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Self Own Or Daring Us To Notice?

From Li’l Ben Shapiro, comment from yours truly…..

Feel free to leave a snarky comment of your own here.

Ben has to know how that sounds, so I assume he is just daring anyone to notice. You would be correct if you think most of the sheep normiecons commenting didn’t catch it.


  1. Anonymous White Male

    Don’t you find it interesting that you didn’t know that Steven Crowder was “despicable” until he turned down Shapiro’s offer to join the Daily Wire?

  2. saoirse

    I don’t go near Faceberg so I can’t comment there. A quick glance reveals no one with enough brains (or guts) to give the right reply. It’s all civnat normie-cuck speak. That little kike maggot has them all wrapped around his middle finger eagerly awaiting to serve his chosen dictates.

  3. Gryphon

    “You haven’t Heard of them”… Sorry, schlomo, there are plenty of Lists out there that show both the schmucks like you who push the (((tribe’s))) Propaganda, as well as the Executive Layers and (((ownership))) of all ‘mainstream media’ outlets. It’s why your (((ADL))) defines the term “Every. Single. Time.” as Naziracistantisemite “Hate Speech”.

    Noticing Increases….

    • Jennifer

      Somewhere yesterday, I came across lists of tribe members in every single agency and cabinet of the last few administrations. It was stunning. Then I accidentally deleted the download and can’t find the article again. Any ideas?

  4. Honky da Clown

    Is that the guy with the squeaky mouse voice like Markie Levin?
    Shouldn’t you have the right voice if you are going to do radio and pods?
    Don’t worry the Kwanstain will get what it deserves for the Remphan worship.

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