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Some Sunday Spice

Too groggy for serious poasting so how ‘about some spicey memes….


  1. DJ Kronen

    Free gear from blimpy boogaloo, just set a Krispy Kreme trap.
    Bad news for the Hymesters, diversity pets view them as some kind of superwhites.
    There is a dank protomeme of Wendy’s Macht Freis featuring the Anne Frank Bic Pen.
    Ermagehrd, the Riddler is a rapper. (honk!)

  2. Moe Gibbs

    That meme about civilization created by Whites and destroyed by blacks is so spot on it hurts.

    Check out my latest essay on AmRen, A Tale of Two Races, posted yesterday, for another neat depiction of the vast, cavernous differences between black, yellow and White. AmRen’s publication policy is so restrictive that even after I watered down my original work to soften the edges and remove any ‘objectionable’ words, they still edited out enough to make it sound downright charitable to the devils involved. But I still think I got my point across.


    • Moe Gibbs

      Edit: AmRen changed the title to A Tale of Three Races, even though the Chinese boy in the story did not really figure in the details, other than to point out his familiy’s “White-adjacentness”. But, it’s AmRen’s house, so AmRen’s rules.

    • Mike_C

      Your story, and some of the comments, brought back memories.

      “Where tha food an’ drink at?”
      I was a resident at Major Academic Medical Center. A local community hospital transferred an elderly black woman to my service (bogus reason given, but that’s another shitshow). She lived in adjacent heavily melaninated failed big city. Her kin (or whatever they were) would show up (just) at mealtimes and demand to all be fed. Because the nurses didn’t want to (and frankly shouldn’t have to) deal with this bullshit, it became a “doctor issue” and I found myself facing down a room full of eleven (11) morbidly obese porkers all loudly demanding food. “What the hail? We paying’ fo dis shit!” Which of course they weren’t. As a tax payer, *I* was. Anyway, what kind of people drive 40 minutes each way for hospital food, even if it’s “free”.

      Someone mentioned KFC in comments. So I was the overnight Internal Medicine doc at the VA hospital. A young black guy had earlier been brought in with an apparent heart attack (probably cocaine induced vasospasm since he had no blockages, and was using.) Anyway he’s recovering in our little 8-bed ICU when two of his buddies come in with a bucket of KFC. They go into his room, close the door, and close the shades so no one can see what’s going on. Visitor hours end at 8pm. Those guys are still there. I have to kick them out. They leave peaceably enough (not politely, just that they didn’t assault me). The patient is now noticeably glassy-eyed. Definitely altered. But his vital signs are okay and the ECG shows no new problems. So I leave well enough alone. Around maybe 3am I get paged. Black guy has got up, torn off his monitoring stuff, and is trying to walk out of the ICU, demanding to go home. I can’t let him leave AMA because he’s clearly altered and not competent to sign any papers. (Is he EVER competent is a separate question.) So this fucker is tottering around out of his gourd, wearing only a hospital gown with his skinny ass hanging out the back. Hysterically, he’s clutching a fried chicken drumstick in his hand. (Wasn’t funny then at 3am, but funny now.) At the places where I worked, fewer than 10% of the patients, but more than 50% of the drama and bullshit.

    • Gryphon

      Yep. Always good to have a few of them Porkers in your Group, keep behind them, they make good Bullet Sponges… An Uncle of mine who was in the Army in Korea said that skinny Chinese Army Guys had to be stacked 3 Deep to stop Machine-Gun Rounds.

  3. AZFoyd

    I don’t think the publishers of AmRen met a Jewish cock they weren’t willing to suck. Hey Jared we know niggers are a pox on civilization. What about jews that enable them? You can’t even say JQ AmRen. Fuck them. Jared never mentions the JQ which makes me think AmRen is just another Jewish gatekeeper.

    • saoirse

      You’re spot on! Taylor is infamous for bleating “jews look white to me” whilst trying to deflect questions concerning his lickspittle adoration for those slimebags.

  4. pyrrhus

    That brings back a memory..I was in a hospital room, waiting for the doctor, when a fight broke out in the room across the hall…Ended up with security and Deputy Sheriffs dealing with it…Guess the race…

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