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Somali Super Criminals!

Here are a couple of vibrants making life more rich and colorful in America….

A federal grand jury has indicted two men involved in a July 6 highway shootout with police.

Aden Abdullah Jama, 20, of Reynoldsburg and Fazsal Darod, 23, of Columbus, were charged aiding and abetting a bank robbery and aiding and abetting the use of a firearm during a crime of violence, prosecutors announced.

Uh, Aden Abdullah Jama is not “of” Reynoldsburg, Ohio and Fazsal Darod is not “of” Columbus, Ohio. They are both “of” Somalia and just happen, for some reason, to be living in Ohio. A third Somali, Abdisamad Ismail, was killed in the shoot-out with the police and a cop was seriously injured.

These geniuses decided to rob a bank in Columbus, a branch of Fifth Third Bank (a former employer of mine), the day after robbing a different Fifth Third branch and getting away with $75,000. But being criminal masterminds, they first decided to steal a Porsche Cayenne from Byers Imports. Fun fact, the Porsche has a GPS locator….

The Byers dealership had provided GPS coordinates on the stolen Porsche SUV, and Whitehall police had followed it to the bank and attempted to block it in. However, body camera video from Whitehall police shows the Porsche ramming one of the vehicles and then speeding away.

These Somalians apparently think this is Grand Theft Auto V and you can ram through cars and escape the police if you just drive long enough. The two that weren’t shot actually got away on foot but thanks to doing things like carrying their phones at every one of their criminal capers and posting pictures of themselves in a different stolen car, the one (Fazsal Darod) is arrested fairly quickly, still in Columbus and still carrying his phone. The other one (Aden A. Jama) was caught trying to get on a flight to Turkey. You can read the entire timeline here. It is always a great idea to commit a high profile crime (armed robbery of a Porsche) so the police are on alert before you go commit a bank robbery, and bank robber always get caught.

This is the part that kills me:

Columbus police use the phone number to look up a CashApp account that is linked to Darod. That phone number is also listed on police reports as belonging to Darod dating back to 2017.

Police reports, plural, going back six years. Fazsal is 23 years old so he has been committing crimes in the U.S. since he was 16 and still was walking around the U.S.

Do we really not have enough criminals in America that we need to import more criminals from a nation with one of the lowest average IQs in the world?


  1. Jeffrey Zoar

    It is news to me that bank robbers “always get caught.” Perhaps in today’s surveillance state that’s closer to true than it used to be. But my understanding is that if you’re smart and don’t get too greedy, you can get away with it here and there. Of course there is always risk involved, even if you do everything “right.”

    These guys were both dumb and greedy

      • Gryphon

        A long time ago, I read that the FBI Crime Stats showed that Armed Robbery of a Bank had the Highest Arrest/Conviction rate of any Federal Crime… Too Many Cameras, Too Many Witnesses, Daylight Hours. On the other hand, “Technical Bank Robbery” where the Crooks defeated Security Systems and Broke Into a Vault, at Night or on Weekends, had the Lowest rate of being ‘Solved.’

        Competent White Guys vs. low-I.Q. ‘boons, perhaps?

  2. realwesterner

    The shocker is that any of them were arrested. Obammy and the Soreass boys will have that DA and any involved law enforcement on the streets or behind bars themselves before you know it. Things are done differently now than they were 3000 years ago, and honest, innocent people pay the price every day for that fact.

  3. Moe Gibbs

    And they would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren’t for that meddlesome room temperature IQ.

    Great police work, Officer Jelly-Filled, blocking in that Porsche such that the little machine just busted right on through.

    • Moe Gibbs

      “Sumdood”? I swear I thought that was a she-boon when I first saw the mugshots.

      And I would like to personally thank those in local media outlets who post not only the face-on mugs but the side shots as well in stories such as this, for the full humiliating effect. “This is the asshole who committed the crime, only to be caught after tripping over his own dick. And here he is again, in profile.”

      His mama must be so proud…

        • MN Steel

          If you want to go to prison, go to “Federal Bang-You-In-The-Ass” prison.

          Got a buddy that went Fed Prison Guard because he was young enough (and was a Marshal for a bit (mid-30s White gun enthusiast, now knows current tactics) and said the “low security” prison he works at has little problems since a few gangbangers got made good about a decade ago.

          Ain’t no way in hell I’m going to be brought in on federal charges.

  4. Raymond

    I live in a wonderful small town about 20 minutes south of Lake Erie, in northeast Ohio. I’ve been noticing lately that when I go to my bank’s drive-through that the ATM lists three languages to choose from: English, Spanish, and Somali. SOMALI? Mind you, I haven’t seen even two black people in my town in the last _month_. Forget Somali, even something as moronic as Ebonics would make more sense at the ATM.

    Oh, and when you drive up to the ATM, the welcome screen shows a smiling black family. If you wait a second or two, it’ll scroll to a second screen with, you guessed it, a (gay looking) black guy with his “son.” The first time I saw that, I was pissed enough that I waited for it to scroll to a third screen showing a smiling White family. No such luck. Back to the first screen.

    And it’s not just the ATM… The posters on the drive-through pillars are of blacks. So are the posters inside the bank.

    It’s weird… I’ve never seen a black person in my bank, ever. And there isn’t a black person working there, either.

    My buddy is a manager at one of the bank’s branches. I told him in no uncertain terms how disgusted I am with this nonsense. If it doesn’t improve, I’ll be moving (my money and business) to another bank.

    • pyrrhus

      If you live in an area with Somalis, moving far away should always be option #1….They are the lepers of Africa…

    • Arthur Sido

      I mentioned before that when I worked for Chase we had to put up a poster one month celebrating faggotry, and this was in 2005 before we were required to bend the knee to sodomy. Banks are some of the worst offenders of the woke crap because doing so buys them immunity from being bothered by the people who are supposed to be regulating them.

      • Raymond

        No section 8. I go to the local coffee shops a couple of mornings a week and talk to the good people there. Pretty much everyone is hard-core traditionalist, and we are all disgusted with both Democrats AND Republicans. Even the teenagers feel this way! Everybody knows everybody in my town, and it’d be pretty hard to get away with putting in rentals for the trash. I think that’d get shut down damn fast. We’ve all worked hard for everything we have, and we’re not gonna put up with any nonsense. “Try that in a small town,” indeed.

  5. anon2

    Amurika Lan uf oppotoonity!
    Wher ells inna wurld kin a young Somali kid get off da plane
    and rape n rob to his hearts content?

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