why I was looking for it….

Damn, that is one nugly bitch. Her name is Riquna Williams and you will be forgiven for not knowing who she is as her claim to “fame” is that she is a player in the WNBA. She is in this mugshot, trying to her best to imitate a modern art masterpiece, after being arrested and charged with domestic violence, specifically strangling her “wife”….

WNBA player charged for allegedly strangling, hitting wife: police

Las Vegas Aces player Riquna Williams has been charged after police say she hit, kicked, and strangled her wife in a domestic violence incident that lasted an hour, according to police documents.

Williams, a member of last year’s championship team, is facing five felony charges, including counts of domestic battery, domestic battery by strangulation, assault with the use of a deadly weapon, and coercion of domestic violence with force or threat to force, court records show.

Her “wife” apparently thought they needed a break from one another. Nugly here decided otherwise and the way to save the relationship involved strangulation, and not the fun kind.

Williams allegedly accused the victim of cheating on her and getting in her face, yelling at her. The victim told police Williams grabbed her by the shirt and threw her to the ground before choking her “until she could not breathe.” Williams reportedly choked her wife multiple times during the incident.

“I’ll kill you here and walk to the jail myself!” Williams reportedly told the victim.

Always with the famous impulse control. When arrested nugly claimed she was the victim…

The WNBA player allegedly accused her wife of being the aggressor but did not provide any specific details and kept changing her story, police said. Officers also noted that Williams said she had “a busted lip” and two black eyes, however, medical staff at an area hospital told police that she “did not have injuries consistent to what she was alleging.”

Something something believe all women something. This is not her first rodeo…

Court records obtained by the Associated Press show that Williams was arrested in 2019 for domestic battery charges when she played for the Los Angeles Sparks. The WNBA suspended Williams for 10 games following that arrested. Those charges were dismissed in 2020.

Domestic violence is quite widespread in the homosexual community, which makes sense as homosexuality is mental disorder and you would expect someone with a mental illness to exhibit that in multiple ways. When you add in the natural lack of impulse control and proclivity for violence? This is what happens. I suspect it is fairly common in a “sports” league where almost all of the players are dykes. This nasty lesbian culture runs deep in the WNBA according to Candice Wiggins, a former player who claimed that nearly every player in the WNBA is a lesbian and they are nasty to normal women: The WNBA’s lesbian culture broke my spirit: Candice Wiggins

“It wasn’t like my dreams came true in the WNBA. It was quite the opposite,” Wiggins said in an extensive San Diego Tribune story published Monday.

“I wanted to play two more seasons of WNBA, but the experience didn’t lend itself to my mental state. It was a depressing state in the WNBA. It’s not watched. Our value is diminished. It can be quite hard. I didn’t like the culture inside the WNBA, and without revealing too much, it was toxic for me. … My spirit was being broken.”

The 30-year-old couldn’t take it anymore — being harassed for being straight and fighting for attention in a league that is starved.

Everyone would be better off if this farce of a “sports” league would just fade away.

Anyway, I had to see that nugly skank and now you had to see it too. Happy Friday!


  1. Tactless Wookie

    Start your day with Nugly! The powerful new weight loss program!

    Testimonial: “Nugly worked for me! I saw that Nugly and could not eat my lunch!”

  2. saoirse

    Don’t forget soccer and softball. Suprising that they haven’t assembled an all ‘womyn’ football league, completely subsidized of course by robbing money from the lucrative professional male sports (a.k.a. niggerball) just like they do in collegiate and high school athletics.
    Speaking of soccer, who else is hoping that the Shrew-S-A gets their egomaniacal asses kicked at the world cup? They got hammered by fifteen year old boys and older men earlier this summer. Don’t have to watch anything, just look at the results.

  3. Moe Gibbs

    Domestic violence is quite widespread in the homosexual community…

    Boy, howdy. I read somewhere not long ago that the incidence of physical violence is on the order of 40% in lesbian relationships. Four times that reported for heterosexual couples. Read that again: 40%!

    But it is we, the cis, White male members of the patriarchy who are the real ‘danger’ in this upside down clown world.

    Personally, I find it very amusing when male queers argy-bargy, what with the bitch-slapping, name-calling, caterwauling and other ineffectual posing they do like pissy schoolgirls. But when beefy, queefy lesbionic wimmens get down to it, especially the LOCs (lesbians-of-color), I keep myself safely out of the kill zone, dodging any flying poo or hair weaves, and merely note the proceedings. Those eighth-ton blunderbusses frankly scare me.

  4. Gryphon

    The one who was Arrested and Jailed in Russia, (possession of Drugs) was always pictured in the ‘western’ (((media))) well-dressed and with a lot of makeup to show it as ‘female’. But if you saw Pics of ‘it’ in the Russian media, Ugh… “That’s a Man, baby!” The other thing that I thought was a ‘tell’ was that Ivan didn’t but it in a ‘Womans Prison’, but kept it in Solitary in a Men’s Lockup… so it wouldn’t be Killed.

  5. The Great Leap Zimbabwe

    Everything is nugly in steaming third world turd Chiquitastan.
    The laughingstock of the world isn’t fine.

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